YOUR VIEW: Who is your Spurs Man of the Match vs Fulham


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Following Tottenham Hotspur’s 0-0 draw at Fulham in the FA Cup quarter final, we want to know who YOUR Spurs Man of the Match is.

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  1. F U # K THOSE LONG BALLS AND F U # K PETER CROUCH… he is comletely useless… When did he last score a goal with his head???? Or produce ANYTHING with those IDIIIIIOTIC headflickons…. He scored for England twice WITH HIS LEGS…He’s not a bad player, Spurs just don’t know how to use him corectly.. Paly the ball on the ground, fast and forward, use the flanks then cut inside, and Bale should finish once in a while…COYS! PS… Harry…if nothing happens, if we don’t score, let someone else try, and give them more than 10 minutes.

  2. GREAVSYE Crouch is missing Lennon and Huddlestone and he does a lot of work of the ball tracking back and passing to our players. This was always going to be hard Woy has is players energised and like he said playing with a high tempo the new word on the block or (———-)to you and me . Why cant Harry use is subs right and why have we got Gudjonhson on loan . Surely Townsend should have been given ten mins .Having said this a draw was a good resultand a good work out for our defence.

  3. RE James Corluka was not shit he is just one of them players who does not have an excellent game BUT does not have a bad one and we need players like him, Gomes, Bale or Palacois for man of the match`

  4. Gomes and Palacios were stellar! Gomes denied 3 attempts which could have changed the outcome. Palacios… well… he was just everywhere. Any play that was broken up, it seemed Palacios was there.

  5. I ‘yOUTUBED’ Gilzean the other evening and was reminded how his headed flick ons were specific,more often than not to the deadly feet of Jimmy Greaves.
    Crouch puts them roughly in the danger area that’s all.
    I suggest that the amiable Peter spends an evening studying Gillie.


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