Why the Villa match was one of my most disgusting footballing experiences

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The opening match in the first-ever full season in the new stadium, Aston Villa should have been one of the most memorable events for me as a Spurs fan.

However, while it will live long in the memory, it is for all the wrong reasons, despite the lads earning a 3-1 win.

I can safely say that the guys I sit with in my row are some of the nicest blokes I have met at football games, but sadly the same could not be said for those behind us.

They took their seats and proceeded to shout and slurr the same unfunny jokes from minute one of the match, which was fine, that is a part of football after all.

However, when they started targeting some of the officials and players, that’s when I got uncomfortable.

It started with them making sexist comments about the female lineswoman on duty, with the usual backwards remarks about her ability and skill to run the line.

This coming from a group of middle-aged blokes who couldn’t see straight and probably haven’t run a mile in the last twenty years.

As if the sexist remarks weren’t bad enough, they then started to target one of their own players, Erik Lamela, a man who has been at the club for a good number of years.

They claimed that he looked as though he was gay, he looked like a woman, he looked like a transvestite, and much more, all in a negative manner. All while the Argentine was busting his gut trying to earn the fans three points.

The only thing that was missing from this group was a few racist chants.

I thought we had left behaviour and comments like this in the past, but it seems the few still harbour the same old-fashioned views.

West Upper stand. You know who you are.

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  1. That’s not on at all, Seb.

    I think I speak for the masses when I say I don’t want them associated with our club. I’d rather not have them anywhere near the stadium than spouting that kind of garbage. With that in mind I’d definitely be reporting them.

    It doesn’t bother me if people get passionate and shout foul language from time to time – I’m guilty of it myself – but sexism and homophobia belong nowhere near our club. Kick it out.

  2. Lol the most “West Upper” comments I’ve ever read. Doesn’t sound funny and alot like banter gone wrong, but if that was massively offensive to you and ruined your day I’d say you also need to grow a pair son. Did you tell them any of this to their faces? Probably not, so again I think you need to look at yourself as well there matey.

    • Think you need to look at yourself Dave.

      He posts his offence at dickheads, and you call him out for not confronting them?

      Not everyone has the inclination to get involved with scumbags.

      Maybe we should add “Toxic masculinity” to the list for fossils like Dave

    • Spot on, I don’t like foul language around kids that does piss me off, but dropping the racist card completely unnecessarily is just embarrassing. Banter about the Man or woman lino that will always happen – Get over it. This article is just ridiculous.

      • Don’t you dare dismiss sexism and homophobia as ‘banter’. People like you are why stuff like this still goes on.

  3. Dont agree with the vitriol ditected at him however i can understand the frustration with lamela, he is an absolute wage thief

    • that’s a stupid comment. you may not care for him as a player, you’re entitled to your opinion ( although personally i feel we should support all players wearing our shirt ) but to say he is a ‘wage thief’ is ridiculous. you think he was faking his injuries so he could claim wages while avoiding actually playing? that’s pretty much what ‘wage thief’ implies. he has had injuries. but he wants to play – and when he does get on the pitch you can see his 100% attitude. i have seen games where he singlehandedly reminds the rest of the team to give a shit about winning the ball back. he also has skill and quality when he gets a consistent run in the team. I truly hope he can stay fit this season to prove all the haters wrong.

  4. You should report it to a steward at the time – they will have a word, believe me.
    It happened in front of us on Saturday and was reported by someone – the stewards had a quiet word and they were like angels for the second half.

  5. You should report them.

    Homophobia and this sort of sexism should have no place in 2019.

    Kick it the f*ck out. That includes the hateful bellends in the seats behind you.

  6. Its largely down to intelligence and a belly free of Beer.
    as the old saying goes….When the beer is in…..The brains are out.
    but all clubs have got them fans.
    From a Villa Fan

    • Very true, all clubs do have them. I would like the see them all banned and then no one would have them.

      What if there was a young girl sitting near them? Should she feel like she can’t grow up and get involved in the game like the lineswoman on duty?

  7. Here’s the million dollar quesstion: Did you stand up to them and tell them it’s not ok? I had the same a few years ago at old WHL against Arsenal. Man and his son sitting in the row in front of me noticed at half time there was a rainbow flag with Spurs. Man turned to his son and said “That’s disgusting. That’s unnatural”. He then continued to hurl homophobic abuse at every single Arsenal player for the entire second half.

    Sadly, I let it slide. I should either have confronted him or recorded it and reported to the stewards. I’ve regretted countless time not doing so. I felt it was turning on my fellow fan. I was maybe fearful he might just turn around and clock me. Fact of the matter it’s not on, and we have to do our part to stop it not just whinge about it on social media. If we want to get rid of this shit, we have to stand up. We have to put ourselves in harm’s way, we have to put ourselves in uncomfortable positions.

    • I have to say that I didn’t. I felt a little uncomfortable that they were sat one row behind me where I couldn’t see them and they will likely be there all season. However, if it continues I would like to think that I would.

      Having said that, I also shouldn’t have to. These are not little kids. They are grown men.

      • Baffling how people like you still exist. I’m being soft because I don’t agree with sexism and homophobia. You’re in the dark ages mate

  8. I am amazed of the hostility in this comment section. Seb Jenkins is not the person in the wrong here.

    Sexism and homophobia belongs in the dark ages, not in a modern society.

    Stand tall Seb, and good luck for the rest of the season!

    Greetings from a Villan


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