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William Gallas admits that qualifying for the Champions League next season will be even tougher.

Spurs failed to secure a second season in Europe’s top competition after a dire end to the season with Manchester City securing fourth place after last night’s 1-0 defeat.

Gallas played heroically once again and even the most ardent Tottenham fan cannot deny the fact that the Frenchman has played his heart his this season.

“Even if people say ‘you had a great season’, I don’t think so,” said Gallas.

“To get to the quarter-finals of the Champions League at the first attempt was amazing for Tottenham but everybody is upset because we got nothing at the end. When we play against the small teams, maybe – I say maybe – we thought we had won before we played, so perhaps that’s the mistake we made.

“We dropped too many points against Blackpool, Wolves and West Ham.

“If we play a big team, like Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal, we know they will be very hard to beat, so when we arrive in the dressing room we are ready for the fight.

“It will be harder next year. Liverpool are really, really strong and playing good football, so now it will be between maybe five or six teams to qualify for the Champions League.

“I am sure all the players are very upset. You feel so good in the Champions League and you get the chance to compete against the best in Europe. Because next season we will not play in that competition, it will be difficult for us to watch it on TV.

“We made too many mistakes but now we know which mistakes we made, it will not be good if we make the same ones again.

“We need to have a good pre-season, to speak together and be ready when the season starts. Because Tottenham want to be a big club, we have to be back in the Champions League.”

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  1. One of the very , very few pieces of good judgement by ‘Arry. Billy Gallas, he’s one of us now. Great defender, top bloke. And to think the Arse threw him away…

  2. Rare moment of sanity from 'arry. Billy Gallas, he really is one of us now. Great defender, top bloke. And to think that the Arse just threw him away…

  3. Sack Harry (I said this when he joined – worthless man), Keep Pav and get rid of VDV, Bale, Crouch, Gomez, Defoe, O'Hara, Bently, JJ, Paclios, Bassong, this should generate about £100million and then get a manager who knows how to run a team .. i.e. José Mourinho and then see us fly (oh and I hope we don't get Europa football, let Liverpool burn out playing in the tin pot cup), these are games we should have won, but bad management, bad team selection, inactivity in two transfer windows, buying the wrong players (Pinnar when we already have a better player in Kranjcar as just one example) … No we need to change from the top down .. and that includes Levy needs to go…

    • Keep Pav and get rid of VDV and Bale. Yeah mate, great shout! I would like to add. I think we should get rid of Dawson, Sandro and Modric. And bring in Bramble, Savage and waddle from retirement. Cause I never want us to win anything ever again as well! Idiot!!

      • get lost u wan*er, Bale is over-rated and needs 2 play for an Italian side because the UK teams have got him sussed and just play 2 against him thus snuffing him out. VDV 2 min wonder, Sandro Modric Lennon and Hudd in the middle with a new keeper and two new front men getting rid of Crouch and defoe .. and dump HARRY big time

        • Peter4Spurs you are a mug! Sounds like you have been a fan for 5 mins and only play computer games instead of watching proper football. Completely OTT. Also, can anyone name a manager better than HR that we have had? None since the Prem League began. Some people on these sites either have too short a memory or are too young to know. Either way, end of season has been poor but no need for wholesale changes.

    • And get who in to replace them! We’d have 100 mil but the superstars we need wont come to us for 70k a week and then have that halved by tax.

      If we want to compete with europes best we need to pay the same wages as the best

  4. Im sorry but this whole playing in europa league takes it toll is rubbish its no more of a strain than the champions league. Just its playing teams who are not as glamorous as AC or Real. Fact is Man City and Liverpool both played in the Europa this season, with Man City having qualified for the champions league and Liverpool having a very strong finish maybe even beating us to 5th. Lets stop hanging on Harry’s every word and realise we are not to good to play in the Europa League

  5. Bringing back Waddle is a good idea – even at 40+ he can cross the ball much better than any of our current players – we might even score a goal form our dozen or so free kicks or corners during a game.

    Gallas has been immense alongside Daws but we are still too easy to create chances again.

    Next season we should play four at the back, lennon and Bale wide, Sandro sitting in front of the back four with Hud and Modric in front of him with brand new striker who can actually score goals upfront – a sparkly new keeper is a must as well. No place for VDV in my team – top player though he is.

    • VdV really needs to be able to play an other place than OM with 1 striker, because it is limiting the options. Though I think he would still be very good for the team to keep him, atleast let him try one or two more seasons, maybe not adjust the Team after him EVERY game through the whole season? There are possibilities, but they just aren't being used atm.

  6. Why keep Pav? But the rest I agree with. Bale was better last year, He's done nothing since he became famous v inter. VDV upsets the balance. Take the money

    Comolis players are doing well for us on the whole. Rednobs good buys have been sandro, Gallas and Kaboul

    • he never wayched sandro and a scout signed him, gallas has been good and kaboul should never have been sold. twitcher should go to spammers – next year they are at his level.

  7. Finally someone with a sense of realism.
    They just play rubbish against the 'smaller'-teams. And everytime they go out saying " We played well, but just didn't make it count." Yet they don't want to fight for it, although 3 points against Blackpool is as good as 3 points against Manchester United, when looking at the season as a whole…

    • I don't think it's outlandish to want to replace Harry with somone better if they're available. It's not like we're talking about someone particularly loyal.

      I agree with the line of thought that Spurs and Harry have blown it this season. I think the main reason is a lack of rotation. What has everybody said about Spurs this season? – they have one of the strongest squads in the devision. Yes we've had injuries but Harry as failed to utilise it. The refusal to play or even really bring on Kranjcar seems a major sticking point. Strain and subsequent injuries to Bale and VDV might have been prevented, even Benoit's injury, hamstring, seemed inevitatble given he hadn't been rested.

      ALSO, what about competition for places that playing a few more players a bit more might have induced? Lacked intensity outside the big games have we? Been a bit lathargic? How about bringing in some fresher legs from the squad who would be eager for a more regular place? Would this not bring in some intensity against the "lesser" teams?

  8. Gallas is totally right in what he has said and it’s there for all to see when we play the big sides we’re so up for it and yet we can’t raise the same sort of intensity for the other games. Well the season is 38 games long not 6 or 8 games long and the squad needs to remember this. It’s also incredible how we didn’t do more in the January transfer window to bring in someone to help out with the lack of goals situation but then really who was there that was available? We certainly wasn’t about to flash 35 million plus for A single player, we should have done that in the summer. I agree with Harry do away with the January window because it only serves to jack up the price of players. It’s no secret that our strikers have been awful this year. Where could we have been if they had scored half the goals they scored last year? The areas to be strengthening is the strikers the central defence and a goalie that’s going to push Gomes for the number one spot. I also hope we don’t qualify for that Europa spot as it is detrimental to our season in it’s current format but it’s going to make it tougher to sign players but fortunately we have the nucleus of a squad to make a team that can challenge but if we keep making the mistakes we have made this year then we won’t even have that, so although we do need to only make a few changes to the squad we need a bit more steel in our approach to all the games from all the players. I would even sacrifice flair football for it, be boring win 1-0 than look exciting whilst drawing 3-3. Just my humble opinion, and as for sacking Harry are you nuts? If anyone should get the sack it’s the strikers for failing in their job description. Which other industry would put up with that? You’re paid to do a job but don’t do it and still get paid? If they were in sales and on OTE ( on target earnings ) and didn’t hit their targets bloody fellas they’d be shown the door. Lets pray we make the right deals in the summer and be a bit more ruthless to the lower teams in the league no good beating Man U then losing to Norwich is it? COYS Lillywhitetilidie

  9. For those above who are ready to stick the knife into those who have already saved Spurs from the Championship (2008 – under ‘Juan the Torturer’), I have a message for you:

    “I would never have you in my TEAM because you have no backbone or loyalty. Go and join another team to shout at!”

  10. OUT : jenas,palacious,pienaar,defoe,chrouch,VDV,bale,

    + bentley,keane

    IN : dos santos,modric,kranjcar,corluka,PAV,lennon,sandro,HUDD,gallas,dawson,kaboul,bassong,king,cudicini,assou-ekotto

    ? woodgate,gomes,,pletikosa ?

    bale nad VDV needs to go,for some price .




    • Is your real name Marko and are you from Croatia? Nicos good, but not our best player. I dont think he is the difference of us coming 5-6th or 4th either. Id even go as far to say that, that…is bollocks!

  11. To be honest, I hope we crap up the two remaining games in order to avoid that sh'tty Europa-League competition… Nobody gives a sh't for that and all it is, is an unwanted distraction! So let's leave it to Russian and Portuguese teams, shall we?! And someone please kick Van der Man, he needs to perform against teams like Blackpool, Wolves and Wigan as well. In the end, it comes down to the question who's going to stay and whether a suitable striker joins or not, we all knew that weeks ago. And let's be honest, we were having a laugh all season (till we started facing the bottom 5 clubs…), COYS!

  12. the cunts who write sack arry should get some fuckin sensed kicked into em but i sense that what we are reading are pre-pubescent nancy boys tossing off at the thought of upsetting the real spurs supporters here

    • Don't you think you should be providing some reasoning for keeping Harry like people do when they're voicing their reservations about him? How about keep him because it is continuity that will pay off, or sacking him might give some of our key players an excuse to leave? What purpose does vitriol serve?

      No doubt you'll point to what he achieved, 2 from 8 etc, finished 4th, got us into the CL and to the 1/4finals. This whole article is Gallas saying that we have not had a good season. Largely this buck stops with the manager and people have been drawing out why. Jol finished 5th twice with no where near the squad Harry has. He didn't have VDV, Modric, Kranjcar, Gallas. Players like Benoit, Dawson and Huddelstone were no where near the players they are now then. He got sacked for a similar run of results we've just experienced and he'd just had his strikeforce sold at the last minute with no replacement.

      I'm not saying sack him, but there are legitimate questions to be asked.

  13. Love Gallas, Finally someone has said what he have all thought, we havent had a good season its been poor, take away the 2 games against Milan and Inter and its been crap, we got battered at Inter, and at home to Milan, and the Arsenal 3-2 win was gained due to there capitulation.

    We have failed to beat Blackpool, West Ham, Wigan in the 6 games we have played against them (they are the bottom 3 if anyone didnt know) with a 3 lost, 3 draw record.

    Oh and as for him smiling at the end of the city game!!!!!! does he have no pride, Wenger would be pissed so would Fergie or Mourinho, Redknapp dont care, please fuck off to the england job, whatless prick aint won fuck all in his career, he took a side bottom but clearly with a great squad to 11th in his first season but nobody remembers he signed 10million Crouch, 14 million Defoe, 15 m Palacios, and 12 million Keane all 4 have been crap this year and thats over 50 million. No wonder Levy dont want to give him any money

  14. Think some people need to chillax a bit. yes we've had a dismal end to the season, but some parts of the season it had never felt better to be a spurs fan.
    The big error was not being able to get a decent striker. Man city, liverpool and chealsea meant to going rate for a half decent striker was for silly money. Having said that one big signing could have got us champs league again with all the money it brings. We thre 4th place away, I think we all know that. Points against a few lower 6 sides and we'd be in 4th, so we can take a positive out of that..kinda.
    I dont think we need wholesale changes to the squad. Yes a few ins and outs. Some favourites will have leave (ie krancar) but im sure levy and redknapp have been looking at getting a striker or 2 in..


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