Wilshire blasts ‘biased’ Hoddle


Injured Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshire has blasted Spurs legend Glenn Hoddle after he defended Rafael van der Vaart’s goal in our 2-1 win.

Arsenal claim that the Dutchman used his arm to control the ball in the build-up to his goal. Hoddle instead pointed out the positioning of Arsenal right-back Bacary Sagna.

‘Glenn Hoddle is the most biased pundit around….handball is handball does not matter where the right back is!!!!!!!!!’ he wrote on Twitter.

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  1. Haha that win hurt did it wilshire just face it we beat you fair an square and if any pundit is biased it smith. Come on you spurs!!!

  2. Jack short man syndrome wilshere ha ha you losers your shit and hoddle should stamp on this midgets head to shut him up.

  3. what a tosser, the twat really thinks he is something, face it you little wanker you will not be playing in the CL next year and your team is crap now, they will probably sell you for £20m and buy some young boy for wenger to play with for about £1m and think they will be better off for it!! who the fuck are arsenal??? COYS

  4. when,before today has a tottenham game been commentated on by a “tottenham” man? every game for at least the last 2 years has had a “gooner” on the mic.so for today at least shut up wilshere

  5. Wilshere who??? Is he the same Arsen*l kid who hasn’t played a season in the Premier League? I’m sure all his views on football will be informative and not in the least childish.

  6. Correct handball is handball and yes it was handball but the ref didn’t give it and it’s just one of those things, how many times have refereeing decisions gone Arsenals way? Fact is the Arsenal goalkeeper was their best player and that just about sums up Arsenals display today.

  7. Ahaha silly little shit! Most biased?! Have you not heard of charlie nickolas or alan smith. Even Ian Wright thinks arsenal are shite! As for the handball..how many times have arsenal cheated in north london derbys..hmm pires, veira, parlour, eboue, henry, fabregas, toure and the list goes on..silly little boy, when you have reached the achievements of Glen Hoddle then come back to us but right now keep your silly little gob shut vermin!

  8. Don’t you just love to see the cnuts squirm. The power has shifted in north London and the goonies hate it. Through their suffering I take great joy. I’m not an evil man… but fuckem all.

  9. Wilshire the cabbie mugger gives us his insight on what is right and wrong……little arse bandit of arsenes.Why was,nt he playing today ? injured what with ? a battered ring no doubt.Fuck off and achieve something like Glenn Hoddle and then you can comment meantime dont talk with your mouth full Arsene does,nt like it.

  10. Have a nice cup of tea Wilty… It'll be all right Le Arse is in 15th spot now, just relax and get used to mediocrity. For years arsy players and various gooners have said this to us and we have replied with good humour, time for you to rise to this challenge, or just sound like a poor loser. Sure Hods may be as biased as you are .. maybe because he played for us for a long time in the same way you are biased because you are a goon.. so what. VDV did run at the crowd for a second or two but hey, he didnt body surf around the stand on the top of a victory Mexican wave did he … ( would have been fun to watch though). As for handball it hit the top of his chest and arm that sometimes is called sometimes not, luck was with us this time, not for all the other shots we had though ( we certainly had a load more shots on goal than Arse).
    Fair result I call it and tough luck on the losers as I said have a nice cuppa and work out who is going to fit in the chumps league.

  11. why the arsenal keeper not in the options for man of the match? helped us win it with his gomes like gaffe. media praises parker and adebayor signings, but what about the fantastic signing of Brad and the level of calmness it brings to the entire defence. Best signing of the season – and free too! As for Jack… well not really much to say is there – over-hyped English super-star, let the fame go to his head, yet another Twit on Twatter.





  13. All I’ve heard from Wilshire since his first team status is these twitter rants like some two bit pop star who thinks all the world should listen after his two minutes of fame. You’ve been here two minutes sunshine and not achieved anything, just full of our own hype.

    When you’ve EARNED a respected place in the game like a true GREAT like Hoddle has then come back with your thoughts. Until then shut your mouth and get on with proving yourself as all the are is another young overhyped overpayed player who’s done ZERO in the game. What a little uneducated muppet.

  14. Is this the same wilshire that thought he was hard spitting into the face of an old man driving his black cab because he was Spurs supporter?…all I hear about on talksport is his pathetic little tweets…as if any cares…Alan Smith is the most biased “pundit” on tv….wilshire…your an insignificant little shit that wouldn’t be worthy enough to clean Hoddles boots with your tongue…so do everyone a favour…be a good little boy…shut the fuck up and bend over for peado venger

  15. sniffle sniffle Jack you total fucking douche bag. Is that all you can say after getting out played by a Spurs team who were actually average yesterday? We still should have won 4-1. You really are suuuuuuuuuuch a dick! (And you have no mates). #fuckoffbacktowoolwich

  16. Handball? Couldn’t give a shit as long as we got the points. Just a shame it wasn’t miles off side as well to see Wenger have a proper fit about it.

    I think Hoddle was right to talk about Sagna’s position. He needed a pillow on that bed in A&E.


  17. Jack son, stop wasting time having a go at anyone connected to Spurs and let your football do the talking. You’re a good player but also just a thick kid who even attacks cabbies over Spurs which shows you can’t even handle a pint of shandy. By the way, it wasn’t even handball and it’s clear on the replay so Glen was right. You’re a daddy now, time to grow up and stop playing on twitter… You’re obviously a total idiot aint ya?? Eh?? lol

  18. I will bet any money if Dirty willy had scored the goal Alan Smith would have said what Hoddle had said. Hand ball to me is what Henry did too the Irish ,the the terminology of hand ball will have too be changed to arm ball because it hit is chest and rolled onto is shoulder. Any person who has watched or played Football should know the angle off the cross meant the ball wood hit is chest and roll onto his shoulder Van would need one 40 inch bust too stop this from happening . If Van had faced the oncoming ball it would have hit him straight on the chest so if its anything its accidental and minimal shoulder ball. Glen loves Spurs just like the bias Alan Smith . Arsenal played a good part in an entertaining game and for a change it was not a dirty game and Spurs should have won more handsomely but tension in these games plays a big part. This was like watching a boxing match where one boxer dominated the rounds but in every round he got hit with a punch that turned his legs too jelly and in the sixth round he got knocked out. Coys

  19. Fat Midget Prick who needs to grow up otherwise his baby will be taller than him when he reaches 3 months!!!
    Why should we give a crap what these overpaid, pampered, thick little knobheads think about stuff… all of you, stop Twittering!!! It's just embarrasing… FUCK OFF!!! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!!! GO AND HAVE A WANK OVER YOUR NEW BENTLEY OR WHATEVER!!! JUST PISS OFFFFFFF!!!!

  20. didnt know about the spitting on a cabbie incident but fair play the cabbie who earns in a year schalpping round london with drunks in the back of his cab what jack earns in a week playing football (er, actually sitting in hospital playing xbox, tweeting illiterate rubbish like a 10 year old and listening to hiphop on oversized bose headphones wearing a bad boy t shirt) must have deserved it.
    oh and a very average Spurs beat the goons 2-1 lol COYS
    Jack – can you twitter your thoughts on how good your little buddy Theo played? or the adebeoyor should have died chant?

  21. Wilshire, when you grow you will understand how embarrassing your whole Twitter fetish is. Besides, have you never heard Paul Merson’s punditry?

  22. Ah poor little Jack! I’m still laughing at how VDV took the p**s out of him time and again last season at the Lane. The little boy v a man!! Grow up Wiltshire and maybe one day you’ll be good enough for us to want to buy you! Until then, back in your pram and dream of a top 10 finnish!

  23. wilshite, more shit comes out your fat mouthy gob than out your arsewipe backside, get over it you sore looser, and i cant wait to see big bad tommy thud kick your sorry fat smelly goon ass off the field and see you carried on a stretcher you stupid wanker.

  24. We've had to put up, for years, with Dixon (who I actually quite like as a pundit), Keown, Wrighty, Charlie Nicholas, Alan Smith and Paul Merson, who is surely THE most biased unprofessional pundit in the country. Also, the two pundits on the day were one Tottenham man, Hoddle, and one Arsenal man in Alan Smith.

    Perhaps us nasty old Tottenham folks should get rid of Hoddle (who I thought was fairly even handed) off the TV screens, and they can have two gooner pundits on there slating us, if it makes them feel better.

    Here's your dummy back, Jack – you appear to have spat it out.

  25. Thank god Wilshere is injured… I was sick of hearing how he was the future of English football last year. He’s an average footballer who runs about lots – no better that Scott Parker, Darren Fletcher, or many others. Now he wants to criticise Hoddle, when the most Arsenal centric commentator was sat next to him – Alan Smith. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Smith commentate on a game with mentioning Arsenal – even when Arsenal aren’t playing. Anyway, no way was it fri$$ing hand ball……

  26. What kind of angle did you see it from i would say the ref knew better , now bog off little mammys boy and get well soon so we and a lot of others see just how dirty a player you are .

  27. Well….without the abuse it looked like there was some hand in there. But he disguised it, and it was impossible to see, and impossible for ref to disallow it. These things happen all the time: appealing for a throw-in/corner that you know came off you – leaving the foot in during "legitimate" tackles – the tugging of shirts that occur "all the time" – the keeper moving off line to save penalties – the players encrouching in penalties – Suarez-type diving an simulation. No one is whiter than white anywhere. The important thing is that if the ref DID see it, VDV could have gone off…

  28. Wiltshire you fool , i doubt whether you will reach paul mersons heights. you are constantly asking for attention so i believe your mind and body cannot control yourself so destruction is your only way out.
    as for handball it is not definite so it is not handball. glenn hoddle is not only the best player to grace na english pitch is is also a good coach who is not as biased as your make out.
    i fully expect you to be the next footballer arrested for some thug action

  29. Dont listen to what pikeys have to say and not going to start now…..I’d rather cut my leg off stick it in a bucket of cold water and watch paint dry that pay attention to Jack ‘Off Willy’ WhilSHITE!

  30. is that all you do all day long wiltshire play on twitter you sad little chav, Hod is god you'd never be fit to lace his boots.


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