Manchester City was the day we showed everybody… or not!

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I predicted a 2-1, and we got a 1-0 defeat, not bad going considering that they were all over us (that is we weren’t beaten by more), but to be fair we could also have equalised. But that is by-the-by, we lost, and now there is a five-point gap between the leaders and us. Are they pulling away? Have we become the bridesmaid, never the bride? But let us start at the beginning.

When you are are a supporter of a team, and going to a match you are usually on a high, as I was when preparing for this game. But my day didn’t start that brilliantly, in fact, the weekend before wasn’t that brilliant either, as my heating packed up. It wasn’t until the next day, 30 minutes before I was going to leave for the City game that the boiler man turned up. Anyway, sorted, and off I went to South Ruislip and then on to Wembley.

A group of us got a table in the Bobby Moore lounge, as we always do (one of the big round ones, as opposed to the four seater square kind), then Micky Hazard came and joined us for a chat. He gave us some interesting insights, talked about Glenn Hoddle, and how he is doing etc. Then we got our grub, drinks, chatted even more and before you knew it the clock was ticking down to the start of the game. As I said earlier, I predicted 2-1, but others said they would be happy with a draw. We got neither.

I must say, the attendance was pretty miserable for Wembley and a top flight match. Spurs v City was a top attraction and should have attracted more, but I believe a lot of supporters protested at the constant changes in starting dates for the new ground (now next year/ January… a possibility), 56,854 turned up. This number wouldn’t even fill our new stadium. No matter where we play, or who our opponents are, I’ll be there, as I have been since I started going to Spurs (unless illness, or things happening outside my control).

One thing we commented on, they kept changing our seats and/or location. We are supposed to be Premium season ticket holders (in a set location), but for the Wembley experience it seems to mean wherever the powers wishes to throw our hats. I know my friend Martin has requested that we move further back – where we had previously sat – because where we were sitting, for some matches, the sloping was different than further back (if that makes sense?). Which means that when people are standing in front of you, say for a goal or an attack, you are obstructed, more so if you are shorter). Anyway…
…to the match. As always we get our free teas or coffees to take to our seats, watch the razzmatazz, this time the soldiers for Remembrance day parading and a tribute to the director and others who lost their lives in the fateful helicopter disaster/ crash at Leicester City. We stood for a minutes silence and then the match began.

Just an observation: If you watch the body language of Pochettino and Pep Guardiola they were entirely different. Pep was more relaxed, more upbeat, while Pochettino looked like he was resigned to losing or had something on his mind (may the Real Madrid job?). And of course body language resonates on the players, and it showed.

Former Leicester City forward Mahrez, who swept home Raheem Sterling’s sixth-minute cross. It settled a match made more difficult by a pitch still bearing the markings and after-effects of the NFL encounter between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Jacksonville Jaguars, but that should be no excuse as both clubs played on the same surface, both clubs are professional and should deal with such problems. It wasn’t that long ago that teams played on a lot worse grounds at this time of year. All clubs in the top flight have now better-weatherproofed pitches.

City deserved the win (anybody who wins deserves the result, and the losers get bugger all, no matter how well they played or didn’t) and could have avoided an anxious finale had David Silva and Sterling taken second-half opportunities, while Spurs keeper Hugo Lloris saved twice from Sergio Aguero.

We were restricted to limited opportunities but could have rescued a point late on, only for Erik Lamela to waste a golden opportunity in front of an open goal from substitute Dele Alli’s pass.

City now go ahead of Liverpool on goal difference with both teams on 26 points from 10 games. While we
get the booby prize of shit all and creating a bigger gap between us and those above us.
If we are not careful, then here we come Europa and Thursday football.

Anyway, we went back to the Bobby Moore lounge feeling miserable. Got ourselves a hot drink and then Paul Miller joined us. We had a few laughs with him, he gave us his thoughts on the match, stayed about half-hour chatting and then he made his way to wherever he was going. An interesting chap, and was a great player for the club. We also made a move to Wembley station, by then the crowds had died down.
Finally reaching my destination at 1 am.

What next for us Spurs fans/ team? Well, we must get back on track and show our mettle. Or we could end up sliding a lot further down the league table. United, Bournemouth and Watford are not that far behind. Be careful Spurs; be very careful as it is not inconceivable that we don’t get any European football at all.

Next up will be West Ham (Cup) and Wolves in the league, both are away. Both matches I shall be going to. Parking will be easy for the West Ham game, as I will park at Hanna’s house, Saturday’s game I hope to go with the two Martin’s. One of them lives not that far from Hanna’s home (in Goodmayes), I shall probably stay there before and afterwards. So, there you have it, a thoroughly frustrating day. Who else would put up with such frustrations? Other than boneheaded loyal supporters who have nowhere else to go, just moan and grin and bear it.

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