We need the horn !

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

We have had a rocky season. Our defending has been second (ok 17th) to 16 others ! We need clarity a horn of hope in the fog of despair. Actually I just wanted to have the word horn in the title as my homage to Derek and Clive !

Okay It is time to wipe the tears of bitter disappointment away and forget what has been another season of transition. Our indifferent form has been so less impressive than those heady recent days of Bale, Defoe, Van der Vaart, Modric etc.

I hate the odd years – no World Cup – no European Cup just football silence…. ugh I hate that silence. Perhaps Harry Kane and the U21s can fill that void. Now onto the business we need to do. As Flight of the Conchords would say “It’s business time and I am down to my socks… that’s why they call them business socks !” Here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqZcYPEszN8 cut and paste !

So let us once again see who is disposable. Personally I can’t wait to get rid of Townsend he is killing the team – yes he loves Spurs but he is diabolical and a liability (sorry Andros I am sure you are a good guy). Chiriches must go too – too short, too stupid with the ball (it is half time in the Stoke match and Chiriches, Dier and Verts have been outstandingly bad with Chiriches a head and shoulders literally below the rest!).

I was quickly forming the opinion that we should keep Adebeyour and ditch Soldado. We need to have someone who has an impact and much as I appreciate Soldado’s intelligent movement I think he has less to offer than Ade in that respect. Maybe Ade has been under family pressure. He has the talent but his wages bill is silly. So that was why I “was” forming the opinion and now realise he must go !

Certainties to go : Adebeyour, Capoue, Kaboul, Lennon, Holtby

Probables : Soldado, Dembele, Paulinho, Townsend, Chiriches, Carroll

Must keep : Lloris, Benteleb, Kane, Eriksen

Will keep : Stromboli, Mason, Walker, Rose, Dier, Davies, Vorm, Fazio, Lamela, Yedlin, Alli

We can see loans for some including maybe Alli, Yedlin, Carroll, Archer, Fredricks

Brad will at last retire – well done Brad. Vertonghen could move on and that would be okay for all concerned – his heart is not in it.

So who do we want ? One or two strikers, an attacking midfielder, two central defenders, and one or two full backs (we have 4 mediocre full backs – our best full back is Vertonghen and he doesn’t want to play there). So really we need too many players. We can’t absorb more than 3 really good players. So I am going for the following :

  1. Benteke – an approach is back on the cards, Villa are not going to be able to keep hold of him.
  2. Schneiderlin – his Southampton days are done and he misses Poch
  3. Caulker – an indifferent season and relegation again – he is the heir apparent to Dawson with better feet and distribution.

Others to watch Petr Cech, Ron Vlaar, Mohamed Salah, Sissoko and Leighton Baines.
Lamela will stay and work with Poch – he and Alli are the unknown quantities that are exciting. Don’t forget that Ceballos has great potential, as has Kenneth McEvoy.

Lets hope for a good end to the season and an early transfer market so that we can settle down to preseason without the normal disruptions. Levy might strike a good deal but the amount it unsettles the team with drawn out negotiations cannot be underestimated.

COYS, Mark Norris

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  1. After reading all those words and wasting 5 minutes of my time, I managed to sum it all up in 3 little words all by myself…….Spurs are shit!!!……Now fuk off with your long winded explanation of a crap team!

  2. You forgot to mention the worst player in the premier league wanxxr chadli but I can understand why . no one knows when he's playing

  3. Dembele Chiriches and Carroll. You must be off your trotter!

    Byebye Kaboul, Fazio, Yedlin, Davies, Capoue, Holtby, Paulinho, Lennon, Soldado, Adebayor.

    Hello Alderweireld Telles Benteke Lukaku (buy rivals best players)

    Loan Samper/Neves/Odegaard (loan best talents from best teams in world, squad will improve with them)

    Lloris Vorm
    Walker Fredricks Dier Chiriches Alderweireld Vertonghen Velkjovic Rose Telles
    Bentaleb Stambouli Carroll Mason Samper Dembele Eriksen Pritchard McEvoy Ceballos Townsend Chadli Lamela
    Kane Benteke Lukaku


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