Opinion: Get this man out of my club

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Don’t get me wrong, every Spurs player on the pitch last night should be taking the blame for the battering, however, I feel that one shines above the rest.

In my opinion, Serge Aurier was directly at fault for three of the seven goals scored by Bayern.

The right-back gave the ball away for 90 minutes, constantly putting Spurs under pressure. Not only this, but he only ever seems to jog back to help when he does lose it, leaving Alderweireld desperately trying to mop up 2v1.

Towards the end of the game, Aurier was playing as a striker with Lamela filling in at right-back, purely because he couldn’t be bothered to run back.

We have know that Aurier is a bad defender for some time, but put up with it as he is our best attacking right-back. However, with each game that passes, I am starting to doubt even this.

He can’t cross. He can’t pass. He can’t create. He has all this pace but never drives at the opposite full-back, and he just gives it away time and time again.

Let Juan Foyth and Kyle Walker-Peters rotate in the right-back spot until January. They may make mistakes, but they are young and you are guaranteed effort.

The mistake really falls on Levy and Pochettino for selling Trippier without buying a new right back!

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  1. Harsh. Obviously he didn’t have the best game, but when you’ve got the whole right side of the pitch to cover up against a guy having the game of his life it’s gunna be tough. He’s not the world’s best right back and he is a bit crazy but he can cross and he can shoot. I felt he was hung out to dry a bit last night. Rose struggled on the other flank as well


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