Opinion: Five things we can’t wait to see in the Spurs Amazon documentary

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It has been well-covered that Amazon will release a documentary covering the current Tottenham Hotspur season.

Some fans are probably dreading it, whereas some are simply excited to get a closer look at the set up of the club behind the scenes. I have decided to write an article to express what to look out for in the series.

  1. The character of Jose Mourinho

I will be interested to see what the Portuguese manager is like behind the scenes. In many press conferences, Jose Mourinho seemed delighted to be at the club following his appointment. Whether such a mood will be reflected in the documentary remains to be seen. But to be able to see the relationship he has with the players excites me. As the club shape up for arguably the biggest summer yet, I am also intrigued to see his relationship with Daniel Levy.

2) What went wrong for Mauricio Pochettino

It will be a tough watch to see the downfall of Mauricio Pochettino as the Spurs manager. The man was loved by all at the club. It has recently been reported that the sacking will be included in the first episode of the documentary (Daily Mail). However, I am intrigued to see what the atmosphere was like while the Pochettino era was coming to an end. Were players to blame for the sacking?

3) Transfer Dealings

It is well known that Daniel Levy is a very tough negotiator when it comes to transfers. The Amazon documentary will give fans an insight into how the club deals with the ins and outs of players. January saw the signing of Steven Bergwijn from PSV. I have to say that I am looking forward to seeing how the club managed to pull off the signing, as it was a relatively quick process. Furthermore, fans will also be able to see whether the club did go in for a backup striker, a position that in recent weeks has shown to be needed.

4) Jose Mourinho vs Danny Rose

Danny Rose was certainly a character at the club. It was a real shame to see a player who had spent so long at the club go. However, I am certainly interested to see whether Rose was a bad apple among the ranks. It became clear that Mourinho was eager to let Rose go (BBC Sport), hopefully, the documentary will give us an insight as to whether that decision was based purely on footballing ability or due to his character.

5) The Ndombele Situation

When Tanguy Ndombele arrived in the summer, there was such a buzz around the club. Although I am still confident that the Frenchman has a bright future in North London, the past weeks have been worrying. It is clear that Mourinho has become frustrated by Ndombele (BBC Sport). The documentary will once again give us an insight into the work that is being done by the club to ensure that the Frenchman reaches his full potential.

However, the Premier League season remains in doubt. It will certainly be interesting to see what will happen to the documentary as a result of the current situation.

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