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Dom Le Roy

So the inevitable bombshell has dropped and Tim has been sent packing. The onus now is for the club to secure a new appointment with an eye on the future. The only problem is, why does this chapter feel so much like a place we have been in our past?

How many false dawns have we witnessed as fans? How many appointments were supposed to usher in the glory days back to the lane? How often have we been left underwhelmed by
disappointment? We are on the precipice of another era, let’s hope the top brass at the top make the right move in their managerial search.

An opinion is like a nose, everyone’s got one. Not least when it’s on the subject of who should fill the hotseat vacated by Sherwood. It goes without saying the man that’s chosen needs to be the right one. What’s more is he will need to be given time and also realistic expectations to work with. We all love the club but we cannot escape the fact which is, we are a developing club. Not an established one. Our track record and achievements compared with the top teams in the country would not hold water. The man coming needs space and time to assemble a team with the right graft and craft. If the media rumours doing the rounds are to be believed, then Pochettino is at present the man most likely coming our way. I would not be too disappointed with that. Especially if that results with a few of his Southampton players joining us down the line.

Frank De Boer would be my first choice though. A man with the gravitas and winning mentality to impart to the players. Think of what players he could help us sign from Ajax’s famed academy. Vertonghen and Eriksen would welcome the chance to work again with their former boss. I would not mind seeing his brand of Total Football. Especially in a season that has seen total capitulations against top teams.

Whoever the chosen one is, and I use the word chosen advisedly, (I hope you haven’t forgotten what happened to the last ‘chosen one’) we need to support and get behind the team. Make the lane a fortress and turn on full volume for the team. I mean if Crysal Palace fans can rock their ground to the point where playing there becomes almost untenable (ask Liverpool and Chelsea who dropped vital points there!) then I am sure we can do it too.

With the World Cup a few weeks away and the transfer window about to open, it looks like it could be a really interesting transfer window. This could be a fiesty season. I hope you have buckled in your seat belt for this new adventure we are on because you may just need it.

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  1. Never dull being a Spurs fan! FDB, Rafa or Poch for me in that order. Though to be fair Poch’s team would probably play the most attractive football.

  2. The problem I see at the moment is we have three people on the short list. Reading numerous blogs, there is definitely a divided opinion amongst the fans and all three have there followers in more or less equal portions. Therefore, if one of the three is selected, two thirds of the fans will already be opposing him and writing hate comments for the rest of the summer. It is also amazing how many people write abot patience and time for a new coach/manager. Unfortunately, most seem to forget this at the first defeat.

    • Blimey mate ,Spurs fans writing hate comments,how could you,jolly nice chaps.Hmmmmmm……..
      Poncho like his football,not his stats.
      de Boer and Rafa = Boredom.
      Anyway we have a manager,the names Levy,Daniel Levy.

  3. "Whoever the chosen one is, and I use the word chosen advisedly, we need to support and get behind the team." – spot on. I see a lot of strong opinions here and elsewhere and I hope the disappointed parties – because whoever's appointed there will be plenty of fans who aren't happy – can do exactly what you say and get give the team their backing.


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