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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

I thought I would give my two pennies worth about the delays… As the good readers of Spurs Web will know, the next four matches will be at Wembley.

According to reports, there are still problems over specific safety systems. Which means that our matches against Watford (January 30), Newcastle (February 2), Leicester City (February 9) and the Champions League last 16 first leg match against Borussia Dortmund on February 13 will all be played at Wembley.
The fans – ok, not all of them, but a significant number – have shown apathy towards Wembley, and with dwindling attendances, this means that the Premier League have all been given category C pricing and set at the 51,000 attendance cap. The Dortmund match is category B, and is expected to be a full capacity fixture, while any potential fifth round home FA Cup tie would also be played at Wembley.

Of course, I would have loved to have moved into the new stadium at the beginning of this season, one season at Wembley was more than enough for me. When that season finished our hearts were set in moving to the new stadium, then the announcement was given it would be delayed, and our first game would be against Liverpool. That new home match didn’t materialise, and then expectations were before Christmas, Christmas came and went, and January was suggested, followed by February and now March.

Even though I am disappointed I am not heartbroken as I know those things happen and I would follow my club to wherever I have to (as I have already done; Wembley & Milton Keynes and of course away matches, including aboard). Wembley is actually nearer for me than White Hart Lane, and as I have accessible parking, I park at my cousins in South Ruislip and get home at a decent time, I am quite happy to live with it. But eventually, the time will come where I will have to find parking and make that extra half hour journey to our new citadel. Of course, I am a bit luckier than some as I am a Premium member and will be able to get there earlier and park up before the mad rushers get to the ground with minutes to spare. Then afterwards a one or two-hour sit down/ rest in the comfortable dining areas that have been provided for us (including tea, coffee, soft drinks and food). When we feel it is safe to leave then a leisurely stroll to where my car will be parked or the tube station (without the crush).

Tottenham (N17) has been my second home since the 60s, and it will continue that way until my death, incapacitation, a war of the worlds or I rise to a higher plane of existence. Of course, at the moment I am quite happy to stay put and enjoy my team play away (home), sooner than later that enjoyment will be in our new stadium, and those hiccups will just be a passing memory, something to go in the Spurs history books. So, that is my take on the Wembley/ Tottenham fiasco (that is the fiasco of the builders, not Levy/ Spurs).

So, when do I reckon our first home match will be at the new stadium? We currently have two home matches in March; one is the north London derby on March 2 and another all-London clash with Crystal Palace on March 16. Against Arsenal could be too much of a headache for the authorities and police, so I shall go for Palace; unless of course more problems are uncovered and we move a bit further along until we hit April. If we go any further than that, then the question will be asked; is it worth it for a month?

Some will agree, some will criticise, but whatever our thoughts are on the subject, we shall continue wearing the Spurs Cockerel close to our hearts.

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  1. If the ground is as ready for the Arsenal match as it will be for Palace the I see no reason why we should not play the Arsenal game there. It can not be beyond the wit of man to police the match adequately, both in and outside the stadium. Are we saying ,having built a £1bn stadium, that we can’t use it for fear of hooligans? Get real !!

    • I agree with you (“Get Real”), however, that is what the authorities have been saying over the Arsenal game. Being the first match they fear that things could get out of control and that they are thinking of a less high profile game to start with. According to them, it is about logistics. I’ve even spoken to people within Spurs who have concerns. Personally: I think a high profile game would be better for us. Whatever way, the match will be historic and a game to remember. Glenn


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