“You can’t please everyone” – Spurs star hopes documentary will show players in a good light

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Dele Alli is hopeful that Amazon’s behind the scenes documentary of Tottenham’s 2019/20 season will help humanise footballers and show fans that they care deeply about the results.

The midfielder features heavily in the first three episodes of the documentary which were released on Monday, with Jose Mourinho even calling him out for being ‘lazy’ in training soon after arriving at the club (The Sun).

The England international, like some of his teammates, is seen having some fairly candid moments in the documentary.

Dele admitted that having the cameras around felt strange at the start but soon became used to their presence.

He told The Evening Standard: “It was strange at the start. It took a little bit of getting used to, but I think after time you just forgot about it. Obviously the cameras were everywhere, but at the same time that all became part of the game.

“For me personally, I didn’t really think too much about it, I just tried to be myself at all times.”

The 24-year-old insisted that people have quite an unfair perception of professional footballers.

Alli said: “Being at a club like this and especially being part of the England national team, the media and people like to try and paint a picture of you and what kind of person you are.

“I’ve just been myself, so people will like me or hate me. That’s just life. You can’t please everyone, but hopefully this will show people how hard everyone on the team works and how much it means to us.

“To be honest, I’m not really bothered about what people think of me. I’ll just keep working hard and try to enjoy playing football and doing what I love.”

The Spurs star admitted that last season was an extremely difficult one for him and his teammates and was hopeful the fans will see how much the players cared about doing well for the club.

The midfielder added: “The perception of footballers is a lot different to the reality.

“We are just normal people and I think last season was probably one of the most difficult in terms of changes and having to deal with different things, both personally and as a team.

“It probably isn’t as glamorous as it’s perceived, but I think it will be good for everyone to see that.

“They’ll see how much we go for it. Football is in our hearts. They’ll see that we have to work and how much it means to the players.”

Spurs Web Opinion

Based on the first three episodes, the documentary does a good job of humanising the Spurs stars as well as Jose Mourinho. However, I suspect it is Daniel Levy whose image will be boosted the most as a result of the series. The Spurs chairman is often criticised unfairly (although some criticism is certainly warranted) and this is a good opportunity for him to clean up his image a bit.

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