Are Spurs going to finish in the top four?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Not if they play their remaining two fixtures like they did yesterday.

How can Mauricio Pochettino pick Erik Lamela over Lucas Moura? Along with thousands of Spurs fans, I’ve been expecting Pochettino to give Moura a start, I said in my match preview, that I didn’t want to see Lamela play, and that Moura could be a thorn in WBA’s side if he started.

It didn’t happen, and Lamela had a shocker, Pochettino brought on Moura too late, even so, he made an immediate impact with his speed, but he should have started the game.

Another player I really don’t understand who was in the line-up, was Danny Rose, he’s been hopeless this season, and that together with his supposed transfer to Manchester United, at the end of the season, means his selection for this massive game, was a complete mystery to me. Needless to say, he had another bad game, and consequently he didn’t contribute to Spurs attacks as another choice of wing-back would have done.

The final result didn’t reflect the dominance of Spurs, but it’s the same old problem, not taking their chances, and selecting one or two players who have not been performing well recently.

I am really worried that Spurs are going to ‘blow’ their remaining two results, against Newcastle United and Leicester City, they need to kill those two games off in the first half, or it’s going to be a nerve racking time for all concerned !

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  1. Seriously it beats me. Lucas is a far more superior player than Lamela but he is consistently being left on the bench citing lack of pre-season training. Does the week in week out training not count for anything? Muricio just wants to pick his country man ahead of a better talent.

    • When I said, selecting one or two players who haven’t been performing lately, I included Kane, though not by name.

      • Kane will come good again. His goal scoring stats look kinda skewed as he has often scored hat tricks which make him look like he scores every other game. He does not unfortunately.

  2. Spurs have never done well (at least in recent memory) with “bus parking” teams. However, we created very little up front yesterday, right? I was glad to see Toby playing again and hope that Spurs get his contract stuff sorted out (although that seems unlikely). I was not a fan of Lamela for a long time, then he seemed to get a little better but recently is back to his normal “running around like a chicken with his head cut off” mode. From the little I have seen of Moura so far, I would much prefer to see him play than Lamela. When Moura came on, I thought it would be Lamela going off and not Dele. Dele did not have a good game yesterday either but was playing better IMO.

  3. To me, Zaha is too expensive (if the transfer figures quoted for him are correct). He doesn’t justify that much outlay. Supposedly on 120K/week at Palace? If Spurs will NOT up Toby’s wages then I cannot see how they would sign Zaha.

    Shaqiri…not sure about him…seems kinda “streaky” performance wise to me.

  4. The team without Harry win games , and even play better. ( the bridge for instance) you can’t wait for Kane to find his form any longer with 2games to go, So you know what to do Mauricio ,top 4 is all we have left to save the season. It’s your call.

  5. I concur with the majority of fans. If we lose our CFL place then blame lies squarely at the doors of Poch and Levy. Team selection has been extremely poor the last few games. Toby should have been in long ago whilst Lucas must have been wondering what he has to do to get selected. We have a sadly out of form front quartet
    which is further compounded with including out of form Rose to make matters worse. Now we have no “wriggle room” we are stuck with hoping we can beat Newcastle and Leicester, usually a given. Particularly as neither team have much to play for. For this team to take this alarming dip in form is almost unbelievable giving cause to think something else is going on behind the scenes. If Levy does not realize that signing players on the cheap is a waste of time then this team is doomed. They need some seriously good talent to compete next season given City will be again spending mega amounts.

  6. If Spurs want to finish in the top four, the manager should not select Lamela, Sissoko or Aurier (not even on the bench). Instead, Lucas Moura should start.

    The other thing that we need to do is to pray for Newcastle and Leicester not using “bus parking” tactics in the two remaining games. The clueless manager Pochettino doesn’t know how to deal with it.

  7. I wonder how Lucas Moura feels when absolute shite like Coco ‘twinkle toes’ Lamela plays regularly before him. I mean, I would have been better off staying at PSG, at least they win trophies, Right?
    If a World Cup year is not enough to get Danny Rose out of 1st gear, what is?
    Harry Kane is having the 1st genuine slump in form since bursting onto the scene, I’ll cut him some slack, but Poch you surely need to get your head out your ass and bench him, he is not 100% ffs.

    Why do all managers in the league wait until 60min to make a substitution? If a player is having a mare, then get him the hell off!!! They are not machines and do suffer losses of form, surely in-game management is what they get tons of $$$ for.

    I fear for our last 2 fixtures, Rafa is a “park the bus” manager. Puel probably will do the same, so we are up for another 180 min of side to side drivel with Poch shit selection and even worse substitutions.

    Season please get over and done with…..Please let us be in Top 4.

    • Even worse than Lamela, by far, is “Yoko”. I surely hope he leaves this summer. Total waste of space.

      If MoPo were “done” as another article suggests…then we go go through yet another manager who wants “his own” players in?


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