DeAndre Yedlin: yes or no?

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Is he or isn’t he joining us (by the time you read this it might be all academic)? I am talking about DeAndre Yedlin. According to some papers the next player to take the football world by storm; well, at least the Americans think that. He is 21 and an American football International, or soccer international; using the American lingo. It was George Bernard Shaw who said England and America are two countries separated by a common language. Anyway, we are side-tracking here. Besides being an International he also plays for Seattle Sounders FC in the Major League Soccer.

He is a defender; do we need another defender? There are a few current Spurs defenders who need to be off loaded: Dawson, Younes Kaboul (probably), Vlad Chiriches (probably), Kyle Naughton (probably) and Benoît Assou-Ekotto (probably). If they leave it will leave Spurs with 6 defenders. Of course any team that wishes to challenge for top honours in the Premier League needs plenty of cover. So Yedlin could be that ideal cover (if he lives up to his hype). He has scored two goals in his career. Of course former Spurs keeper Kasey Keller has warned him against moving to Spurs as he is too young. “Without playing he can’t develop” he said of Yedlin’s possible move to White Hart Lane; that maybe true – to a point – but if you have confidence within yourself you’ll fight for your place. A player’s life span – in football – is approximately 15 years. Yedlin is 21 so should be making an impression with a big club. Keller was 23 when he ventured to another country to play for Millwall. In football terms not that much difference (even though Keller was a goalkeeper and Yedlin is a defender). Maybe Keller has other motives; like patriotism? If that was so then pot, kettle and black spring to mind; I can hear some of you shouting that their soccer was in its infancy when he left, while now it is advanced a bit more (not that much more; but more nevertheless). All players can progress if they leave their mothers breasts and wander out into the world. It is called experience. What I’ve seen of him he seems impressive. A possible one for the future, wherever he goes. According to the papers it is only a matter of days before he joins us. Just a few ticks here and there and Bob’s your uncle and Yedlin is our young defender fighting for a place in our history.

As I said at the beginning; is he or isn’t he? All part of the hullabaloo of the transfer window. Papers and speculators throw names into the ring, we, the observing public (hopers) watch in amazement as our optimisms are inflated and then pricked and then something completely different comes along to amaze us; or even deflate us.  At the moment the American is the name we are all talking about (if not us, then at least the papers are). Whatever will be will be; so long as Levy and Mauricio Pochettino get it right we’ll be happy little cockerels. Things didn’t go so right last season, however, Pochettino has said that he is confident with the men he has inherited; and I did say in a previous article that you can’t expect to embed 7 new players within a season and expect miracles. Now the new/ old players have had a season to adapt who knows what this season will bring; plenty I hope! So bring on Yedlin, and if not him, whomever our manager deems fit for purpose (purchase), and let us rumble in the jungle with the other animals fighting for the sparse trinkets’ that is spattered around the English/ European football season (i.e. League title, Cup, FA Cup or/ and Europa/ European championship).


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  1. Look let's be honest, 2m for an international is almost nothing. So even if he comes to nothing we will still make some money from him. He was quite impressive at the World Cup (possibly) one of the better attacking full backs in the tournament. But let's just give him a chance.

  2. I don't understand why we wouldn't – he has the attributes (young, quick, athletic, decent (if a lot to learn) defender and can cross a ball. He also plays right back and currently we only have an injury-prone Walker and Naughton, who isn't good enough for a long term option. At the end of the day it's £2m. No risk attached to this deal at all.

  3. Another possible bargain basement buy from levy and another one for the future(how fed up with hearing that saying am i) if we going to compete with the big guns we got to buy like the big guns

    • In a way I agree, but we can't compete financially at the moment…not until the stadium is built. Our revenue is over £100m less than Arsenal's, and with FFP now in force we can't spend more than we earn. With the new TV money we probably have another £30-40m to spare at the moment, but that doesn't equate to much nowadays so we have to spend more carefully. I think we'll see Mussacchio and Depay come in, but can't see many more big money buys than that unless we move a few on.

  4. Yes! Buy him and Americans will follow the club, buy shirts, and put more money in the coffers that will eventually lead to more quality(expensive at least) signings. Also you can’t go wrong at that price. And Walker is hurt again. Unfortunately we can’t have him until January.

  5. One thing worries me slightly – will he qualify for a work permit? I believe he's only played seven times for USA and I'm not sure that's enough. Perhaps that may be why the loan back?

  6. Why not stow the pokes at American soccer? You lot looked like garbage in the World Cup and your domestic league is propelled to it's great level by foreign players. Yedlin is a specimen and would be great in lily white. You want to play Naughton instead? No thanks. Also we got "soccer" from you guys.

  7. neither does assou-ekotto for that matter, why do you people just jump on whatever the popular opinion is i don't understand why assou-ekotto isn't being considered what has he done wrong he's probably still our best left back

  8. i say keep everyone in our defence but naughton and fryers, sign mussachio and yedlin. then go for depay and either benteke or bony offering chadli to psv and both naughton and fryers to either swansea or aston villa and we should be set

  9. What a load of waffle mate! In answer to your question,,,,Of course its a no brainer, for 2mill as others have said if he makes the grade thats great if he doesnt weve made money anyway.


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