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It’s no surprise to see Tottenham being linked with a host of players again this summer and it’s even less surprising that the current speculation revolves around a striker.

Probably one of the most important signings the club will make this summer, a striker will definitely take some pressure of the shoulders of the current fan favorite and local hero, Harry Kane.

Though he may thrive upon the challenge that awaits him, there are many fears ringing around the ears of White Hart Lane. Will he or won’t he? Will he mirror his remarkable last season, or will he crumble from the increased pressure and media attention. Another fear that probably hasn’t been highlighted enough is the possibility of Kane tiring or picking up an injury throughout the season.

So with this in mind, Tottenham are desperate to add some much needed quality to their ranks, especially as Harry Kane could soon be the only recognised striker at the club. If the club is to fulfill their dreams of becoming a true premier league force, then they must first build a strike force. Let’s face it, what team has ever won anything with just one striker.

But the real question is, who, who should Tottenham sign?

If you have been following the transfer news this summer, which I’m sure the majority of you have been doing, then you’ve probably made your own preference on who the club should sign. Personally I believe Saido Berahino and Javier Hernandez are the men for us. Both have tremendous scoring records at both club and national level and will be huge assets for the upcoming season.

If you believe the reports both have been linked to the club quite heavily, with Berahino soon to be completed. But after years of rumors, I won’t be getting excited till I see someone holding a Tottenham shirt.

Though it may be unlikely that the club signs two quality strikers, the club are always likely to play a lot of football throughout the season, especially if they can rekindle last year’s cup run, so some depth in this area could prove pivotal. Also the increased competition could assure that Kane doesn’t get comfortable and performs to the highest level, similar to Danny Rose last season.

However like all transfers there are some concerns. If Pochettino looks to stick to the same formation as last season, satisfying the gaming needs of each striker will prove to be very difficult. Most games last season we played with on striker, so what are the chances that one quality striker, let alone two will sit on the bench.

Then again Harry Kane did often play in the number 10 role last season, which could mean a space for any striker we sign. But until the season starts, we cannot be sure of the managers plan. So until that day comes, I guess it’s a couple more weeks of checking whatever transfer gossip can be found.

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  1. Since Redknapp’s last, where he forgot the team from January on, we have had serious motivation problems, and this issue peaked last season.

    Poch has always been a very good motivator, but by the of the season, everyone could see that he had only about 14 players motivated to win. All of the other 25 either had given up and lost their focus. This caused us to have to play with a lone striker.

    This season, Poch has shipped out all of the ones who killed the teams spirit for the last two season, and because of this and the hunger to succeed of the young squad, we are going to have a much better season


    Saido and Harry have already been successful together, and if we get him, I can see Poch playing a tewo striker setup.

    Finally, we have Pritch and Delli both which can add several goals – along other new players, and this will allow our offense to stretch the other teams’ defense.

    All of these positives give me hope for an exciting season ahead!


  2. Having an extra striker will also increase our options making us a different kettle of fish in most games.

    As already mentioned, we can drop Kane into the "hole" and have a trwiker play off him, or play 4-4-2 with Kane and a pacy striker playing as the sharp point, with two holders and two out and out wingers. We could also play with a striker out wide in a 4-2-3-1 who comes inside to support Kane when needed, whilst also providing width a-la Danny Welbeck in his United days. Also means we could play 3-5-2.

    Springing these kinds of surprises either before a game or being able to adapt mid game will help us a lot and could win us extra points.


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