Beware the Ides of Laura Mars

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Spurs were terrible against Man Shitty. The weaknesses of our 2nd string full backs were fully exposed (surely Trippier is second string ?). Also our midfield needs Wanyama and not young Winks. I think Davies and Trippier played out of their skin at the end of last season but against top opposition they struggle. Against weaker opposition teams can hardly contain Ali, Eriksen, Dembele and Harry Kane so that’s where all their (the oppositions) effort goes, thus leaving room for Davies and Trippier to look better than they really are. Davies is poor at defending he really is and Trippier is too – he doesn’t have the speed to recover his position like Kyle Walker did, but at least Trippier can handle the big diagonal cross field ball that always seemed to baffle Kyle Walker ! Get well Broadway…. please !

Poch is only too right when he says we have fallen behind our rivals in the transfer market. We need a new right back, we need a fit Rose (or a new left back) we need someone new in the centre of midfield to create when Eriksen is quiet. We need to offload Sissoko and get Erik Lamela fit (or find a new right sided midfielder). We need a new striker so that when Harry Kane is not a big enough influence we can change it up and Janssen unfortunately doesn’t look up to the task. Put Janssen in a team where he can play regularly and he will be really good. Loan him out so he can get this experience. Reminds me of poor old Darren Bent who came from Charlton but never could find his feet at the Lane because at Charlton he was the Big Fish that took responsibility, but at Spurs he was surrounded by excellence (relative to Charlton !) and he mentally choked. So a new striker too ! While we are being critical Wimmer doesn’t look up to the job and Carter Vickers may be out of his depth, so why don’t we get a new Centre Back too !

Okay in the real world 5 or 6 new players is asking to destroy our continuity so let’s be specific : Vigil Van Dyke would be great for us as a centre back, Alexis Sanchez the ideal attacking midfielder to inject something different into the midfield he can create, score, and runs around like a banshee – he would replace Sissoko and cover for Kane or Eriksen when they are struggling – he is 3 players in one ! Both have premier league experience and are therefore ready to go. Just need a right back !

Oh yes, I did say Sanchez, so Levy will have to realise what we have all known all the time ! We cannot keep great players or attract great players unless we can back it up with wages. Screw the wage structure – £80k a week for Dele Alli is not going to be enough next season and he is on less than that now – that is his new proposed contract !

If we are going to be big and compete year after year with Chelski, Manure and Shitty we need to change the mentality of Levy – otherwise we are just a challenger in the top 4 or 5. The Scum are a team that has done it wrong – let’s not Arse it up ! They needed a striker and some defense last season and Wenger poodled around and effectively alienated Sanchez who is surrounded by mediocrity none of which could not get into our team.

So Daniel Levy Beware the Ides of Laura Mars – that’s a misquote isn’t it ?

Mark Norris

ps I also noted with some dismay that Poch didn’t change the way we were playing to cope with the high press and neither Winks or Dembele could provide the speed or vision to attempt a 3rd person run from midfield…. something else to work on !

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  1. How dare you question the running of THFC,after all we finished 2nd in the league especially as it is acknowledged by all and sundry that we have the best starting 11 in the country.If two or three of them get injured,suspended or even knackered we can fill the ranks with the quality we have in depth as displayed in our tour games.After all the money invested by ENIC in our team under the philanthropic guidance of Mr “money no object”Lewis it is evident that he is protecting his investment so that when the day comes that he can screw every penny out of the prospective buyer he has the welfare of Spurs at heart.

    • You got turned over in pre season you clown, your owner is nothing more than a poor mans Glazer. Only reason you finished 2nd was because Manchester City had an aging defence and under performed, had that not of been the case then Spurs would have been 3rd. You’re certainly not the strongest squad now that’s for sure. While everyone around you have strengthened, your owner has done what exactly, signed who exactly? All he’s done is sell your best right back, and now Poch is trying to save face by claiming Walkers past his best ?

  2. Shitty, is that supposed to be an insult? It’s the mentality of school playground bullshit, Mark Norris, if you are a teenager then you can be forgiven, if not and it turns out that you are in fact an adult then, you need to grow the fuck up. Don’t try pass it off as banter because there’s nothing banter about it. It was invented by Man United fans as an insult, we expect it from them because they have a childish mentality as you all well know. It’s an attack on the Mancunian accent, something very few United fans would know anything about. By all means call us shitty all you want, but it doesn’t make it any more true than Sadiq Khan being Christian. Oh and now you’re going to Censor my comment for saying Shitty, despite the fact your article says Shitty?

    • This comment is even more childish than using silly names for our rivals – we don’t get upset by being Yids that’s who we are ! We own it ! You need to take along look in the mirror buddy !

      • Listen to yourself you DH, don’t you understand plain English. I clearly stated that we don’t care if you label our club Shitty, what part do you find difficult to compute? Well done you for turning racism into a joke, much like Black people calling themselves the N word to pacify it, yet still to this day when any other race or clubs fan use the terms they’re labelled racist. Sorry if you don’t like my answer to your childish and pathetic fanbases labelling, but you’ll just have to suck it up and accept we City fans don’t give a damn.

        • If you don’t give a damn why are you posting ! In any case you misunderstand racism and how to own the words and terms that other people try and insult you with in order to disarm them. But anyway ….. you don’t give a damn.

          • I originally posted to make the statement that we City fans don’t care about this stupid childish labelling, I misunderstand nothing numbnuts, Yid is a racist insult against Jews, your club Spurs were founded by Jews which was originally why you were insulted using the word Yid, that right there is fact. You don’t own shit and you certainly haven’t disarmed anyone. If another clubs fan calls you a yid it’s an insult where you like it or not, whether you want to believe it or not. Besides this Yid conversation has no relevance to my original post, so you brining it up is just pointless. We’re talking about a childish and pathetic not to mention pointless and incorrect attempt to insult our club by labelling the club Shitty as opposed to City. We couldn’t give a shit what you say or think about our club and the only reason I’m here now is to inform you. Now I’ve said my piece, have a nice day.

  3. Clearly Levy is not going to listen – Sanchez would not be allowed to come and Pat Jennings will never be sold to the Gooners !

  4. the article written by mr mark norris was spot on the money. as a man united supporter i can only hope they keep with levy and his transfer fee policy. i encourage norris to keep speaking the truth


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