(Video) New Spurs Stadium Construction Update

Image: SpursWeb

Another week of construction has taken place and hopefully another week closer to Tottenham moving into the new stadium.

Spurs fan Chris Cowlin has been along to the site of the new stadium as part of his weekly update to check how work is progressing, the sooner we can get out of Wembley the better!

Our south stand seems to have grown in size a hell of a lot compared to last week and I for one cannot wait to see this ‘Dortmund-style’ stand finished. It’s going to produce one hell of an atmosphere.

Currently the south stand sits separate from the rest of the ‘bowl’, but from the video it doesn’t look like it will be too long until it’s all joined up.

Chris caught up with one of the guys working on the project and it is expected that the seats will be installed around January time.

Take a look at the video below for yourself to check out the progress and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. COYS!

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  1. Magnificent
    Been a Spurs supporter since they came here to South Africa in 1963
    Cant wait to visit next year and see the set up
    Spurs have really joined the elite of the football world now
    Thanks Daniel and thanks Potch
    You guys are the best


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