YOUR VIEW: Who is YOUR Spurs Man of the Match vs Man Utd?


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Following Tottenham Hotspur’s disappointing 3-1 defeat at Manchester United this afternoon, we want to know who YOUR Spurs Man of the Match is.

Which of Harry Redknapp’s side impressed you most?

Leave your vote and comments on the performance, below.

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  1. ledley king was great except for when he got beat by nani on the second goal … why are we giving away so many silly penalties? palacios has been the culprit of that recently when he has played … he needs to work on his challenges

  2. Harry fucked up with the team today !!!
    Palacios was a liability, BAE should never have started right back !!!!
    why change a winning team ????
    Even though I hate saying it…come on Ar2enal1 and come on Birmingham !!!

  3. My only gripe would have been to start at old Trafford with the same formation as Utd. 4-5-1 and had Modric pushing on through the middle – That would have stopped them coming forward but if someone told me beforehand that we would ahve come away with 6 points from these three ganes I would have snatched their hands off – we're all dissapoinnted because of teh last two results. All still in our hands and bring on Bolton!!

  4. to Brownie
    why are you dissapointed because of our last two results..????
    we beat Chelski !!! in our last game ….
    silly billy…

  5. I think we need to play 442 at home and 451 away from home. Let palacios and huddlestone protect the back 4 and modric would be free to pull the strings. If we can then get Lennon back on the right and bale bombing forward on the left. Away from home it would set us up nicely to play on the counter against the better sides.

  6. you could see after 10 mins, wilson wasnt gona be any good today, as in the semi v pompy…he only slows us down, when were attacking..we wer keeping possession very well until wilson got on the ball…utd got into the game as he lost the bal ltoo easily…Modric faded out as utd kept possession, he shud have been moved into the centre and let hudd play the holding role, Bale shudn tbe playing left full if Modricis in frontof him, to open when we lose possession, bale in front of BAE, Modric in the centre with Hudd r Palacios…we had the team to win today , but Harry made a cock up again….

  7. He's dissapointed because he thought we could get all 9 points building up from the 6 we stunningly won.
    yidstar…thats a very cheap shot. He had a bad 1st half for sure but did ok 2nd half. He has had so many good games for us. If we played Kaboul on the left, might hv been worse. Unfortunately, Bentley and Kaboul or BAE makes our rightside look vulnerable. Bentley is seriously lacking in pace. Pitty realy. We got Lennon for next game so things are looking up. Think Harry should just stick Bale upfront and not worry about his defensive abilities at the moment. BAE is good enough cover.

    • kaboul and bently played there against Chelski….solid enough, ..Bale and Bae same on the other flank…if it wasnt going to work , change it then….dont change it before hand needlessly….Modric too isolated on the left, and never goes passed any one out there…always comes inside…Bale starting too deep as a full back…cant be expected to run the length of the field on every attack…

  8. Agree with Teddy S
    we looked fine against Chelski why fuck about with a winning team harry ?
    Hurry up Sandro .. I do not think that Palacios is as good as I thought he was – gives the ball away far too cheaply
    and BAE should NEVER EVER play right back, keep him behind Bale.
    As for Kaboul, he kept Malouda quite the other day … why drop him ?
    P.S I still love you Spurs…just a bit frustrated that's all


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