Will Spurs win at Old Trafford for the first time since 1989?


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We’ve never had a good record at Old Trafford, but with a Champions League place still up for grabs, can Spurs record their first league win at Old Trafford since 1989?

Vote below and leave your comments on how you think we’ll do.

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  1. I think we can win on Saturday, if the ref doesn’t intervene, and the lads play like they did in our two previous games, we can go there and upset them.

    heres hoping lol.

  2. Like we was against ar2enal & and the chavs,come on man where’s your support for the team,f**king bring em on,COYS

  3. hate reading that "since 1989" coz as far as im concerned we won when Mendes scored irrelevent of whether points were shared or ref didnt see it WE won that game so its since that game we speak from and yes if Bale plays like that again we should have there aging squad wishingthey'd stayed at the bingo the night before

  4. Unless Roman Abramovich gets to referee then it's unlikely that we'll get any decisions going our way.

    That said, if our strikers can be sharp as our midfielders then we should be able to score a couple.

    Anything's possible, but I have the feeling that it will go to the last day of the season and West Ham will do us a favour!

  5. Stop whinging and moaning….Man U will win, end of. They've been in this position hundreds of times before at this stage of the season, anyone who thinks otherwise is just kidding themselves.

  6. mattyboy, a sensible point you make above. However, we mustn’t forget that Man U have a manager who’s desire for success far exceeds anybody elses in the Premier League, and his players will be left with no uncertainty as to what is expected of them tomorrow lunchtime. Promises to be a good finish to the season!


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