Video: Why Real Madrid Champions League exit is bad news for Spurs says England legend

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur booked their place in the quarter finals of the Champions League last night with a 4-0 aggregate win over Borussia Dortmund.

Spurs went into the tie three goals to the good from their home leg, but went above and beyond to not only hang on to their lead but extend it in Germany.

Tottenham became one of the two first teams to make the quarters this season, alongside Ajax who knocked out the holders Real Madrid.

Despite conceding away goals in their home leg, Ajax travelled to the Madrid and embarrassed the holders by beating them 4-1.

On the surface, this may look like good news for Spurs and the other Champions League quarter finalists, however it may have some negative undertones in North London.

The loss could see Real manager, Santiago Solari, struggle to keep his job for much longer, and some believe Pochettino may be a target for the Spanish giants.

David Seaman said on Sports Breakfast: “Tottenham must be getting a bit worried now.

“You don’t expect any Real Madrid manager to go through what he’s just gone through and keep their job.

“I think it all depends on what Tottenham do this season, whether they do win a trophy, and then what promises have been made to Pochettino.

“He’s gone through a whole season now without signing any new players and that’s hard to take, especially for a team that is pushing to win the Premier League title.

“It depends what the board want – do they want Tottenham to really be having a go for the Premier League? If they do they need to make some signings.

“Poch will want to know that answer – is he going to get money or not? If he isn’t going to get any money, then he might start looking over his shoulder.

“That job at Real Madrid is huge now and it needs a lot of money spending, but there’s one thing for sure, you will get that money if you go to Real Madrid.

“It would be a no-brainer.”

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  1. Absolute rubbish! Why would Poch join that bloody madhouse??!
    Money, perhaps, but little else which would give him happiness and fulfilment.
    Poch could win the CL and La Liga in his first year with Real, and be sacked
    the following year! Following on the heels of Mourinho, Benitez, Pellegrini,
    Ancelotti, and all those countless forgotten coaches of the entitled Real Madrid!
    Where are they all now? Well, we know where some are.
    Even Zidane who was successful at Real gave it up after a few years, and he
    won’t be remembered much in their history either!
    Only the trophies, and some players, are remembered in Real’s history. Certainly
    not coaches. In fact, name 10 more of them from the last 15 years!!
    Meanwhile Poch has a building project he loves, and plenty of input in an awakening giant.
    He wouldn’t have any of that at Real Madrid. If Poch left Spurs for Real, he’d probably
    be back coaching at Southampton (no disrespect) in a couple of years. He
    may have a few trophies to remember, but they’ll be just personal memories for him alone.
    Real Madrid, their fans and the players won’t remember that Poch had anything
    to do with winning things a few years from now! They’ll continue to just buy Galacticos, egos
    who might clash with Poch, or not, and he won’t have a say.
    No chance for Poch to develop young players and stamp his own name on the club!
    At Spurs, Poch has almost carte blanche and works closely with Levy.
    He’s part of Tottenham and our great resurgence. And when we DO win trophies again,
    and we will under his watch, perhaps they’ll build a statue outside the New Lane
    for him! He’d certainly leave a legacy at Spurs. He wouldn’t at Real. He’d be little more than
    a caretaker oiling the bloated giant’s engines, with the mantra ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’!

  2. Poch is too wise to make wrong decisions by joining already made club when he has great club to build and soon tittles will be flopping in when we move to the new stadium. i have strong faith in Tottenham been a fan since 2009.


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