Mario Balotelli – a no risk signing for Spurs?

Mauricio Pochettino

Yes, you read that correctly. Don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking. Why would Spurs want to sign an out-of-form striker who is notorious for being a prima donna, both on and off the pitch? That’s why. Allow me to explain. Let’s start off the pitch shall we?

It’s no secret that Daniel Levy wants Spurs to be one of Europe’s most successful clubs. He’s shown his intent through the Northumberland Development Project, but here’s the problem. The 20 richest football clubs don’t make the majority of their money from match day sales, so building a new stadium to increase capacity won’t get Spurs there. What will it take to get there? Aha! You guessed it, merchandise sales. Enter Mario Balotelli.

Case in point—the day Liverpool officially signed Balotelli, they sold £50,000 worth of shirts. Sure that doesn’t seem like much, but it’s likely more than a year’s worth of Soldado shirts sold. Don’t get me wrong, we shouldn’t sign Balotelli just to sell some shirts. There are other reasons to sign him, starting with publicity. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as bad publicity and Balotelli has plenty. This fact is true especially for a club looking to expand its’ fan base like Tottenham. A larger fan base, in turn, will increase revenue and allow Spurs to spend more on players to improve the chances of reaching top four or even winning the league.

So what can Balotelli possibly bring to White Hart Lane? Mario turns 25 in a few weeks and still has many years left to play top quality football. He’s also a proven Italian international with Premier League experience from his tenure with Manchester City.

It’s safe to say that Balotelli has been in a slump, but Liverpool hasn’t given him much of a chance either. Moving to another club is hard enough, then factor in the demotion of coming off the bench—it’s no wonder he’s been off his game. Brendan Rodgers was also training Mario as a lone striker, another difference from how he’s used to playing. It just seems that Liverpool had Balotelli destined to fail from the start.

We can all agree that Tottenham would be a better environment for Balotelli. Just ask Rafael van der Vaart, who stated that his worst career decision was leaving Spurs. Pochettino is also unlike any other manager, so I believe he is capable of getting the most out of Balotelli.

So here’s what I propose—offer a loan deal worth £1 or £2 million with an option to buy for around £8 million. It’s more than likely Liverpool will give into these prices considering the circumstances. Worst case scenario he’s still better than Soldado. At this point I’ll take anyone over Soldado. Frankly, I’d take a large trash can at 10 meters out any day over the Spaniard. At least the trash can would be a better finisher.

Even if Balotelli performs poorly, we would just give him back to Liverpool at the end of the season and he’d be their problem again. Best case scenario is Balotelli breaks out and is the £20 million signing that Liverpool anticipated and we buy him for a fraction of that at £8 million. Imagine this Harry Kane, Mario Balotelli and possibly Saido Berahino on the same team and all in-form. Spurs could then be on the verge of a title run. Now all we need is another top-class midfielder.

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  1. are you having a laugh? are you an arsenal fan? Worst idea to sign him. Would like to see Berahino however and giving Coulthirst a chance(over Balotelli) makes so much more sense. not just for spurs but for the nation. we create homegrown superstars. keep it that way.

    • Couldn’t tell from, “At least the trash can would be a better finisher [than Soldado]?”. I agree I would like to see Berahino. I would like to see what Poch does with Coulthirst first, we may even see it tonight… but he can't even score 5 goals in league two. I think we should stay homegrown, but I'm afraid Levy wants to transform Spurs and in all sincerity this would be the signing to show that. Scary huh?

  2. Adam, are you serious? The club has let the likes of Capoue, Kaboul, Adebayor, Lennon look for new clubs as they don't fit in with Poch's team ethic. I don't see someone has self-centre as Mario B being any different. Even if came in and scored 10+ goals he would probably still be a disruption in the dressing room, something Poch is trying to fester out.

    • I'm serious, but only from a financial perspective. A change in environment can do a lot for a player, it can be his best friend or worst nightmare. At this point Poch would know what he's getting himself into. For a £1 million loan it's worth it from a financial view for a guy that as you said can put up 10+ goals. Poch would get the final decision, for that reason. If he thinks he can handle him and that he wouldn't be a disturbance and put up some good numbers then give him a shot. It would certainly be interesting to watch, you can't deny that. Do I think it will happen? 98% of me says probably not.

  3. Strange that I had the same thought a few days ago. Still has the potential to be a world beater, just needs the right man manager to get that out of him. Love Poch, but is he that guy?

  4. "Harry Kane, Mario Balotelli and possibly Saido Berahino on the same team and all in-form. Spurs could then be on the verge of a title run." lol

  5. Noooooo, never in a billion years, we're just in the process of getting rid of one useless, mercenary lump – we don't want to replace him with another. Tell me did you not watch watch Balotelle at his last 2 clubs?

  6. Bonkers!! One of the reasons we overachieved last year was team spirit/bonding and general good feeling within camp. Balotelli likely to disrupt that as he is completely MENTAL!! Stamping on Scotty Parker, setting his house on fire (after giving an "I've grown up now" interview to press), trying to back heel a goal when 1 on 1 and getting subbed, named in mafia case re drugs/money laundering, threatened to kill anyone who threw a banana at him at poland world cup, went on TV wearing an AC Milan shirt with his name on the back while playing for Inter, plays Ipad whilst sat on bench, Was involved in a fracas with 4 bouncers after breaking the “no touching” rule at a strip club, threw darts at youth members from a window, He parked his Bentley outside a Manchester school and wandered in to ask if he could use the toilet….Nuff said..

  7. Great…. Get rid of one time waster in Adebayor, and then immediately sign another one in the form of Balotelli…. Yeah great business that..
    I believe the children are our future, treat them right and let them lead the way………………….there could be a song somewhere in there. COYS

  8. So we ship out Adebayor, an egotistical striker, tall, powerful, who on his day can be a world beater but more often than not is disruptive to the team and more often than not fails to deliver….and replace him with….an egotistical striker, tall, powerful, who on his day can be a world beater but more often than not is disruptive to the team and more often than not fails to deliver…… have really thought this one through!

    • From a financial standpoint it does. If it goes bad you ship him right back to Liverpool. Will it happen, probably not. Poch won't buy into it. It's a good buy low, sell high scenario, but only without his antics. Unlike buy high, sell low aka Soldado. But did I get your attention?

  9. I had the same thought when I saw him linked with Leicester and it is not the worst idea that someone will float during this transfer window. However, I can only liken the idea to putting £50 on a horse at 25-1. Best decision you will make if it wins but the likelihood is that you will end up out of pocket and looking silly in front of your mates.

    The only way it would work is if we could send him back at any point during the loan and Liverpool would not go for that.

  10. balotelli is a useless footballer. His stock has never been lower. Who would buy a Balotelli shirt? Also, why do people say he has the potential to be world class? Never once has he shown that. The only reason he is even talked about is because of his antics, not what he can do with a football. Sorry mate, ordinarily a big fan of the site but I can't believe you've published this!

    • That's the point his stock has never been lower. That's when you buy, trust me I'm a portfolio manager. You must have not watch Euro Cup 2012 then. It's mainly hypothetical his antics tip the ship unfortunately. Can't be more useless than Soldado

  11. Finally get a over egotistical non committed player like adeb of our hands, and he has been a bad influence at the club so you think a looney mega rich crazy horse is the man to get in …and is a no lose scenario. !!

  12. I guess I’m the only fan that backs this idea 100percent. Been watching balo from his inter days. He can dribble, he’s strong, experienced and is a clinical finisher. Plus he’s cheap coz it didnt work out for him in liverpool as he mostly came off the bench in games. This article makes sense as with balo bera n kane we would be a force to be reckoned with

  13. On ability alone, Balotelli clearly has loads of talent. He does however have a major problem with his temperament and he doesn't produce on a consistent basis. He would be a huge gamble and given his wages are likely to be £100k a week or more it makes no sense. Yes he would sell shirts and create a buzz but the wrong buzz in my opinion.

    • Yes it's a gamble, but It's high reward low risk financially. £100k a week for a year on loan isn't bad when we've been paying Ade the same, only difference is Ade isn't going to sell for £18 or £20 million after a good season. And if you can get that someone at more than half the price? Is it worth the risk? Yes financially, but not with his off the field antics.

  14. Aside having Ballotelli at Spurs being totally bonkers your fianancing of the deal is ridiculous '£1m loan deal', seriously, why on earth would we just hand over £1m? Some sort of golden handshake?? Do you realise his wages alone would cost us about £7-8m, yeh lets throw another mil at. You're mental.

  15. Get rid of one nutter in Adebayor and immediately sign a younger one..It really makes sense ..should have been the correct answer but call me mad I seriously think Balotelli could set the league alight with Spurs.

  16. Ok, let's join the fun.

    2014-15 stats.

    Minutes per goal
    Balotelli 942
    Soldado 833
    Adebayor 409
    Lamela 1150

    Minutes per chance created
    Balotelli 135
    Soldado 93
    Adebayor 68
    Lamela 38

    Shot accuracy
    Balotelli 56%
    Soldado 37%
    Adebayor 67%
    Lamela 50%

    I know it is a wind up, and a good one … :>) Good stuff. In case anyone takes it seriously, just look at the stats. Why get rid of Adebayor then get someone in who is twice as bad?

  17. Honestly it’s not a bad idea.

    I would also see if they would subsidize his wages as well. Really not bad to have him. On loan . We never get anybody on loan.


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