West Ham threaten to report Spurs


David Sullivan has issued a ‘hands-off’ warning to Spurs in their pursuit of Scott Parker.

The midfielder has already been the subject of one bid from Tottenham which the Hammers turned down.

Sullivan has threatened to report Tottenham if they make further contact – which seems baffling, isn’t that exactly how the transfer market works?

Apparently Parker is set to sign an improved five-year deal later today.

Sullivan said in the Daily Mail: “I have told Spurs again that he’s not available and not to bother us any further or we’ll report them to the Premier League.”

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  1. Spurs are entitled to make offers for West Ham players,if West Ham do not want to sell thats their right.I personally do not rate Parker that highly but i do not see a second improved offer as a reason for Sullivan to be reporting us to the premier league.Unless of course he is trying to convince WestHam fans that he is going to up the profile of the club.That would,nt be hard for a club that has won nothing ,done nothing in decades.Its easy to talk the talk but we shall see what West Ham do this season,i personally see a WestHam that has gone backwards over the last decade and talking tough on a 29 year old good[not great player] will not change that.Sullivan and friends were at Birmingham for years and their success is clear for all to not see.Birmingham are a better club than West Ham but most people think this is in spite of and not because of the porn barons involvment.

  2. Unless Wilson's off, where does he play, more so when Sandro arrives next month?, and how dare we ask West Ham about their players availability , disgusting behaviour Levy,be careful or the PL will do….absolutely bugger all, like they did with Keane and Berbatov, Arneson..etc, etc,etc

  3. Its just mouthing off – a club cannot be "reported" for making a bid (frankly, they don't do much when the infamous "tapping up" occurs anyway!! – but that clearly hasn't been the case here)
    If anything has "unsettled" Parker, it's these public pronouncements by Sullivan!!!

    He could have just kept it quiet…makes you wonder if he's just trying to talk up the price…never trust a chairman who says "he's not for sale at any price"

  4. Does he mean Scudamore he wont do anything Ferguson Kidnapped Berbatov and we had to sell him. I don’t want the little red faced pillock anyway Chelsea found out he his not the real deel

  5. Seems to me the porn king is keeping all his clubs dealings in the media instead of keeping it in-house. If spurs made an offer for Parker and it was refused let it go, dont keep dragging things up. Sullivan put his foot in it when he said Parker is the only player who isn't for sale when in relity anyone is for sale at the right price including our own Bale.

  6. Come January del boy and Rodney down at the Boleyn will be begging us to take him off their hands as they know they have only five months before they qualify for the championship. They couldn’t even beat a managerless club in turmoil. Definites for relegation. Absolute laughingstock.

  7. For David Sullivan, read Brittany Spears dad. Anyone notice that whenever her acreer starts to decline, her dad always says that he wishes the media would leave her alone, and later that day, she is filmed getting into a car without any knickers.

    Sullivan knows he has a tough season ahead of him, so he tries to get his retaliation in first by leaking the Parker story, and then claiming Spurs have unsettled him. As for that Olympic Stadium bid, they will be lucky if they can afford the rent when they are playing in the CC league next year if Saturday was anything to go by.

    Can anyone imagine the naming rights if Wet Sham did get the Olympic Stadium with Sullivan/Gold at the helm: My money is on "The Big Boobs Stadium".


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