“”We were prepared to report Tottenham to the Premier League”


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Portsmouth chief executive Peter Storrie has accused Spurs of tapping up Peter Crouch.

The Pompey chief is furious that they were forced to accept a £9million deal for the England striker, when Sunderland and Fulham offered over £10mllion.

Storrie said: “So far as I’m concerned, if I don’t have to do a deal with Tottenham I will be very happy about that.

“We were prepared to report Tottenham to the Premier League over the way it was being dealt with.

“The reality is we all know managers tap players up. It’s part of the game. It’s not right, it’s illegal and against Premier League rules, but we know it happens. Everyone does it.”

Storrie added: “Peter was very honest and open about it and said he wanted to go.

“We said you can do what you like with Fulham or Sunderland. He said he didn’t want to go there and he wanted to go to Tottenham.”

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  1. If Crouch only said he wanted to go to Tottenham (probably because he enjoyed playing under Harry – & playing with Defoe) how does that imply any form of “tapping up” ?? I think this is just sour grapes because of Harry.

  2. Hardly tapping up when a player wants to play with a good team. If you had a choice of Sunderland, Fulham or Spurs where would you go? He obviously has ambition and I think we can offer him that in abundance. They did not moan when Arry was manager at Pompey and he did the same, get a grip Storrie!

  3. When Redknapp joined Spurs and said, the deal went through quickly coz Portsmouth were broke and would have had to sell players if they didnt sell the manager and that they would probably have to sell players in the closed season, didnt Storrie say that Redknapp was lying and Portsmouth were forced to let Redknapp go? And that Portsmouth were looking to strengthen the squad? Seems a little to me like Storrie was trying to cover over the cracks in portmouths foundations by blaming spurs. Closed season arrives and half the squad are sold or released, Crouch wants to go to Spurs, the place he began, under a manager who got the best from him with a strike partner who he loves playing alongside. He is sold to us and then Storrie trys to dodge some flack by blaming us for offering less than Sunderland or Fulham…silly man!

  4. if they wanted to report us to the prem league then why didnt they do it before they agreed to let crouchy go ?
    reeks of desperation – COYS !!!!!

  5. What about defoe we got offered 10 millon and turned it down defoe only went to pompy for seven because of Harry.We sold you kaboul for less than we bought him davies and paramour and saved pompys prem status while we struggled looking for strikers and we paid more for defoe to get him back .double standards storrie

  6. Last September I had to endure a couple of gobshite pompey boys when we lost to them.Iwas on holiday in Madeira at the time and was in an english pub at the time.Well how things have changed in such a short time.Pompey are struggling financially,losing all the players that made them a half decent team and cant get a manager anyone has heard off.Now we have to listen to their main man whingeing about tapping up his players,well you let him go,you got a fair price and he did not want to go to who you wanted to sell him to so how exactly did Spurs tap him up.

  7. Shut up peter. Everyone knows you are only saying it to get back at harry, defoe and now crouchie cause they left you. Get some bottle and admit Tottenham didn’t tap up your players. I would rather go to Tottenham than fulham or sunderland any day of the week. Does that mean Tottenham tapped me aswell?

  8. I wish he’d stayed with Ya myself his touch was terrible yesterday and he was passing to the wrong players… we should always have concentrated on Huntelaar..

  9. Blah blah blah poor old portsmouth, no money and resulting to pointing fingers all a bit sad. It peter story thinks ‘arry tapped up a player who started his career at spurs and played his way through the junior teams before moving on then maybe it’s better for croucy that he did leave.Tell us another Storrie peter!

  10. this is ridiculous, how did we tap up crouch, it was less then a week from defoe and ‘arry sayin they like him to him signing and nothin much in the media until he signed, look at man citys pursuit of lescott – pompey should man up and prepare themselves for championship footy next season – bye bye


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