Would you sell Bent for £14million?


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TOTTENHAM are said to have rejected a £14million bid from Sunderland for Darren Bent.

According to the reports, Spurs are holding out for the £16.7m they paid Charlton for the England international.

Spurs fans will be baffled that if this is the case, why don’t they accept £14million for a player who has only had a bit-part role under Harry Redknapp.

Kenwyne Jones has been mentioned as a possible bargaining tool as part of a deal, but Sunderland are determined to hold onto their star striker.

Would you sell Darren Bent for £14million, hold out for the full asking price, or even not sell him?  Whatever your view – share it below.

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  1. The way I look at it is like this: Sunderland want to buy Bent and we want to buy jones(I dont but Arry does so..) They have offered 14m for bent but wont entertain selling jones to us so why oh why should we entertain them?? So for me, No I wouldnt and also because whether or not you like him if we sell him for 14m we then have to replace him and that would cost a lot more than 14m in todays market. Why should all other clubs be allowed to ask stupid fees for their players but we are expected to drop our asking prices. Sod them, if Bent is still at the Lane next season I wont be too happy cos he does score goals even from the bench and THAT costs a lot more than 14m to buy in todays market.

  2. Depends how it was offered. I suspect if there was an offer it may have been structured in a way that meant little being paid to us up front. If not, and pretty much the full amount was offered up front, then it would be kinda dumb to reject the bid when we’re clearly looking at selling him on. Championship player though Reg? His goals to minutes on the pitch ratio is better than most prem strikers so don’t be a moron. He just doesn’t fit into the way we play is all.

  3. I think that 14 million is more than a fair price for Darren Bent and we should accept the fee before the door slams shut. Yes we paid 16 mill for him and the board would like to get their money back but if Harry doesn’t rate him we should accept and not risk the price being reduced in the coming months.
    Personally i think if benty plays most of the games this season he will score 20+ goals.

  4. What is wrong with you people… Bent is worth 16 Mil no problem at all. You name me any other strikers who score 15 goals a season as a bit part player. If he starts for a club that suits his style of play as Charlton did, Sunderland, Fulham, Villa, Blackburn etc… he will get 20 no problem. What 20+ goals a season striker is not worth 16 Mil ? I do not rate him as a Spurs player but would do a great job for these teams with ambition. Bent needs to be top man.. hi is not at Spurs – Simple.

  5. Championship player at best, so many deficiencies in his game would quantify him as such. Sell, take the money and run as fast as possible to the bank.

  6. we are mad not to accept that offer, dont think they have a clue sometimes. They are making it sound like bent is worth 16.5 mill, take the money and run I think.

  7. sell bent for 14mil, why are we bein picky over 2 mill, that happened with arshavin last year and look what we missed out on!! sell him for 14 if theyre willin to pay that and lets go all out for hunt! robben would be nice on the left but if not lets give danny rose a shot(could be another revelation llike lennon)rather then panic buyin someone like downing(it scares me everytime his name is mentioned in same sentence as us! we need a left back as benoit is ok and bale has lost his way and maybes needs a loan move to get his game back. central def 2 for cover for led! stick with gomes. we could go for vagner love of cska, unless he’s already moved on – i havent heard! i’d keep bentley aswell, he is quality just needs the confidence back! lets give the fringe players a chance instead of startin the season with a load of new layers who need to gel, we need 3 maybe 4!

  8. Wouldn’t sell him personally. He was our best striker last season, and I can see him being our best striker again this season, especially if his confidence returns.

  9. However you rate Darren, we are not going to get another striker who can score more than 14 goals a season this year because nobody who is that good will play for spurs now that we are not in the Europa Cup. I think Harry knows this. So wait till we reject Sunderland when the offer 16million or even 18million. If anyone is worried why we havent sold Huddlestone, Jenas or even our Russian Striker, these guys would never come to spurs this season if they werent here already. We are actually lucky to have them. We sold Zakora who was a fringe player. We will never replace him. Even if we sold players so that we have 30 Million to spend, nobody wants to come to us. We would do well enough not to loose anybodelse.

  10. Soooo right Ravspur….. I think Bent was a bad, bad signing… but we sure as hell arent going to sign anyone better. Huntelaar? Robben? C’mon, be serious. If they joined us they would be revealing a staggering lack of ambition. Time to accept that our failure last season has reduced our capacity to sign great players. Naughton, Walker, Jones, Downing, [email protected] – mid table players for a club perceived of as a mid-table team. We also now have a manager with mid-table mentality. Getting into Europa league this season would be a huge achievement. Hope for better and YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!

  11. Being cheap and bad signing decisions got us into this mess in the first place. Signing Bent when we needed a defender, haggling over $2million for Arshavin (and who eventually got him….) and now holding out for more money for a player we do not start… what a mess. Sell Keane, we all love him – but he Modric and Defoe look like three of the seven dwarfs, we can not win with all of them on the field and Defoe scores every other game.. come on Levy pull your finger out.


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