5 players Tottenham should sell this summer

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As the World Cup approaches, so does the traditional pre-season mania of who’s going where, how much for and why. Some clubs will have their chequebooks ready, others will be hoping they slip unnoticed under the radar and keep their highly rated assets for another year.

As Spurs are currently managerless, establishing targets for purchase or sale for the coming season is very much a grey area.

Players will not sign for a club with no manager or one who is not hanging around (see the chaos this caused at Fulham regarding Meulensteen, then Magath and the acquisition of Olympiakos striker Kostas Mitroglou), whilst those already at a club may be waiting to see who arrives before confirming their next career move.
With this in mind, and based on the earlier announcement from Jan Vertonghen that he is ‘definitely staying’ according to reports, who should the next Spurs manager be thinking of moving on? I have selected five players of my own who I would offer to other clubs.

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  1. I may not be a Spurs fan but I do have an opinion on this.

    I agree with Naughton and Rose, but I would move on Sandro for around £6-10m at least because of the interest in him from several Serie A clubs. I would also look at selling Livermore to make funds for a move for someone else that will be happy to stay at the club as potentially a backup player. Also perhaps Adebayor, big wages which could probably be spent on 2 or 3 players, and a reasonable amount for the transfer if Monaco are genuinely interested as reported.

  2. I'd be looking to sell: Assou-Ekotto (£5m), Livermore (£7m), Capoue (£9m), Rose (£6m), Naughton (£6m), Lennon (£7m), Siggurdson (£8m), Townsend (£7m), possibly Soldado (£15m)…There's a potential treasure chest of around £70m just there. That would easily get Spurs four world class players; a left back, a centre back, a left winger, a striker.

  3. Naughton and Rose should definitely go along with Benoit Assou-Ekotto and we should sign a new RB, LB and CB preferably Micah Richards, Schmelzar from Dortmund and Caulker or Schar from basel and have Walker as the sub RB as he is not a great defender and just has speed. Dawson shouldn't leave as he is the club's captain and is a real team payer and should be a sub possibly and then have Kaboul leave instead as he played woefully this season. Siggurdson should leave as he deserves first team footie and so should Livermore. Lamela and Soldado should stay but i think Chadli and Capoue should be sold

  4. Rose should go as he has reached the peak of his very limited potential. Siggy too as although he is a fine player he faces too much competition in a crowded midfield and deserves more regular appearances elsewhere. The other three I would keep – Naughton is improving as a right back and offers better defencive qualities than Walker. Dawson may not be quick but has the heart of a lion and is still very important to us. Capoue is well worth keeping as an improving defensive/holding midfielder. My other three sales would be Lennon, who is well past his best, has always had a poor final ball and has a poor goal record so cash in while he still has a value. Walker, whilst fast, is brainless and a defensive nightmare who too often leaves our right side open when he his chasing up the wing thinking he is Bale. As a young English player he will command a good price. Livermore is never going to make the grade and again should be sold for a decent price. Get in a decent left back, another striker and we are sorted!

  5. Why limit it to 5? As well as the ones you mention, Livermore will probably be sold, Carroll will perhaps stay at QPR now they are promoted, Lennon can go as well as Chiriches. I'd perhaps keep Daws but only as 4th choice CB. I'd sign 4 players, LB, CB, winger and striker.

  6. Wholesale changes required and as previously mentioned why stop at 5 Chadli, Adebeyor, Kane,Lennon, Livermore and what has happened to Kaboul would any of these play for a top 4 team. Worst spurs team I've seen for years forget the holding midfielders and let's start playing decent football again.

  7. I would look at it from the point of view of who would I keep. Obviously Lloris, who should Captain the team, Walker (with guidance) Ventonghen ( with guidance) Fryers, as a back four player, Sandro, Dembele, Paulinho, Capoue, Holtby, Ericcson, Bentaleb, Chadlii, Lamela with guidance from Fellow Argentinian, Pochettino.

  8. So four out of those five are homegrown players…could you please enlighten me as to where we’ll replace them with other homegrown players to fulfil our quota??

    • A fair point Jim. We'll still have Kane, Carroll, Walker, Lennon, Townsend and potentially Livermore. I would also hope the new manager corrects last year's error and signs at least one or two English players with Premier League experience.

  9. I agree that rose,naughton, siggy , Lennon, should be sold as rose and naughton are championship players siggy deserves first team football at palace maybe and Lennon hasn't pushed on been very average as for players coming in I'd like to see ash cole Micah Richards lalanna , lukaku COYS!

  10. The whole discussion about which player to buy and sell seems totally random at the moment. That's because the hierarchy at the club do not have a playing strategy and style. Once we have a clear idea of what football to play, then the composition of the team can be determined and this will help to establish which players do not fir that style and what gaps to fill with new ones. Sadly, Mr. Levy, with whom the buck stops, does not have the credentials to do this and. instead, uses players as assets for "trading" to make a profit. He would rather be advised to make the club successful by winning trophies – the Club (of which I have been a supporter for over 55 years) lacks ambition and vision and that is the sole failing of that hierarchy of Chairman and Owner. No season ticket for me with that lot in charge!

  11. Stupid article and stupid comments. The main problem last season was AVB playing a negative style of football which didn't make any sense considering how much had been invested in attacking talent and Sherwood not being the right man to manage a squad of international players trying to settle into a new league and country. Inverting wingers and playing central midfielders out wide meant that players on the wing tended to drift into the centre and our full backs had to push up way too often given the high defensive line we were playing – we were tactically naive and exposed by teams with pace who could get in behind and managers with enough tactical nouse to see the flaw in the way we set up.

    Both Rose and Naughton can function effectively in a more conventional back 4 and could both be good squad players getting regular action in the cups, Europa League (which we should be trying to win) and the odd PL game when we need to rotate.

    The only player I really question is Dawson who lacks pace and doesn't seem to read the game well enough to compensate or organise the back 4 but he could be a Vermalen who is still club captain whilst not playing regularly???

    • Yes AVB's tactics were, as at Chelsea, naïve, but they were in contrast to Sherwood's idea of a more attacking approach. Either way some of these players couldn't adapt to it, neither manager seemed to want some of these players (eg Capoue or Chadli), for which there must be a reason. As for Rose and Naughton, I feel that they have perhaps reached their limited potential and our aims require greater ability than either of those can offer.

  12. 1. Michael Dawson 2. Danny Rose 3. Lennon (never thought I’d ever say that) 4. Kaboul 5. Capoue/Siggurdson
    (Get Jay Rod and or Lalana to replace these two)

    With a center half who’s 50% of what Ledley was, The general poor defending of Walker can be accommodated. Naughton is very suspect and if we could get Richards in I’d sell. I’d even have a bash at at Ahley Cole (never thought I’d say that either).

    not withstanding the fact that we could probably do with the most important piece of that jigsaw being completed first though, the manager.


  13. I am frustrated by all the talk of selling players which is absolutely correct after the last 12 months chaos but please tell me there must be at least one spurs fan that agrees with me that a top quality striker and it could not be any worse if he was the current top striker in?? 2nd division has been desperately,desperately needed for the last 3 years. Spurs hierachy,Managers,Coaches and senior players have not known this or could not achieve it. Is the future any brighter??

  14. I disagree with Rose, Naughton and Siggy. Rose was looking like a decent little lleft back under AVB, but as with the rest f the defence has been poor under shitwood, Naughton, like Rose, is homegrown and is a decent back up to walker, we should only let him go if he demands first team football. Sigurdsson is player Ive thought a lot about, he lacks pace on the wings a bit and lacks the control to play a compressed central role but he is a great finisher and if he started 90mins every game for a season would probably return 10 to 20 goals per season and about 10 assists, as an attacking utility player, its great to have someone like Siggy on the bench.

    I would get rid of Dawson (hes just awful), Capoue (surplus to requirements since Bentaleb came up), Lennon (pure shit and getting worse), Livermore (also surplus to requirements). I'd also send Holtby on loan to Villa for a season to prove himself with better players in front of him).

    I would bring back Caulker (to replace Dawson and then bring in Quintero – Spurs have top players but need a top playmaker. I think Pochettino will do well if he can get a playmaker or get eriksen working as one…

  15. From your list, I'd only let Capoue go because he seems like a whiner. Siggy is a good sub but needs more than a good shot against the top 5 teams. I would have Chadli first on the list.

  16. Next manager must instil the fear factor in the under achieving players. I am sick to death of the spurs have a corner and up come Dawson,Kaboul and various midfield,defenders who do not have the slightest intention of risking their pretty little mugs anywhere near the ball loathe him if you must terry has guts and often gets the results. Too many spurs players are allowed to swan along at their own pace (Aaron) time for serious change in attitude.

  17. bottom line is the english player we have cannot make the english team and whilst its the EPL, we here to win not to baby sit .
    lennon for years a a winger gets like 2 goals a season and has one or 2 great performances. VERDICT : SELL HIM
    DAWSON, Apart from Richard Dunne who is the all time premier league OWN GOAL SCORER, dawson makes too too many mistakes.
    LIVERMORE, is average and so is HULL its why he looked good , VERDICT :SELL HIM.
    ROSE AND NAUGHTON: they dont need a reason they just rubbish. SELL THEM.
    In the Mid , BENTALIB, sherwoods downfall. He is so UNDER AVERAGE ITS SCARY, I can play better than him, ALL HE DID ALL SEASON WAS GIVE AWAY THE BALL IN VITAL PLACES ( THE NORWICH GAME ) SOUTHAMPTON GAME, the list is endless.
    strikers, I WOULD GIVE SALDADO one more season purely on his PRICE TAG AND we will never get 30M for him.
    ADE sell while he is marketable.

  18. I think you all should sit down and look at what potencial these players have in them I think my 5 are bentaleb,accotto,siguardsen,kane,and naughton.there are more but we need to plan for now not the future yes kane scored a couple towards the end but look at him at Norwich and qpr nothing he is a championship player we need to kick off with a bang and hope lamella comes good next term we have lost to many top players in the past 5 years vdv,bale,modric,defoe,carrick,bebertov,so sell the dead wood and sign el sharwie and aubabinyang we need pace

  19. I agree with Rose, Dawson and Naughton but Capoue looks like a real talent to me. His season was heavily affected by injury but he has the potential to be Sandro without the histrionics and with better passing. I also have a soft spot for Sigurddson, especially his knack of popping up with useful goals. With his energy and good pressing he may suit Pochettino.


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