Will Hugo Lloris be stripped of his captaincy? Who should replace him?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Hugo Lloris has been arrested for drink driving ahead of Monday’s clash with Manchester United, according to talkSPORT.

The Tottenham and France captain was reportedly arrested in the early hours of Friday morning at around 2:20am in central London.

The 31-year-old failed a breathalyser test after being pulled over and was taken to Charing Cross Police Station where he spent the morning in custody before being released on bail.

Now many fans are asking whether Lloris will keep his Tottenham captaincy, as he has betrayed the role-model image that he has always portrayed to young supporters.

For many years now Hugo Lloris has been the armband holder for Spurs, with Harry Kane and Jan Vertonghen chosen as vice captains by Pochettino back in 2015.

It is unclear whether the Argentinian will keep faith in his French shot stopper, but we want to take a look at the potential captain replacements in the squad.

Harry Kane

Perhaps the outright favourite in this category, Harry Kane has donned the arm band for Tottenham on many occasions already, not to mention being the current England captain.

Kane is perhaps not the most vocal or in your face player on the pitch, but what he does do is lead by example.

He showed at the World Cup in Russia that he is more than capable of leading his team to success, as England walked away with a semi-final appearance, and Kane himself scooped up the Golden Boot award.

Jan Vertonghen

As the other current vice captain, it would be safe to assume that either Jan or Harry would replace the disgraced Lloris if his armband was stripped from him.

The main advantages that Vertonghen has over Kane are that he has vast more experience, and some managers prefer having a player in the centre of the park as captain.

Vertonghen is currently the most capped player in history for his home nation Belgium, and has been at Spurs since 2012.

Like Kane, he has also sported the captain’s armband for Spurs on several occasions already.

Eric Dier

Logic dictates that if one of the vice captains is bumped up to captain, they also need to be replaced.

The obvious candidate for this replacement has to be Eric Dier, as he is one of the only members of the squad with captain experience.

A level-headed, strong leader on the pitch, it is no surprise that Gareth Southgate has given Dier the England armband on multiple occasions, an honour that he has worn with pride.

It would seem only natural to reward his leadership qualities with a new vice-captain position.

But what do you guys think? Are there any other players who would make great captains? Any funny spoof suggstions with reasons behind them? Comment in with your ideas!

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  1. A lot of ‘holier than thou’, sanctimonious, humbug. These days a person can fail a breathalyzer test after two small glasses of wine. In other words, Lloris could have had a couple of glasses of wine with a meal and had the misfortune to be caught in a random test, whilst not factually impaired, as far as driving safely is concerned.

    Now conversely, he could have been ‘shitfaced’ and three times the legal limit, in which case he would definitely deserve all the opprobrium being thrown in his direction and would warrant being sanctioned by the club. However, until the full facts are revealed, it is premature to judge and people should not rush to conclusions. I personally would be very surprised if Hugo was driving seriously impaired, so it is only fair to give him the benefit of the doubt at this point.


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