(Video) New Spurs stadium progress update


While things haven’t gone well on the pitch for Tottenham Hotspur this weekend, we’ve decided instead to focus on developments off the pitch with the new Spurs stadium.

As part of his weekly video diary to document the progress of the new stadium, Chris Cowlin has once again visited N17 this weekend to bring us his latest update.

Highlights include:-

* The South Stand “Trees” have started to be installed, they will be 49 metres in height once complete, and will weigh 262 tonnes
* Hundreds of people working on the site, and in every department
* Lots of deliveries to the new stadium site
* Facts and figures on Tottenham’s new stadium
* Frame work has got a lot bigger on the new South Stand, a lot more steel has been installed
* Fantastic views around the outside new stadium and hotel complex building site
* More glass panels have been installed all around the stadium, on the North, East and West Stands
* New cranes installed on the site
* Preparation work continues for the underground car park and hotel sites, situated next to ‘Park Lane’
* Work carried out on the retractable pitch

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