A day of celebrations and reflection

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I didn’t know what to expect for this match. We were in the Final of the Champions League and pretty secure for a top four spot (we had to lose by eight goals not to make it). After thrashing Everton 6-2 at their ground over Christmas they had improved as a team, so I thought they were up for it. Instead, we got the first goal, they got the second and third, and then we equalised with an Eriksen goal. Pretty mundane stuff from both teams really, and we had more important fish to fry. But it was a glorious day (including weather wise) to celebrate.

I left at 9.30 in the morning and was going to a new parking area in Tottenham, or to be more precise, near the ground. I was given a parking permit. Whether I get it for next season, I will have to wait and see. But because of where I parked it was easier on my leg for me to get to the stadium, not only that but it made it easier to pop into the Spurs shop, do some shopping and then put my goods straight in the car. And that is what I did.

The doors opened at 10 am. I purchased some clothes and souvenir items of the Champions League final (mugs, shirts etc.). After that I popped into Sainsbury’s for a cup of tea, then it was time for me to go into the stadium (the doors opened at 12).

This was the final day, a day to say bye to friends I’ve made (until next season, or maybe the Champions League final in Madrid). It was a day to thank the hospitality staff for all they had done for us. All that and glorious sunshine.

Through the doors, security checks and up the escalators to the hospitality lounge. Met up with Steve and Terry, then we were eventually joined by Mel, Colin, Jeff, Beverley and a few others. The talk was mainly about the final, City/ Liverpool and how we will fair against Everton.
Finally, we went to our seats.

I must say that the Everton supporters were in fine voice, they were singing “We are going to have a party when Spurs lift the cup”. They hate Liverpool. You could also hear them cheer every time City scored. We didn’t have to check our phones to see how the title race was doing as their cheering told us everything. However, we did check our phones to see how the other teams were progressing.

We sealed fourth-place as we ended our campaign with a draw against Everton. We knew a point was enough to secure us one of the Champions League places for a
fourth successive season, but we did miss the opportunity to record back-to-back third-place finishes as Chelsea were held by Leicester.

Eric Dier capitalised on poor Everton defending to open the scoring after just three minutes as he was given ample time and space to convert Erik Lamela’s corner. When that goal went in we jumped for joy. Maybe that glumness, I had envisioned, wasn’t going to appear. But then Everton recovered and got back on track from their slow start, but took until the 69th minute to level through ex-Arsenal Theo Walcott’s goal. Cenk Tosun put Everton ahead three minutes later. By then we were starting to think that it was going to be there day, and not ours. But Christian Eriksen popped up with an excellent free-kick after 75 minutes. Which earned us the point we required. The motto there is, never be pessimistic, think positive until the very end.

At the end of the day, we needed to do no more. Whether Chelsea or we were third didn’t really make that big a difference (don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to have finished third, but it wasn’t to be). The whistle finally went and a big cheer went up. I made a mad dash to the hospitality lounge for a few cakes (before they all went) and back to my seat for the celebrations. First up, Tottenham’s “goal of the season” award, which was won by Son. Then we had the “player of the season” award and that was won, also, by Son. A very popular figure at Spurs. Son wasn’t playing that day because of his red card from the Bournemouth game, but he was there to collect his awards.

After the awards came the walk around from the players, manager, coaching staff and all the other hangers-on. First out was Harry Kane, he got a loud cheer, as all the others did.

Then after an acceptable time, we made our way to the lounge and drinks, chats etc. The hospitality ladies joined us: Kristine & Stephanie for a chat. About 4.50 pm it was time to go. We all said our byes and made our way to our respective destinations. I got home at about 9ish because of road works.

So there you have it, all over bar the Champions League final, then we wait until the new season with, hopefully, new players replacing those that are warn out, or have gone as far as they can go.

Let us just say congratulations to City for beating Liverpool to the title, and let us thank United and Arsenal for their poor performance for keeping them in the Europa league for one more season (unless Arsenal should beat Chelsea in the Europa Final). Chelsea were the one bugbear in the ointment. But I suppose you can’t have everything.

Cardiff, Fulham and Huddersfield relegated.


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