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After 127 years this grand old club has managed to earn two league titles despite spending the majority of this time in the top flight, just two.  Season after season there is fresh hope of what lies just around the corner, the brave new world, season after season the disappointment still stings.

Following on from the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from the champions and the fact they have replaced him with nobody of any particular note, an aging Chelsea side, a strikerless Arsenal and a two man Liverpool side, the door should have been open, ajar at least, for THFC to seize the opportunity.

Liverpool at the Lane first up and a chance to test against one of the establishment, the benchmark looked excellent following a completely dominant performance, this would finally be the year.

Mid December and we find ourselves just outside of the promised land in fifth place, hot on the heels of three of the modern day powerhouses and in front of Liverpool.  If you had fallen into a coma just before the season started and had just come around you would automatically assume that Harry was doing all the right things and we were just about where we would like to be, I think it is safe to assume you’d be wrong.

On the 22nd November Spurs hand out an almighty whipping to Wigan, a ruthless destruction of a top flight team and sit comfortably in the top four of the league.  Upcoming fixtures away at Aston Villa, Manchester United and Everton would cement our standing as the new chosen ones in the league and move us towards another Wembley final, oh dear.

A bad first half performance at Villa Park is followed by a display in the second that emphasises just how average a side Aston Villa are, they barely take the ball from us yet we still cannot force the win, just a blip.  Tuesday night in Manchester follows and a chance to put a bunch of reserves to the sword, oh dear, very very tame.  Move on and it’s the north west yet again for our annual win at Goodison, all going swimmingly and then it’s time to fall apart.

Come the 12th December and we are thankful to be back at the Lane against a team flat on its back in the relegation zone with a DOA tag hovering around its toe, just what we needed. Except we all know that Spurs can disappoint like no other.

Now looking at results of the teams we have faced recently it could be said that to automatically assume that we should roll these teams over is wrong.  Chelsea could not get the better of Everton and on the same day Villa go to Manchester and win.  Unfortunately that is no comfort to me and I doubt it is to most Spurs fans, it just seems to me that we are wasting a perfectly good opportunity.

Good things are in place at THFC at the moment, the training facilities seem top notch, the long term ambition of moving to a new ground and most importantly the playing staff are genuinely with ability, yet we are not moving forward, which brings me back to the question, what is the point of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club?

I have long thought that there is something wrong with the club as a whole and now I am certain of it.  We bring in a new manager every few years, throw him a bucket load of cash and we wait for this new man to take us to the promised land.  Every single one of these managers goes and spends the money and achieves virtually the same with the team they have assembled as their predecessor, a league place of between 8th and 10th.  Each one wonders how it ends this way when they have put together such a fantastic squad.

The problem is that there isn’t a single manager who has ever addressed the fact that the club does not have a winning mentality, it doesn’t even come close to having one.  At best we are a flat track bully, capable of handing out a thrashing to a smaller team such as Wigan but just as capable of cowering should the smaller team retaliate, and very capable of rolling over to a bigger boy!

We have a decent squad make no mistake about it, there is some rubbish in there and some over rated players but it has the ability to be better than it is currently showing, for this I blame Redknapp.

I blame Redknapp because he is in the hot seat at the moment and because he shows all the failings we should expect from a manager of Spurs.  He has a good squad, with an excellent first team and finds himself competing in a league that is in all honesty wide open this year.  He is the wisest of all men after an event, how wise to ban alcohol from the players bar, after Ledley King was pictured in the gutter, this ban obviously had a big effect as both Bentley and Crouch have demonstrated their willingness to stay away from the demon drink.  How wise he was to ban the players from driving motorcycles days after his reserve goalkeeper had broken his pelvis and wrists in a motorcycle accident.  What’s the next story Dos Santos breaks his neck whilst drink driving on a Harley Davidson, what would Harry ban then, being Mexican?

There is of course something to be said for treating the players like adults, shouldn’t they be able to make their own decisions as professionals?  Well the answer to this is no they can’t be trusted, when they hit 30 maybe they can be left to their own devices but until then treat them like the idiots they constantly remind you they are.

What is Harry doing about making Tottenham a winning club?  Do we look like we have any steel about us, any resillience, is there a ruthless streak beginning to run through the club? No.

It’s not ok to let winning positions fall away as we did at Everton and it is not ok to pass up the opportunity to win the game by taking a very week penalty like Defoe did.  It is not ok to swan around Old Trafford against a bunch of reserves, safe in the knowledge that a defeat to Manchester United is expected.  It is not ok to lose to Stoke and Wolves at home.

Look at the league table and you will see that we should be second, just two points behind Chelsea, not a big ask considering the teams we dropped points to.  We aren’t going to win the league and we never were but that fact seems to allow the players to coast, they don’t even think we should be in the shake up, I think we should.  The league is at its weakest for some time despite the press talking it up, and we don’t seem interested.

I for one would thank Harry for getting us out of the mess of two points from eight games and pay Jose Mouriniho whatever salary he wanted for the next ten years.  He turned a decent team that Ranieri had put together into a winning machine, he added the ruthless streak that they needed, he had the better of Ferguson and Wenger and not many have done that.  His football was criticised but when he played with Robben and Duff they were not as mechanical as we may remember.

Andy Gray constantly revels at the uncertainty of the Premier League but come the end of the season the table always looks remarkably similar.  We genuinely have the opportunity to do something about that but until we eliminate the stupid mistakes and become winners the point of Tottenham Hotspur will be that there is no point at all.

What’s your view on this article?  We want to hear YOUR opinions and thoughts – share them below!

By Scott Francis

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  1. Too long for me to bother reading, like I presume most people won’t. If you want readers to be interested, keep it short mate.

    I think the point of Tottenham is so us gluttons for punishment have something to do on a Saturday afternoon.

  2. I am a Spurs fan and this is the kind of typical backlash that all Spurs managers have experienced and because of this we usually sack the man in charge. GROW UP! Harry has assembled a good squad and is still in his first full season. We all know that top4 is achieveable this year but if we get Europe then its been an improvement on last season thus Harry deserves another season. It takes years to develop this “ruthless streak” you claim we dont have. I believe it was 8 years before Fergie won anything with United? So calm down let the professionals get on with their jobs and we will do what we do best and SUPPORT the team.

  3. what is the point of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club?

    what a stupid question. piss off and write a decent article.

    Anyone who questions the point of any club needs his head examined.

    idiot post. you should be embarrassed.

  4. Spot on article in every area.
    We should be second and its the games against the Wolves and the Stokes of this world at home that we will be looking back on when we miss out on a top four finish yet again.

  5. You answered your own question when you said “I blame Redknapp”. He hasn’t been around long enough to assemble a challenging team. The fact that we turn on managers so quickly is the problem with Spurs.

  6. Excellent article. The truth always hurts. Great statement this…

    I for one would thank Harry for getting us out of the mess of two points from eight games and pay Jose Mouriniho whatever salary he wanted for the next ten years

  7. Please don’t do the biased media’s work for them by using that ridiculous term “flat track bully” which they never use for any other club which dishes out a thrashing

  8. What is the point ? I will tell you. It is there to mainly frustrate and disappoint, alternated with brief spells of over-optimism and anticipation. Every season is like playing roulette with just one chip on no. 1. Surely by statistical law along that number must come up sometime, but no the ball rolls just past time and time again. Players and managers change each bringing a new wave of confidence, initially justified but ultimately ending in the same despair as with those before them. Once in a while a cup win provides a short orgasm of joy and celebration which is just enough to prevent deterioration into complete depression and abandonment. This is the destiny of the Spurs supporter. It’s always been that way and always will be. Either live with it, or walk away and fill the void in your life with something else.

  9. “Do we look like we have any steel about us, any resillience, is there a ruthless streak beginning to run through the club?”

    He brought in Palacios for a start. BAE, Lennon and Defoe are steelier than they’ve ever been. There’s work to be done, no doubt. The ruthless streak I completely agree with you though, but, give it time. That type of mindset takes time.

  10. what a ridiculous article. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Harry is still in his first full season and is still faced with problems resulting from the inadequacies of the squad he inherited. you seem to be forgetting the position we were in when he took over. and to say the league is the weakest it has been in a long time is ridiculous, there is a reason that the top teams, including us, are sropping points and that is that the strength of the teams beneath is infinitely better than it ever has been. we should be proud of what Harry has achieved and continue to back him unequivocally.

  11. Pretty much agree with the article.
    Got no chance of Top 4 folks cos we still cant defend and Harry gifts the opposition pointsby starting Keane and Defoe.

  12. Yes I tend to agree on several points however I think Harry should be given a fair go. As mentioned before Fergie took some time to galvanise his squad into a ruthless machine, hopefully it won’t take as long assuming we have the right manager.

  13. Indeed, we are all frustrated but let us hope it is only a temporary bad patch Spurs are going through. They must get back to their winning ways as soon as possible otherwise they will be left behind. Can Pav be given a chance so that we can see what he is capable of?

  14. Indeed, we are all frustrated but let us hope it is only a temporary bad patch Spurs are going through. They must get back to their winning ways as soon as possible otherwise they will be left behind. Can Pav be given a chance so that we can see what he is capable of?

  15. As long as most of our players don’t have the kind of character that wants to win every single individual battle and every game, it won’t be possible for us to win most of our games. A football game is a battling game which it is always won by those players who play only to win and not just to play. Compare the individual ardor to win a battle and the game of the players of MU, Chelsea and other teams with that of our players. The game is always won by the team which has more players, than the other, who want to win the game. Games can be won only by the players involved. Neither the coach or the president or the fans are playing on the field. The only thing a trainer can do is to motivate for a while (mostly for some games) some of his players with a “soft” character or players who don’t want or are afraid to fight on the field, to show some more fighting character. That’s all that he can do. Nothing more. If a player has a winner’s character and mentality doesn’t need to get motivated to come on the field and win a game. He does it for himself. The more of this kind of players you have in your team, the more games you win.
    Another factor is that Spurs have an unbalanced team. Look at the numbers. They show (almost every year) that we are always among those teams that have scored the most goals but also always among those which have received the most. It is a well known golden rule that you build a winning team starting from the defense. Only those involved in Spurs seem to ignore this.

  16. Spot on , I could not have put it better myself with the way the top 4 have been dropping points this season if we have any hope of getting into the top 4 and a CL place if we can not see off stoke and wolves at the lane it’s looking like the same old story It’s
    time Harry got to grips with the central defence problem. we all
    would love top have ledley and woody in every week but I think it is time to replace both of them for the lng term future of ther club I
    say Scott is saying what 1000’s of Spurs fan are thinking and i hope Harry is listening .

  17. It is hard to blame Harry after all the good work he has done at WHL,but criticism is needed.Harry can not afford to be complacent and just write off games like the last one.
    It is my hope that with the return of Modric the whole side will be revialised.Keane has to go!He is no longer any use to the side.
    The arrival of the January transfer window must not be an excuse for Harry to panic and buy players that are no better than those that play for the club already.All Spurs need is a couple of good results and the enthusiasm will return.

  18. A reasonable article, certainly food 4 thought but blaming Harry… I dont think so !. lets get rid of Keane, the team plays shit when he’s on. And Crouch give a break … he is not the striker we need, contribution factor zero .. misdirected heading and poor poor first touch. What an unbelievably crap purchase.Come on Harry sell the crap and fix it …. We still Believe !

  19. Think of it this way. If Ferguson was tottenhams manager this season what position would Spurs be in now? Harry’s a good scout of talent and a good talker but tactically he ain’t a top four man!

  20. Some of these comments are valid. However Harry has been at the club just over 12 months, and still needs to clear out some of the wasted talent that gladly collect their wages but have done nothing. Dos Santos, Pav, Bentley, Hutton – if he can generate some cash with those sales and bring Ohara back, a player that does actually care and whilst not the best talent we have makes up for it with effort. Sadly we have overpaid talent and style but no grit and determination. To lose at home to Stoke and Wolves without scoring shows us we still have a long way to go.

  21. Just another embarrassing season! All the hype leading up to the campain fizzles out with stupid losses to minor clubs. Our players earn too much and are not hungry enough to win – they’re a bunch of daisies!!! Hardly any other club spends as much as we do on transfers, so please spare me the “give them a chance” sentiments!
    When are we EVER going to get a midfield playmaker???????

  22. Brilliant article. Just like the lazy layabout who made the first comment, these overpaid twits will play well one week and decide to watch the scenery for the next three.Ask any player if we can make it to the top 4, and all will say yes, be it in the press tv or radio…but it’s not what you think that counts…IT’S WHAT YOU DO ON THE BLOODY FIELD!!!! It’s time Harry stops whitewashing pathetic performances with comments like “we controlled the game….one of those days….the lads worked hard ..blah blah blah”. Look at Ferguson face when they drop a point while still sitting on the top. It’s bloody red and the players know it can’t happen again. Consistency match in match out or forget it. Losing at home….criminal. Kick ass Harry. Give youngsters like Bostock and Naughton chances to show what they can do instead of loaning them out.

  23. Good article, cant understand anyone who thinks its drivel? i can only assume they do not attend the lane! Harry got Keane and Crouch in and they are both (for want of another word) crap. His after match interviews are a farce i would rather he went the wenger route and just say that he missed the entire 90 mins rather than try and makes us swallow “the lads couldnt have done anymore” rubbish!… we have played badly for ages now and anyone who goes to the lane will know this! its not just because we lost on saturday, it is the way we have been playing for MONTHS!!

  24. so many of you are too over critical and over analyse everything.

    The question ” what is the point of Tottenham Hotspur?” is in itself a crass and devaluing question, that is disrespectful to the founders, previous players and managers of this fine club.

    If you want to discuss whether harry is up to the job, or if the players have the right mentality, the do so under a relevant title.

    I think asking the very question is a disgrace.

    Even if Spurs slunk to the Blue square league that question should never be raised.

    The badge. The history. The loacility. The Lane. ‘Sir’ Bill.
    Walter Tull. Ossie Ardiles. The double winners. The Euro nights.
    The rivalries. The family fans.

    Tottenham Hotpsur does not need the fickle fans its picking up. I hope they piss off to support Arsenal and leave this great club
    to the fans that understand and care about it true place in our lives.

  25. Year after year of let down…as with any article this has prompted polar opposite reactions. For me, I agree with the basic sentiment of the article – Redknapp has got all of our games against the ‘Big Four’ wrong (except the lottery of the opening day game against Liverpool). And the players are weak and lack steel, the killer instinct. But isn’t this something that has gone on for years, a modern day Tottenham disease? We haven’t had a real leader, on or off the pitch for years. Get a true captain in somehow asap!!!

  26. Ossie,

    “over critical and over analyse everything.”

    analyse everything? how do you mean? looking at crap buys and poor performances? Good point! what are we thinking! lets just keep turning up, paying through the nose and watch what Harry thinks is our players “doing the best they could”…?!!?!? Fair enough the title of the post might be wrong, but the sentiments within the article are clearly wide held throughout and especially on match day at the lane! Well in the Park Lane anyway – the most vocal stand in the stadium by a country mile!

  27. For the first time in ages you have a squad that looks like it could challenge Man C and Villa for the 4th spot and you still complain?

    You don’t need Gooners making jokes on your behalf when you have “Spurs fan” writing these columns….

  28. I agree wholeheartedly. Well written. Very true. Though I still feel Harry CAN change the attitude of the players. But it would be nice if it happened soon. Perhaps a leader on the pitch might be an idea? A Roy Keane type character?

  29. At least Harry looks as if he cares, which is more than a lot of the over rated players. Sure what hope have we got as a club when Robbie Keane brings a lot of the players over to Dublin on the piss b4 the Wolves game behind Harry’s back. Must of thought we only had to turn up on Saturday. And he’s our so called captain.The problem is a lot of the players don’t care and we fans care too much! COYS..

  30. if you feel that Harry and other recent managers have made so many errors, that the whole concept of Tottenham Hotspur has no reason to be, then go and support a club that will guarantee you health and happiness like Man utd.

    If Spurs are relegated 10 years in row, it will still be Tottenham Hotspur. Success is not everything. If thats all your after go away.

    The content of this article is irrelevant as the question asked in the title is so disrespectful it makes the contents worthless.

    Ask the relatives and widows of people who’ve had their ashes scattered at the Lane what the point is of Tottenham.

    These forums attract all sorts of people who think they would take Spurs to the top of the league and beyond. Jokers. And the concept that Tottenham is somehow an irrelevance due to a lack of success is pathetic.

    Are Preston pointless? Notts County? Derby? Leeds? Darlington maybe?

    No football team is pointless. This forum is.

  31. What’s with the don’t like it , lump it attitude? Back in the day, a London derby was evenly balanced. When did Spurs ever beat Arsenal in the league? You may never see Spurs beat Arsenal in your life time and it’s no surprise considering your attitude towards the article.

  32. I’ve watched us beat Arseanl 5-0 at the lane in ’83 and I watched us beat them two one at Highbury in the same year.

    It will happen again Camel foot- of course it will. Tottenham and Man Utd are the only teams in england that have won trophies in all of the past six decades.

    Just because we lose two games you all cry all over the internet about Harrys tactics.

    harry is a god-send to this fine club and the twats that complain about him on-line don’t deserve him.

  33. Bloody hell harrys basically had a squad of players that wasn’t his. Had to spend any money we had on getting players to save us from going down. a year on we’re a in touching distance of the top of the league.
    He’s turned Lennon into the player we all hoped he would. Dawson’s gone from a player that couldn’t perform without Ledley, Into the most nature captain in the team. And made us solid in the middle of the park.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day. Harry’s done a great job and yeh there will be hiccups on the way. And there’s gonna be a few in’s and out’s probably in the summer rather than now but the reality is that he’s still assessing the squad and gonna take us a few yrs b4 we can really challenge the big guns.


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