Why some Park Lane Spurs fans should sit down and shut up


Tottenham Hotspur’s brand new stadium has been a rip-roaring success among fans, with everything from the food and drink facilities to the 17,500 capacity single tier South Stand.

Affectionately known as the Park Lane end, there has been plenty of chatter on Twitter regarding the stand over recent weeks.

Many believe that they should be able to stand and watch the game, arguing that it is a tradition, with Spurs threatening to ban any fans who are seen doing so (Standard).

This is because standing is against both Premier League and UEFA regulations, after it was deemed unsafe following events such as the Hillsborough disaster.

A small number of Tottenham fans seem to think that they are sticking it to the big wigs at Spurs by fighting the sit-down rule, but really, they are just being naive and stubborn.

By standing up and breaking regulations, these fans are just forcing Tottenham’s hand. The last thing the club need when opening a new stadium is to consistently break regulations and get in trouble with the governing bodies.

Fans are simply risking backlashes when breaking safety regulations, as well as blocking the views of those behind them, some of whom may not be capable of standing for 90 minutes.

Many of us would love standing to come back, but until safe standing is approved and introduced, the Park Lane fans should get their bums on seats and get behind the team, rather than fighting a silly battle that cannot be won.

Turn that South Stand into a white wall to rival Borussia Dortmund, bring flags and scarves to wave, suck the ball into the back of the net, help us win games, that’s what is important.

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  1. I’m 61 years old but I sing at the top of my voice EVERY song except ‘stand up if you hate arsenal’ which is utterly pointless and is a remnant of the time when they were of any significance which they are no longer. Let them worry about us not the other way round. You don’t have to stand for 90 mins to make an atmosphere. I’ve stood at away games when some fans don’t sing at all.

  2. Your article is straplined “sit down and shut up”.

    I thought the club was trying to emulate other European stadiums.

    I have been watching football for over 45 years and the south stand doesn’t even come close to the san Siri, westfallonstadion et al.

    The south stand is a disaster. Trying to mix 1882 and the former WHL die-hard was never going to work.

    I sit in block 254 and I’ve not sat anywhere so quiet for as long as I can remember. It is demoralising. My son is already saying that he is thinking of ditching his ticket in this area. Surrounded by a silent majority.

    We’ve sold our soul and don’t delude yourself by thinking anything else.

    The club are only interested in maximising the amount of cash they can extract from all of us on a match day. Nothing more, nothing less.

  3. When I first saw footage a week or so back of stewards pulling fans from the railed “safe standing” areas, I was unimpressed (regardless of the current regulations). However having been in the middle of the South stand on Saturday, I feel the problem is further back.

    The “Stand up if you hate Arsenal” individuals dotted around the stand as we know are just been disruptive

    I have no problem with the railed areas standing, but until such time the club make similar plans in other areas of the stand, these other areas are 100% seated.

    Those selfish persistent individuals who are repeatedly resisting sitting down further back if season ticket holders should be moved either to the railed areas (why didn’t they buy tickets there in the first place!!), out of the way at the back or indeed banned if repeatedly warned.

    Standing was regardless of regs tolerated in the Park Lane lower and Wembley West (below the wheelchairs), but not in my experience further back.

    Common sense and consideration here should prevail, otherwise those in authority will take the opportunity to again tackle the railed areas too.

  4. I don’t know why I click on your stories they’re always fucking useless and shit do you see the kop sitting down? Do you see dortmund fans sitting down? Do one and actually try and write a decent artical for once! Spurs supporter? Jesus ??‍♂️
    If you wanna sit down but a ticket in a seated area people from Paxton buying tickets in the wall because they want to experience the sound!! Not realising they’re supposed to be the sound!

  5. We want atmosphere and a wall of sound to create a 12th man….

    Now sit down quietly so you dont upset the 1882 lot.

    Nice one, plenty of stands to sit down in, but if we want passion from the supporters then standing up is what drives it… it’s why we all stand when it gets exciting!


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