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With Tottenham looking to continue their unbeaten start to the Premier League campaign on Sunday afternoon against West Ham United at Upton Park, a lot of fans are already debating about what the team should be.

The Spurs faithful are already waiting to see if Ledley King will be fit to return, and also who will Harry choose in attack.

Have your say below by leaving your Spurs starting eleven.

Here’s what we have come up with:-


Corluka – Bassong – King – Assou Ekotto

Lennon – Palacios – Huddlestone – Modric

Keane – Defoe

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  1. yep correct choice on this selection….

    west ham defence has to be undone…..this is a derby game so will be hard fought….

  2. It’s got to be the side that started against Liverpool, with the exception of Gomes…


    Obviously with the other two strikers on the bench and i’d like to see Pav get the nod ahead of Crouch if things aren’t going to plan.
    Even if Jenas is fit I think Huddlestone needs to play to get that extra bit of creativity…

    2-0 spurs with Defoe and Modric on the scoresheet….can’t wait COYS

  3. No don’t keep the same team. Everything is forgettng they are humans and humans tend to get tired? It happened to Aston Villa playing the same team all season then second half they got tired.

    We need to freshen it up and mix it around. Not the whole squad just a 1 player or 2 every few games to freshen them up.

  4. This line-up seems alright but depending on the run of play,
    Crouch or Pav should have a go early in the second half or even before if things do not go our way.

  5. Cudicini
    Hutton – Bassong – King – Assou Ekotto
    Lennon – Palacious – Huddlestone – Modric
    Defoe – Keane

    No one really deserves to be dropped, if some of the lads are tired tho, it’d be no harm to give one or two of the other lads a go cos they’d be eager to impress with the form we’re in

  6. I would definately go with:

    Corluka – King – Bassong – Ekotto
    Lennon – Huddlestone – Palacios – Modric
    Keane – Defoe

    I would like to see harry put Giovani on the bench, we can have 7 subs so why not Pav, Crouch, Keeper, Bentley, O’hara, Giovani, Hutton.

    I think Naughton isn’t likely to play Harry could have given him a run when we were 4-1 but he didn’t, so swap Naughton for Giovani, and give him 20 mins per week, if Lennon or Modric get injurred we will have no cover and he has been in excellent form for Mexico.
    What do you all think?

    I agree with Vito but not starting new players, just 60 mins in make 2 subs if we are winning.

  7. Is gio back in england yet?? And why r people sayin hutton over corluka… Hutton is terrible hes constantly losing the ball. I think even
    chimbo’s a much better RB than him

  8. West Ham will not give us the time and space Hull did. Huddlestone has shown on numerous occasions that when the midfield battle hots up he vanishes. If Jenas is fit I would play him instead. Obviously King should play if fit. The only question is over right back, I’m not really sure whether Hutton or corluka is the better choice, nice problem to have.

  9. When others are scoring I love Keane in the lineup cuz god knows he can’t finish most good opportunities (header yesterday was a sitter). So keep em in the starting 11 until we need some late firepower. Corluka is miles better than Hutton as far football intelligence and feeding the little guy goes. Besides that the midfield is clicking on all cylinders with a mix of hard tackles, runs and precise passing.

  10. Keane offers alot as a link between the midfeild and defoe and works great with modric … his finishing will come but as it is he is still an intergral part of the team, think we should also show a bit of faith in pav, maybe give him a run against donny?? corluka is much better than hutton, he was awesome agianst pool. anyway quality performance … COYS!

  11. Derby match need experience player for this one,



  12. azzrin 84- palacios **… And gomes is injured. Would go for your side with the exception off cudicini for gomes, and crouch for keane. Depending on how the games going, throw keane on early 2nd half and give pav a late run out. Would start keano and pav against dony, and would also start bentley, o’hara, gio, bale, and kyle naughton.

  13. Same again but King for Corluka with Hutton ar Right back.

    Obviously Cudicini for Gomes.

    Like to see Pav on as sub before Crouch.

    Keep a winning team


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