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With Tottenham looking to continue their unbeaten start to the Premier League campaign on Wednesday evening against Hull City at the KC Stadium, a lot of fans are already debating about what the team should be.

The Spurs faithful are already waiting to see if Ledley King will be fit, and also who will Harry choose in attack.

Have your say below by leaving your Spurs starting eleven.

Here’s what we have come up with:-


Hutton – Bassong – Corluka – Assou Ekotto

Lennon – Palacios – Huddlestone – Modric

Pavlyuchenko – Defoe

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  1. Good team, but I would replace Hutton with Naughton, and Pavlychenko with Crouch. Being away from home we will rely on setpieces, so Crouch would be better than Pav. I think Naughton deserves a chance as he looked good pre-season and is better defensively than Hutton.

  2. I agree with that, great line-up. I fancied starting with Pav too, to say ‘go-on, justify your selection’. Might just play Naughton instead of Hutton but I think that’s about it.

  3. OK, let’s not get complacent, Hull will be giving it all. It’s up North and it’s long way from home.

    Hutton hasn’t been right since his return from injury and he was on a Scots team that were whipped recently so..


    Naughton – Charlie – Bassong (he’s left footed) – BAE

    Lennon – Hudd – Sgt Wilson – Modders

    Defoe – Chenko

  4. Hudd for JJ
    and hope to god King’s fit.

    And I’d play Naughton for Hutton

    Naughton Bassong Corluka Assou-Ekotto
    Lennon Palacios Jenas Modric
    Pavlyuchenko Defoe

    Keane 60/70min sub.

  5. Gomes

    If King is not healthy I agree with moving Corluka in with Bassong and Hutton on the right.

    PS: what is going on with Dos Santos and Bale? Are they injured?

  6. looks right……holding as much possesion as poss and physical……possibly set play crouch last 15 for winner…
    think huddlestone is important in this one….first test for the away side…to sort itself..and deal with hull effectively

  7. GOMES, HUTTON, CORLUKA, BASSONG, ASSOU, HUDD, MODRIC, PALACIOS, BENTLEY, CROUCH, PAV. Get the aerial crosses in and cause their defence a nightmare with our height up front, bring Defoe + Lennon on as subs to burn them up with pace and finnish the game off! I say give Bentley another chance, sometimes players react well under adversity – he certainly owes us.

  8. The line-up is quite good except that I would choose Naughton instead of Hutton and Crouch instead of Pav to start.It would be highly desirable to have Keane to make a start as well just behind Defoe and Crouch but who would he replace in the midfield? I have my doubts about Gomes after his blunder in giving a penalty away stupidly in our match but let him be warned that if he continues making those errors of judgment, he will be replaced.

  9. Gotta say I like the idea of giving Bentley some time in this one.. It’d be nice to see him slinging some balls onto The Robot’s head! (he’d have to play on the right though).

  10. To be honest I would really like to see pavlo start this match, but since its Hull away (and we all remember the “air battle” last year I think its best to start with crouch.

    Spurs Norway

  11. King should be rested for bigger matches!

    Naughton Corluka Bassong Assou-Ekotto
    Lennon Palacios Huddlestone Modric
    Crouchie Defoe

    Keane should sit this one out for missing ALL 3 good chances!

    I am still dissapointed that we loan out Dos Santos. Why even bother buying young players if we are not ready to give them a chance.

  12. Gomes
    Chimbonda, Corluka, Bassong, Ekkoto
    Lennon, Hudds, Palacios, Modric
    Defoe, Pavy

    Chimbonda walks all over naughton in respect of quality and experiance and we just need to focus on a good start not school boy errors

  13. I would give a few others a go just to keep the team on there feet.
    Gomez (only just)
    Hutton Corluka Bassong Assou
    Lennon Hudd Sgt. Wilson Dos Santos
    Pav Defoe

  14. No point starting Defoe in away matches, it’ll be like playing with 10 men. I’d go with what you have above but Keane instead of Defoe, especially as Keane will drop back and provide extra cover for the milk float Tom Hudd.

  15. Isnt’t it about time KEANE was taken out of the front line. The bloke is STILL a disaster – I wonder where we would have been with a half-decent striker over the years…

  16. How about something really exciting

    Hutton – Bassong – Corluka – BAE
    Lennon – Palacios – Modric
    Crouch – Pavlyuchenko

  17. My XI:

    BAE, Bassong, Corluka, Hutton
    Modric, Palacios, Hudd, Lennon
    Pav, Keane

    I prefer the pairing of Pav and Defoe but without Ledley on the pitch, it wouldn’t be smart to leave our captain out of the squad.


  18. This would be my team away cudicini huttom corluka Bassong chimbonda —– lennon palacios huddlestone bentley pavlychenko croutch second half lennon pal hudds moderic keane for hudds and defoe for pav score 4-0 to spurs pav croutchy keane defoe

  19. Gomes
    Ekotto Corluka Bassong Naughton
    Modric Huddlestone Palacios Lennon
    Pav Keane

    second half sub
    crouch – pav
    defoe – keane
    dos santos – lennon

    i want huddlestone and palacios more
    game together for better understanding

  20. lol!palacios modric lennon the hud and seb r also a not a fan of crouch,but lets just see how he plays with defoe.and im sticking with gomes all the way


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