Is Deli Alli the answer?

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Tottenham may have been knocking on the door of the leagues elite in recent years, but each year we seem to be left with something missing. In 2014 it was a goalscorer after Bales departure, enter Harry Kane, in others years it’s been a solid keeper, enter Lloris and last season it was a solid defense, which saw us leak 53 goals the same as relegated Burnley. But after a summer of defensive improvement, or shall I say hopeful defensive improvement, we seem to again lack goals.

Now I am certain the inclusion of Son and N’Jie will help in the aid are current shortness of goals, as well as support Harry Kane and I am also certain once Kane gets his first goal we will yet again see the Hurricane, but down the years we have lacked that so called goal scoring midfielder.
Now we had Jenas who would pop up with 7/8 each year from CM, even Van Der Vaart from a more attacking role added double figures, but I’m talking about a player who can emulate the likes of Gerrard, Lampard and Toure, by scoring close to 20 each year. A player who can support your top strikers goal scoring tally, hopefully pushing us to the next stage.

It’s not an easy player to find in football, but have we found him. Deli Alli may have played League One football last season, but at 18 to score 16 league goals, is nothing to turn your nose up at. Often described as the future Frank Lampard, from what I have seen so far he has some very similar traits.

He is not scared with the ball at his feet, just ask Kroos and Modric. He ain’t afraid of attacking the box or joining the attacks when possible and he certainly isn’t afraid of shooting. Alli could certainly be the Harry Kane of last season, which may seem like a bold statement, but no one thought Kane could do it, so why not Alli.

Now Ryan Mason has shown glimpses of the traits mentioned since he arrived on the scene last season, but after the Everton game it’s clear he is far from the standard we need.Two great chances to win the game, Mason who has only scored one league goal for the club (a tally Alli has already reached), has found himself in this position time and time again, without the composure to finish the chance.

Against United last season he had a similar chance to his first half effort on Saturday, which that time he squandered over the bar, which may have proved to be a crucial two points dropped last year. Now I’m not blaming Mason for last season, but he certainly will not be adding goals to his repertuar anytime soon and should stick to ball winning, that’s just my opinion.

Just because his name is Deli, it doesn’t mean he has to be a sub his whole life. Apologies for that cheesy pun, but it’s true, Alli has to play. Mason and Bentalab where never eased into the team, they got given a start and the rest is history. The next two games we face a dreadful Sunderland side and a newly found expressive Palace side, which could see Alli’s exploits of attacking the area from deep and supporting attacking phases very useful, especially if the game offers the same counter attacking possibilities as last weekend.

The fans have been screaming for Alli to start and if I’m honest, with the additions of Son and N’Jie and hopefully the swift return of Eriksen, there is no reason why Alli cannot cement one of the central midfield positions as his own. The next debate will be who should partner Alli, but that’s a piece of writing in progress.

Now I have had my say, what are your thoughts on our promising English youngster. Is it all too quick to young, or is this lad the real deal?

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  1. It is likely that Deli is as good and more likely better than other CMs. at the club so it seems to me that playing him now is a no brainer. I don't think his age should hold him back. I also think that we should try Pritchard for the same reason.

  2. Dele Ali, Son, Njie, who knows how well they adapt or whether they will even be given the chance … I really fear for us if noone steps up …

  3. I believe we should be playing Alli with Mason in the middle and Pritchard out right. We need some younger players not afraid to take people on and bring some creative element to our game. Also Trippier needs to start and supply crosses for Kane to get on the end of.

  4. I agree 100% also we must persevere with Dier as the 3rd CentreBack [not defensive midfielder] – I've seen comments that he isn't experienced enough – how do these people think you get experience???These 2 youngster are the future of Spurs!

  5. No!! No!! No!! – We should do what we always do with promising new players. Leave them out of the match day squad or at best seat them on the bench for at most a 5 minute cameo. Then send them out on loan in January before selling them off at a loss next summer, before wasting more money on a batch of new hopefuls. How else do you expect us to attain a respectable 11th or 12th place this term?????_At this rate we'll be building the new stadium out of cardboard!!!__FOR GOD'S SAKE PLAY HIM & TRIPPIER & WIMMER & PRITCHARD & TOWNSEND!!!!

  6. It's important to get the lads name right as it's DELE ALLI, not DELI ALLI. No body feels respected when they're called a wrong name. Regarding the article we share similar sentiments but Pritchard needs to be given a shout too as I have great expectations from the lad. He reminds me of Paul Scholes who was a great Manu player. If Mopo gets his selection right and applies appropriate tactics in each game ge could even start with Kate as a sub against Sunderland. No holds bars as these young boys are fearless and wanna prove a point. He has 2 weeks to get all fit and must make them all cone out HUNGRY. That's important cos, anything but a win against Sunderland will raise some serious doubts and bring pressure. That game is very important for his position at the club and will help calm some fans down if won convincingly. COYS


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