Down but not out

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Down by the count of three, but not yet out!

This is the first time that Pochettino has lost three in a row. In fact, we have to go back to that great manager André Villas-Boas (J), the ex-Chelsea failure and Spurs one season wonder to last see when Spurs lost three in a row. That was five years ago; not bad for a Tottenham manager to hold the dogs off that long (but then again Pochettino is supposed to be something special).

So, the bets are on to see how long Pochettino will last. Some have suggested that he has until Christmas. To be honest, nothing will happen to him. He will keep giving, and Levy will continue to support him. Levy can’t afford to sack him as that will be another expense that he won’t want to splash out on. On top of that, he will have to pay another manager a colossal wage (that is if he wants quality). So that is that then, unless things get out of control, then all bets are off.

Next up is Brighton and to lose that one – four in the row – or even a draw will seriously bring more questions. At the beginning of the season wetalked about great possibilities for the team and club; new stadium and all. We don’t want that talk to turn into a catastrophe and in the process allow the likes of Arsenal to leapfrog us. Fans pay a fortune to see quality, not a fortune to see cats piss. Blips happen, now is the time to turn it around and get back on track. Six games, three wins and three losses. Six points behind league leaders. Not too far at the moment, but an inch crack can quicklyturn into a chasm.

Why has it gone wrong? Personally, bad selections and poor substitutions. I am against this rotating of the team. We need to find our best combination and stick to it, only change when we have injuries or other problems. At the moment Pochettino is still learning the ropes, but he is at a top club and is an intelligent manager, so he needs to learn fast. It is ok learning the ropes when at clubs like Southampton, but when one moves up a notch in management he also must bring his brain up to that level as well. So far he has been lucky, but now the real test is on.  

I’ve been reading an article on the BBC, written by Guillem Balague, who says, about Pochettino, “Any other manager would probably have left already, and I know there are other bosses out there who have asked Pochettino why he is still there.” He also says that Tottenham have been “punching above their weight”. I agree on that, and that is why we are building a new stadium and strengthening our financial situation. Hopefully it will come together, if not then what will Levy do?

In the Times paper (denied by Pochettino, but then he would) it said, that the players want more rest time: low wages and too much work, no wonder they’ve been performing poorly. God help them if they had the sort of job and salaries ordinary workers get and who pay a fortune to come and see Spurs perform. If that isn’t excitement enough, then there is the business of sniffing coke at the new stadium (Coca-Cola, how do you sniff that? Won’t it dribble down your vest? Oh, you mean… that coke!).

This season was going to be the talk of wonders, little did we know that those talks; new stadium, challenging for trophies, top four finish/ Premier League title, would end up being about Pochettino walking, defeats, bad performances, tiredness, slipping down the table, Coca-Cola (sorry, coke sniffing), stadium delays, incompetence, the sale of the club (oh, didn’t I mention that one? I am sure you read it elsewhere though), wrong team selection and a lot more! No doubt more to come in the trials and tribulations of Tottenham Hotspur FC. Oh, the joy of being a Spurs supporters! (it could be worse, you could be an Arsenal/ West Ham groupie).

“I am the bended, but not broken. I am the power of the thunderstorm. I am the beauty in the beast. I am the strength in weakness. I am the confidence in the midst of doubt. I am Tottenham”.

To misquote (slightly) Kierra C.T. Banks

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  1. Not a bad post, I agree with the bad selections and subs. Poch has done wonders for the youth, and giving everyone a chance who shows half a damn about playing, but for instance; taking Lamela and Son off against Inter Milan, when we were in full swing, controlling the game, and they all clicked. Both subs looked gutted to be called off. Winks (being out injured for some time) was clearly not ready to make a difference, and didnt.
    Its a shame, and im always saying the same, Poch needs to step up his decision making. Most of our players have stepped up a level, now he needs to as well! COYS!


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