YOU’RE THE BOSS: Who should start for Spurs vs Man Utd?


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Tottenham travel to Manchester United this weekend looking to maintain their hope of a fourth place finish.

After back-to-back wins against Chelsea and Arsenal, if you were Harry Redknapp, would you make changes to the side?

Wilson Palacios and Aaron Lennon are back after injury and suspension, respectively.  But should they start?

Here’s what we have come up with.  Leave your starting XI’s below.


Corluka* (Kaboul) – Dawson – King – Assou Ekotto

Lennon – Modric – Huddlestone – Bale

Defoe – Pavlyuchenko

* If not fit

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  1. Gomez, King, Dawson, Bale, Palacios,, Bassong, Hud, Lennon, Gudjohnson, Pav, Modric- On the bench, Bently, Kaboul, , Rose, Defoe, Crouch, Walker, BAE

  2. Difficult one. U left out wilson.. i think he’ll probably be included and put modric on the left with bale moving back in diffence. dont forget utd will probably play with 5 in the middle.

  3. Gomes, Corluka/Kaboul, Dawson, King, Ekotto

    Bentley, Thud, Palacios, Bale



    Lennon and Defoe to come on for last 20 mins. Or early if required

  4. This team will win other teams will draw Gomes King Dawson Bassong Eotto Lennon Palacios Huddlestone Modric Bale Defoe Yes King instead of Kaboul and Bale for Pav he is our inform striker .



    • Completely agree – Keep a winning team. The only change I would consider is swapping Corluka (if fit) for Kaboul. Keep Wilson in reserve, and hopefully see Lennon and Bale rip Neville and Evra to bits in the last 20 minutes, and make sure Crouch doesn't start.

  6. how can u leave Palacios out??

    for this game only:

    palacios dawson king BAE
    bentley/lennon modric hudders bale

    palacios to strengthen against evra and co
    king back, and a massive player. although do like bassong.
    modric prefers playing from deep. better there than behind lone striker.
    gudjohnsen behind pavlyuchenko to shore up our midfield, and link up well.
    tough one but would drop defoe in favour of the other two technical, bigger players to cause united more problems.

  7. Gomes



  8. Bale at left back? No way. He's been amazing on the left wing so don't change. We want him to get at Neville and that is easier to do on the left wing.

  9. Stick with what’s been working to start with. I see no reason to change it – there will be plenty of opportunity to bring on Sgt. Wilson and The Flyer early in the 2nd half if needed:

    Kaboul Dawson Bassong/King BAE
    Bentley Hudd Modric Bale
    Pav Defoe

  10. Why change a winning team, same 11 for me as against Chelsea. Keep Palacios on the bench with King, Crouch, Lennon + Jenas joining them hopefully, so some nice game changing otpions if need be to bring on. kaboul whilst not ideal has done a job for us in the last two games. I think this wont be a game for the purists, get up and at em and see if we can ride out the onslaught of the Utd machine and nick a goal somewhere.

  11. agree totaly with daveray…bring on lennon as an impact player when man utd are tired..unless losing then put him on earlier….if winning wilson comes on to secure midfield as hes better defensively than hud

  12. Bale has to be a left winger now for always, he is just too good to be put in defence and dopey Neville will be skinned for 90 minutes hopefully. Back 4 of Akotto, King if fit, Dawson, Kaboul or Corluka if fit at right back. Midfield of Bale, Hudd, Luka + Bentley. Gudjohnsen and Pav upfront. Probably not a game for Defoe who will be marked all the time, needs a wiley old fox like Gudjohnsen to give us movement. Oh and Octopussy in goal obviously. Then unleash the speedster who has been sorely missed and let him go, corr what a prospect the welsh wizzard and the lightning rod on the other flank.

  13. modric is not a left footer so whats the problem with playing him on the right

    gomes, kaboul, dawson, King, modric, Palacios, Hudd, Bale, Defoe, Pav

    Leave lennon to do damage in last 20 if needed

  14. Never, never, ever change a winning formation. Stick to the first eleven that had scalped ar2enal & shellvee. After the one hour mark, then change accordingly.

  15. Harry doesn't play a 5 man MF, so why people are suggesting it is beyond me. Yes, it would probably suit Spurs better, but it's not the way of the HR. Corluka is injured, so I'm guessing he won't play. I would start the same XI as against Arsenal, but would replace Defoe with Eidur. Thus, Gomes, Kaboul, Dawson, King, BAE, Hudd, Modric, Rose, Bale, Eidur, Pav. Defoe, and Palacios to come on in the second half and Lennon to ideally get a 15 minute run out. We need to hold our own in MF and attack with pace down the flanks, which will then require ManU's wingers to come back more. Best defense is a good offense, in this case. If it's Bentley and Kaboul, they will attack down the right and we will be exposed. COYS

  16. keep the winning team, and bring lennon on when he is ready to play, the last thing we need is another setback,as we will need him for the decider against citeh, COYS.

  17. Gomes
    Kaboul King Dawson Bale
    Bentley Hudd Palacios Modric
    Pavlyuchenko Defoe

    There is definitely an argument for keeping Benny at left-back, Bale left-wing and putting Modders on the right – but Bentley has been one of our best players for keeping possession in the last two games. When things have a bit frantic in the second halves of the derbies, Bentley was very effective at taking control of the situation and not giving away cheap ball to the oppo, when others around him were losing their heads a bit. Could be invaluable at OT.

    Also, I don’t believe Bale loses much (if any) of his attacking potency coming from full-back.

  18. I can't see Lennon starting a game of this intensity so soon after his recovery,he'll most likely get twenty minutes towards the end of the game.

  19. we should play the same team as the chelsea game, why change the winning team………….but if lennon is fit and ready to play we should start with him instead of bentley……

  20. I agree that there's no point in tinkering too much with the system or the personnel. Keep the team that started against Chelsea and make changes if they are necessary. It was interesting to see our strong midfield performance against them, without the often lumbering presence of Palacios. He seems to be dwelling on the ball a lot lately and getting caught in possession. We can't afford this to happen at Old Trafford or we'll be taken apart. Much too early to bring in Lennon as a starter: save him for later. Stick with 4-4-2….Two strikers will keep their centre backs busy and give their full-backs more to think about, thus allowing our wingers to get forward more. GLORY GLORY……………


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