VIDEO: Swansea deserved a point – Redknapp


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  1. Spurs should have won despite the fact they did not play well and were up against a good Swansea team. We should have tightened our defence towards the end when we led 1-0..It is a' deja vu' story. How often Spurs have conceded stupid late goals and it has happened again against Swansea. Friedel, although a good goalkeeper, has one major weakness. He does not come out of his goal when he should. He should have come out to block the pass from Rangel. VDV should have scored a second goal after receiving a pass from Adebayor with only the goalkeeper to beat. Instead of shooting immediately from far, he had plenty of time to move up with the ball and shoot at closer range. I think we missed a great opportunity to pick 3 points from that match.

  2. I wish i could share your comments but i cant and if Swansea with six changes made a football game so hard for us then we are in for a very bumpy ride in 2012. The results show this weekend Football is in denial and losing the battle too stop energised teams from stealing valuable points from better teams on paper. Harry and Van Der Vaart have both heaped praise on Swansea but Harry forgot too mention this is not there first team passing us of the park but six new faces and some of them have not played more that two games. So this begs the question on two fronts why they cant win away from home how can they keep there work rate high with six changes because passing the ball like Swansea means you have too be very very fit. Sunderland have just beat Man City 1-0 with yet another late goal with a make shift defence two midfielder's playing right and left back with Brown and Oshea centre Half's. The biggest winners this shock weekend are the Bookmakers with these results Swansea 1- Spurs 1 Sunderland 1- Man City 0 Man Utd 2- Blackburn 3 Stoke 2 -Wigan 2 Chelsea 1 Aston Villa 3 . What i want the FA and Ukad Ufa and Fifa too stop this abuse of energy masked by Lucozade and other energy drinks because the common denominator in all these games is massive work rate fuelled by fear of getting relegated from a very lucrative money laden premiership Kolo Toure was not on his own but one of many who are avoiding detection Kolo Toure was on the bench when he got caught full of unused energy he said was is wife's slimming supplement Waistline . The drug i found being used and reported was( EPHEDRINE AND WITH EVERY DESPERATE WEEKEND COMES ANOTHER SHOCK)


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