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It is always, and always has been, very difficult to be a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.   Every year we start the season with high hopes only for those hopes to be dashed, normally as early as January.

This year, we have gone on until March before our hopes have been dashed, but as I said right at the beginning of the season, we will be the laughing stock of football again being the only club to spend £100M and ending up with ‘nothing’ – not even a champions league spot.

So this season is one of the worst we have had for a very long time.  The problem is the ‘Jokers’ in the pack.  Unlike a pack of cards where there are only 2,  there are more than that in our pack.

Joker 1  –  Daniel Levy.  A first class business man, but when it comes to ‘Football’ and knowledge of the game, leaves a great deal to be desired.  The signing of AVB as Manager being a case in point.

Joker 2  –  Franco Baldini.  What does he actually do ?  As far as I can see he was brought in as a ‘name’ to try and attract players, but without getting top 4, he wont attract top players. So, what does he do ?

Joker 3  –  Tim Sherwood.  Started off ok, but lately seems to have lost his marbles.  Last week against Chelsea, of the £100M of talent we brought just a few months ago,  not 1p of that was in the starting line up.

Robbie Soldado scores his first goal (and a good goal at that) for some time giving him some confidence, so what does Sherwood do,  he does’nt play him again.  Then against Benfica, he plays Kane (he is Joker no 4) in such a big match.  I don’t think Sherwood is the right man for us, we ‘Must’ get in a Manager who is experienced, but more to the point, experienced in the top level of the game.

Joker 4  –  Harry Kane.  Not his fault that he is picked, and if you are picked you obviously play.  But for th sake of THFC he must be sold.  He is probably an Ok ‘Championship’ of ‘1st Div’ player,  but will never be good enough as a Premiership player as long as the Earth orbits the Sun.   Did’nt help that he gave the second goal away against Benfica, but just proves he is simply not up to it or good enough.

Joker 5  –  Kyle Walker.  There used to be a song years ago about Lee Dixon which went ” if you can play for England, so can I”.   Well,  the same can be said about Kyle Walker,  in fact the song should be “If Kyle can play for Tottenham, so can I”.   He is one of the most ‘Laziest’ players i have ever seen at WHL.  His attitude is appalling, his play is suspect, and simply we need a new right back of some quality.

I am sure some of you out there could add a few more jokers,  it’s just such a shame that all the players dont the same drive and desire as Sandro has.  He is what THFC is all about.

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  1. "This year, we have gone on until March before our hopes have been dashed" actually my hopes were dash around about Dec 16

  2. Yet another false dawn passes as a spurs fan. I've seen so many over the last 30 years. Levy's judgment in sacking Harry, replacing him with the narcissist that is AVB & replacing him with the egotist that is Tim Sherwood demonstrate his abject failure to run the football side of the club. Sure he is an excellent financial mind but that's not enough. The club had a chance to progress & he blew it. Should he have let AVB pick the players he wanted in the summer? Maybe so. Levy simply seems to have a mistrust of his managers. Harry was going fine until the England job distracted him and when he went gone was the continuity of the previous few years. Now we are a joke club once again with a clown for a manager & players who seem to be totally dis interested. Some aren't good enough & others believe they are too good for the club. Yes you JV & HL I'm looking at you. Where to from here? I'm not over enthused by Van Gaal or De Boer. Where will the club raise funds to have yet another squad over haul? Levys actions over the last 18 months have set the club back years. Maybe the purge should start with Levy looking at himself in the mirror!

  3. with the names u mentioned u are spot on,maybe a bit harsh on harry kane,because he's a fringe player whose not picked every week to play,but their's a few others who i would like to deport to u know where. Lennon was a real joker last night- clueless
    Naughton,when ever his playing we lose by big margins
    Ade has lost his mojo yet again,Jan looks like falling over when he gets the ball.
    This team that we have at the moment has got no clue going forward,and that was exploited by Chelsea last week,every team can have a striker waiting in our half for back-passes,that's how poor we are.Why are these guys training,because we see nothing on the pitch? Joke was a 33yr old defender gets man of the match against a team playing home who spent play C.L. and are failing hopelessly,WHAT A jOKE!!!!

  4. Since winning the young player of the year award, Kyle Walker has not improved and in fact is getting worse!! This is partly to do with him not having competition so when he plays poorly, he still plays the next game. He plays with a false sense of security where he thinks his pace will get him out of trouble all the time. On the ball he is one of the worse full backs in top 6, rarely passes forward quickly enough and when he runs with the ball it ends with either a cross that doesn't beat the first man or a goal kick for running it out of play. Long term he's not the answer and any manager who wants to play football from the back will not have him as their 1st choice!!

  5. Tim has spent too many years with the "kids" and seems to think the PL is the same. Not one player seemed to know what they were supposed to be doing. Naughton and Kane are just not up to the job and Paulino needs to decide which goal he is supposed to be attacking. Thank goodness Dawson wasn't playing, it would have been worse!!!!

  6. Everyone is totally spot on with their comments. I also think it's a total joke that players are threatening to leave the club if we don't qualify for the Champions League, especially when they have been the ones making the mistakes that have cost us games. These are players who are playing for themselves and not the club and are not worthy of wearing a Tottenham shirt.

  7. Its a real pity the Players, the manager and the chairman dont come on this site and see what 'THEIR' supporters think. Maybe of they did it would waken them all up.

    Great Article by the way Cheeky.


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