Kieran Tripper – Potentially the Most Under Rated Signing of the Summer?

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Could Kieran Trippier be the most under rated transfer of the summer? The former Burnley right back was a standout performer in yesterday’s game and was only on for 45 minutes against the MLS All Stars (30.07.15). He showed the exact reason why we signed him – because Walker is simply not good enough.  He’s a massive breath of fresh air on the right hand side, meaning we now have a right back that can not only defend, but can actually cross the ball when he’s suppose too and doesn’t think twice about his decisions.

£3.5 million is a bargain. He’s 24 years of age, meaning he’s actually 1 year younger than Walker. I think most Tottenham fans still have the perception that Kyle Walkers still young with time to improve, but already at 25, he hasn’t improved since 2013 and it was time to provide competition/ replace him. Kieron made 38 Premier League appearances last season. Yes, that means he played in every single game for Burnley, not just showing how important he was to the team but how his fitness levels and stamina are impressive, something Pochettino prides his players in. The price we picked him up for is astonishing, especially for someone who braces the English nationality. I mean just look at Nathanial Clyne signing for Liverpool  for £12.5 million even though he made less appearances  (35) and had 0 assists compared to Trippier’s 4 assists for a team that scored 30 goals all season. In my opinion, Trippier seems a steal for £9 million less.

Tottneham have received a lot of stick on twitter for the signing of Trippier, especially from rival fans. Simply because we signed a player from a relegated team, it automatically makes Tottenham are a bad team and Trippier a bad player. Sadly as he doesn’t hold a fee between £10-15 million he’s purely not seen as good enough. But I think as a Tottenham fan we need to stop being so defensive and angry at Levy because we don’t spend big no more. Tripper will have just as good a season as Clyne, but because Clyne holds a bigger fee he’s the better player. We need to accept that after the last big spend and how shambolic that turned out to be, we have to realise that the big fees don’t always necessarily mean better players. We signed Soldado for £28 million and a player we used to mock has now become a fans favourite and one of the most prolific strikers in Europe for a fee of £0. We won’t see any big transfer fees until the stadium is completed, so I suggest until then we give players to prove themselves no matter what the fee is.

Why is he my choice ahead of Walker? Well the answer is simple, because he’s better.  He has a much better work ethic than Walker. Trippier reminds me of Dier in that way, always goes in with his heart and preparing to do any sort of dirty work to help get the team a win. He’s the nitty gritty full back we’ve been looking for but also has a classy eye when it comes to attack. He has a much better balance than most other full backs in league, especially as the new modern day full back is normally better at attacking, seeing themselves as not having to help with the defensive duties most of the time. As I stated, Kieran has a great balance between defence and attack. He, as many know, has a cracking delivery on him, like Dier. Basically, we found a smaller and faster version of Eric Dier. He reads the game the way Eric does, making some very important interceptions and cutting out potentially dangerous opposition attacks before they become real threats.

To put it clearly, Trippier should start the United game. He’s only played one half of football for Totteham and has already won me over. He deserves his chance at a big club after being released by Manchester City.  No matter what he’s probably going to be better than Walker and could potentially become an unsung hero in this Tottenham side as long as he continues to consistently perform the way he already does.

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  1. I completely agree buddy.

    I think Trippier had been on for six or seven minutes and had already put in at least 5 dangerous balls across the face of goal. But what i really loved is when he made a clearance from an MLS attack (virtually on the goal line) he then started yelling at everyone. At that moment i though 'you'll do for me'

    Don't get me wrong. I love Walker's pace but at some point, 'hey- why not have an end product as well?' Its like sometimes his brain does not catch up with his feet and by now I want to stop making excuses for crap defending.

    Bottom line is defend first please

    • Cheers I appreciate you agree with me. On his day Walker can be immense but sadly he doesn’t provide the consistency we need in our defence

  2. As a Burnley supporter, you got a real steal with Tripps. It was in the contract he signed, so we were delighted to wish him well in his new venture. Indeed any Burnley fan would have been delighted to keep him, but as a great servant to the Club, no-one would have wished to prevent him from plying his trade at the top level.
    He is loyal, pacy, very fit and a great defender now. His crossing is second to none (literally) in the PL. Kieran will be an England player now that he is at a more fashionable club and you could sell him tomorrow for the £12m he is worth. Good luck lad and for THFC, look after this fantastic asset you now have. Enjoy!

    • That is a good post, well informed, generous and supportive of a fine player. As a break from reading some of the headbangers that exist, reading a proper football supporter is such a breath of fresh air. And good luck too to Burnley who put up a good show and looked well-managed this past season. Hope to see you in the Premier League again before long.

  3. Trippier is a really good player. But come on, Walker at his best is a superb right back. This article falls into the old trap of 'just because we've made a signing we've got to talk it up'. We always underestimate the players we've got and overestimate the players we haven't got. All fans do it at all teams.

    • Walker is, at best, an average defender blessed with speed and no end product. “Superb” is not a word that comes to mind but “erratic” fits well.

  4. Completely agree, and great analysis in the article! I like the new direction, with younger and hungrier the motto! :) #coys enjoy..

  5. They're actually the same age just months apart (Trippier-September 19, 1990 , Walker-May 28, 1990).
    Walker has had his issues but now with Trippier there he could improve drastically. Just look at how Rose reacted to the competition from Davies. Don't write Walker off yet.

  6. Walker is better. Clyne is better.

    It is obvious you don't rate Walker. He was out injured for almost a season I've never seen a player improve on the treatment table. With a full pre season behind him he will show his class again.

    Trippier is better backup than Naughton as he isn't as slow and offers more of an attacking threat. I've never seen him really tested and so I'm not sure about his defensive ability. Unless you watched all of Burnley's games last season I can't see how you can rate him anywhere near as highly as Dier who in my opinion is lightyears ahead of him despite being at least 5 years younger.

    Reminds me of the rubbish written last summer about Rose and how Davies was going to take his place I expect the same result here. Players need competition for places and it's good that we are getting it now.

    • Best right back in the country and will be/is being missed at Burnley. Great lad as well.
      UTC Trips all the best and I kinda like THFC anyway.

  7. Burnley fan here and I guarantee that Trippier will be a success at Spurs and be a favourite of the fans. He has the technical ability but he is also as hard as nails and has a fantastic attitude. You have got a real player rather than some over hyped kid and I’m looking forward to seeing him play for Spurs, he is certainly a bigger loss to Burnley than Danny Ings.

  8. If tripps doesn’t have you out your seat with excitement no one will!! A stunning aquissition you will love him all clarets fans wish him well he will be in an England shirt within 18 months !!

  9. It is funny though, how some people think a ton of money has to be spent to acquire quality-players when lucky, or for others unlucky, circumstances suddenly make a fine player available without the blowing of trumpets. Similar too to home-grown players who rise through a club, persevere and feel commitment to it, how taken for granted they are by some who can only be impressed by the waving of cheque books.

  10. I'm a liverpool fan but i live in burnley 5 minutes away from the ground so watched a lot of games last season and the season before.

    As soon as I saw Trippier in the championship i wanted him in the England squad and liverpool to sign him, head and shoulders above everyone, and last season he took a month or two to get used to the pace of the prem but after that he was one of the best RB in the league. His crossing ability is just unbelievable, can't think of a current player who consistently crosses the ball as well as him. I've always described him as the right footed Leighton Baines (he takes a good free kick too.)

    I saw liverpool were linked with him and liverpool fan's the same spurs fans were going mad because he's from an unfancied club and is so cheap so he's automatically not good enough, but the fact liverpool have spent 12.5 mil on Clyne and Trippier went for £3.5 mil makes me sick, Trippier is better both defensively and going forward, and will take his spot for England by Euro 2016.

    And tbh you'll probably finish above us if you bring in another decent striker.


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