Pochettino has gone, he is a dead parrot, he no longer exists where Tottenham is concerned. So stop harking back to failed times. Yes, he kept us in the top four and when he joined he hit the road running, but after five years, many failures, such as allegedly losing control in the changing rooms, drunk antics, punch ups between players and of course stupid and odd changes with the team; rightly it was time for him to go.

Any other top club would have fired him ages ago, because of a lack of trophies. His demise started last season when we started losing matches near the end of the campaign. Then the notorious final when he wouldn’t keep the same lineup that performed spectacularly against Ajax (and we are not talking about the cleaning product here!). Because of his fixation with Kane, who I might add was injured and out for a couple of weeks, beforehand, he changed everything to accommodate him so that he could get back quickly into the squad, and then we go and lose. For me, that was the time to think about changing the manager.

Then in the summer, he came out with odd statements that confused everybody, which made him look like a pratt. Such as, he “wasn’t the manager, only the coach,” and “if he had won the Champions League trophy he would have left,” what a cretin. No, he was on borrowed time.

Then this season, like the previous seasons he kept changing the teams to a point that the players didn’t know their arses from their elbows. Managers have been sacked for less. Such as the Bayern Munich manager for losing five goals against a rival, we lose 7-2 (a home record), and we (that is the fans) start praying allegiance to a failure.

Listening to Talk Sport, just after the announcement of Mourinho’s signing there a Tottenham supporter named Steve that came on and talked sense about the changeover. After that positive exchange a couple of lads, who probably never had been to a football match in their lives, said that they would stop supporting Tottenham because of the sacking of a dead parrot. What was all that about? You support the club through thick and thin, not because PC Plod was manager and suddenly he was kicked into touch. Get a grip. Rejoice, rejoice, we are at the edge of the promised land, and things are looking rosier than they did a few days ago.

Granted, Mourinho has a lot to prove because of the way he left United, but then again any manager that opts to join Alex Ferguson United is going to struggle, at least until he (Alex) has shuttled off United’s mortal coil. Saying that, he did win them three trophies. And it wasn’t just with United, but all his clubs he managed.

I could see all this coming well before the start of this season. Daniel Levy wanted something unique and special to go with his special stadium, Pochettino bridged the gap between old and new stadiums, now he has served that function he has been kicked into the long grass. Now we have a man of significance, and we are paying extra for that status (double Pochettino’s wages and that should tell you something). He is the most high profile manager we’ve employed at Tottenham, ever! A monumental stadium with a monumental manager, jointly combined will create sparks. Yes, I know some of you will laugh, but hold your laughter-muscles jointly-together and let us go with the dream until you have the facts to say otherwise. I could be blowing Hammers bubbles of hot air, but then again I could be a clairvoyant with a vision of a future of Glory, glory dreams. Whatever, at least we now have fresh hope and the dream of rescuing our season.

Pochettino wasn’t interested in the League or FA Cup, where Mourinho doesn’t care what shape the silverware comes in, so long as it is silverware.

Pochettino will go to another club and probably will take the same approach as he did at Tottenham; who knows, who cares? Our focus is now on our club, our team and our impending glories.

We’ve talked about the Rabbit (or is that the dead parrot) caught in front of the headlights, let us turn our attention to God (well, hopefully, a God!).

Our club have acted swiftly (or preplanned swiftly) to appoint José Mourinho as our new manager on a contract that will run until the end of the 2022-23 season. Enough time to win mountains of gold and silverware.

Less than 12 hours after Pochettino was relieved of his duties by Daniel Levy, Spurs confirmed that Mourinho will take charge of his third Premier League club after two spells at Chelsea and one at Manchester United.

Mourinho made no secret of his desire to return to the land of real football, despite being linked with a second spell at Real Madrid. But Levy admitted that the Portuguese’s vast experience as a manager which includes winning three Premier League titles for Chelsea and two Champions Leagues, with Porto and Internazionale, had been a major factor in the decision. Brendan Rogers was another name Levy played with, but once the inevitable happened he bounced quickly for Mourinho.

Mourinho has won 25 senior trophies, including a domestic title in a record four different countries. That is in stark contrast to Pochettino, who has won bugger-all in his managerial career.

Jesus Perez, Pochettino’s long-time assistant who has also left the club along with several other backroom staff.

So, let us not hark back at no-trophies-failure, but look forward to the future. A future with a brilliant stadium, a manager who knows his arse from his elbow and has something to prove.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you will join me and that Tottenham supporters will be as one… Mauricio… who? No, no… it is José.

Bring it on… bring it on!!!!


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