West Ham United have put their foot in it again

Image: SpursWeb

West Ham like to do what they can to remain the laughing stock of football, and they’re at it again!

Last week it was paying £200,000 to change their running track cover from a Spurs navy blue, this week it’s a massive data breach!

Reports suggest that West Ham’s email to away season ticket holders confirming their ticket for Wimbledon has accidentally cc’d in every single person who received the ticket.

The fine for this type of breach can be up to 4% of the annual income.

The club blamed the mistake on an IT error.

An apology email to affected fans read: “You may have received an email that included a segment of email addresses of those who were also successful in the ballot.

“The club apologises that this informational was inadvertently included and has reported this matter to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

“The club will take the necessary steps to review and amend the process with the view to prevent this from happening again.”

A huge and embarrassing mistake for the club and everyone involved.

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  1. They don’t want the cheap looking carpet around the pitch to be blue because it is the colour of the so called rivals Spurs. Have you seen their away kit this season??? if you haven;t it’s all BLUE.. That club are so ridiculous it’s not even funny anymore… Oh alright then it is..hahahaha

    • I’d rather be a couple of months late in playing at a proper football ground than peering through binoculars at a running track.


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