The case for steel

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The season is in full flow and our start hasn’t been the greatest. The performances have been patchy and there have been a few points thrown away. Its not all doom and gloom as there have been some good performances too. The most frustrating thing for me is that at time we have seemed to bottle it – our heads drop too easily, and there are too many passengers. That’s why I believe we need more steel in the team – both mentally and physically.

Currently there are a number of players in the squad who we need more from.  Adebayor – all to often he seems lazy and uninterested. You’re a striker Ade.. the lone striker!  GET IN THE BOX! Far too often hes drifting out wide, or a day late and a dollar short when the ball is played into the box. Lennon – remember when he used to take players on? Hes stopped doing that and that’s why hes not in the side. Then there’s players like Paulinhio and Dembele who are capable but all too often disappear. If you’re just here for the paycheque then don’t bother. Let the gaffer know so that we can give your spot to someone who WANTS to play.
We need to build around the players who WANT to win. Who are hungry for it, and who don’t sulk when things go their way. Players who take their chances.  Harry Kane is an example of this. You don’t hear him pissing and moaning when hes not starting, and when hes on the pitch he gives 100% regardless of who we are playing. He wants to win. He wants the team to do well.  Look at his impact when he came on at Villa. His hunger. His confidence. He even showed a bit of leadership during the fracas with Benteke and co, pulling other more senior players away. Hugo “boss” Lloris is another. Very positive in the press and just as positive on the field. He doesn’t give up, doesn’t drop his head. Pay whatever we can to keep him.Ryan Mason – Given an opportunity and grabbing it with both hands. Always looking for the ball, playing in a positive manner. Tracking back, bombing forward. He’s another player who really seems to play for the badge. He doesn’t shrink from a physical challenge despite not being a big lad, and always looks for the ball. His off ball running is also excellent.  Eric Dier  – playing out of position but doing his best. Yes he let in a shit goal vs Newcastle but his reaction was telling. He kicked the goal post. He was pissed off. He was angry. That’s what we want. We want players who will chase the 50/50 ball, who wont pull out of tackles, who if they lose the ball will get stuck in and try and get it back rather than drop the head. We need players who have a ‘bit of mongrel’ in them. I don’t want to see players hanging out with the opposition in the tunnel smiling and laughing. I want to see players who want to put their foot on the throat of the opposition.  We’ve got too many flash harrys and wastrels on the team at present. We need players willing to put themselves about for the team. Who will run till they drop.  When it comes to scouting and signing players, more emphasis needs to be placed on mentality. Its all well and good to be able to do a bunch of step overs, but what happens when the chips are down? Its time to reward the hungry players with game time, and let those unwilling or unable to put in the effort ride the pine. Build a strong team – mentally and physically. No more passengers.
And for fucks sake learn how to take a damn corner!!

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