A long, long season at Wembley

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It is very hard to criticise my beloved Tottenham Hotspur, however I have an open view and I am honest about how they play.

If they get beat and deserve it then I will say it, I will normally look at the game and try to work out what went wrong, where they went wrong and how it can be rectified

Saturday was a classic example of why I feel Spurs and the supporters are in for a long long season at Wembley.

Saturday in my opinion was a result of Mauricio Pochettino tinkering with the team, in my opinion Mauricio has to take the blame for the team’s performance. As the saying goes “why try to fix something when it is not broken?”

I have read reports Davies was injured so what, if he was? who cares we have finished 3rd and 2nd respectively over the last 2 years.  I am afraid to say Spurs are going to struggle to make the top 4 this season

Mauricio has so many options open to him, and lets all be all honest, if everyone is fit Son does not make the first 11.

Jan slots into left back,

Dier into back 3

Trippier or Aurier at right back

Son is not and never will be a left wing back

Ok, Swansea did ‘park the bus’, but Spurs have to be up to the challenge to break teams down

It was a poor performance, Spurs as a team have started to look for suspect hand balls, fouls that are not there all for what a penalty what a joke

Spurs (in my opinion) were the best team in the Premier League for the past two seasons and have won nothing, but now they need to show some bottle  

Spurs need to get a grip, they all need to stand up and be counted, be together as team and show how good they are.

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  1. Spurs will post a better away record than Wembley note I did not say home because it is not we are being pushed all over the place to accommodate other events the NFL games will crucify the pitch in hindsight it looks like this move was a bad decision what sort of crowd will be at the Barnsley game 20,000 if lucky

  2. You are correct. But Spurs have always suffered from abysmal luck,its uncanny how bad their luck realy is. I’ve written about this before from “lasagne gate” to the wembley hoodoo it never favours them. Now i know you can create your own luck (to a certain extent)but all great teams get it-Spurs dont. Fergie would make sure that this great young team would run through walls for him and never give less than their best.the fear factor works sometimes and should be used because they have got to shake off this constant misfortune and start building a fortress at the new stadium like Alex did at Old Trafford.


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