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Patrick Vieria is rumoured to have changed his mind on a possible transfer to Tottenham Hotspur, according to the Daily Mail.

The former Arsenal midfielder looks set to leave Inter Milan this summer, in order to play regular first-team football ahead of next year’s World Cup.  He was keen on a switch to White Hart Lane, but looks to have had second thoughts in order to keep his ‘reputation’ intact.

Harry Redknapp recently said: “His adviser said Patrick was interested in coming. But since then it has gone very quiet.

The 33-year-old is also attracting interest from Birmingham City, Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain.

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  1. agreed. not the type of mid we need right now either, would rather harry look for a goal scoring cm eg- scholes, tim cahill type off player

  2. are you crazy? Viera is exactly what we need. An enforcer. Will annoy the woolich wonderes as well – so plllease can we have him?

  3. we really need someone who is going to be a big part of the future as woodgate and king seem to have trouble with injurys so mr viera is not the answer only a stop gap maybe so lets not sod about and get a quality centre back in harry .

  4. No way Viera could have sullied his reputation and taken such a step down in class to play for Sp*rs ….. He’ll go to Birmingham ha ha ha ha

  5. Yeah I agree. We need to be looking to build for the future. I mean i know other youngsters could learn a lot of him but it’s not really a long-term fix. To be honest, I’m glad he’s not coming, wouldn’t want the Arsenal slagging us about us taking their left-overs and has-beens! I’ not saying he has had it but you’ve got to admit, his best years ARE behind him.


  6. Viera is just what we need, another person to win battles and win control of the midfield. Short stop yes maybe 2 seasons, but if he gives his all and helps up move forward then why not. If we move forward and offer a challenge players won’t want to leave to win trophies and it makes us a more attractive move for future stars. He has seen and done it all and there is noone out there that can offer that with great experience of the prem. If he gets us 10 more points on our travels then why not!

  7. He probably got Arsenal and Spurs hate mail left right and centre… no wonder he’s gone quiet after Henry started going on about it too.
    He’d probably get a similar response to Campbell coming back – it’s all a bit silly really.

  8. He was over the hill when he left Arsenal, he was not as good in his final season as he was in his previous season. They got good money for him at that time, he has been a class act but not now.

  9. Yes Vieria is/was a former Gooner, but that only becomes an issue at least twice a season. It’s not like he did a Campbell and cross the great divide. Vieria’s has gone to Juventus and then Inter Milan since he left the Library.

    That being said I can’t say I will be genuinely warm towards him, but he is the type of player we need. He is also someone Palacios and Hundredstone can learn from.

  10. Viera is a class player. He was Arsenal – he ran the team.
    Now I would suggest us spurs fans shouldn’t be quite so anal. Who gives a shit if he played for the arse lickers. Does it matter? Players don’t have the loyalty, it’s not like it was. Players move around so much more now.
    Viera would be an excellent signing for Spurs and anyone who disagrees is wrong.


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