“”You can make an offer for a player if you want to”


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has blasted West Ham United for claiming that Spurs have made Scott Parker unsettled.

Tottenham’s offer for the England international was reported to be £7million, which was rejected out of hand by the Hammers.

“Who made it public that we’ve made an offer?” Redknapp said.

“You can make an offer for a player if you want to. Someone can make an offer for anybody.

“I’m sure (chairman Daniel Levy) must have had some encouragement or he wouldn’t have made an offer.

“So I don’t think the full story has been told about that one. The chairman wouldn’t have made an offer unless he thought there was a chance they wanted to do something.”

Redknapp added: “As far as I’m concerned Tottenham have acted totally within the rules.

“Any club is perfectly entitled to make an inquiry about a player from another club.

“This club has behaved correctly. We approached West Ham through the proper channels.”

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  1. I said exactly this yesterday when the story broke. Sullivan has made this public for exactly this reason. Which is to sell Parker, offload a player who's salary is higher than most, without losing face in front of West Ham's fans.
    Parker will now be interested in what Spurs can offer, and will probably seek a move to Spurs by forcing West Hams hand by asking for a move. West Ham save on the transfer fee paid to Parker, get shot of him and are then made to look the innocent party and us the villians, all by making this public when it need not have been.


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