Opinion: Three players who can hold their heads up high after that Bayern defeat

Image: SpursWeb

While Tottenham Hotspur were simply woeful in the second half against Bayern, I believe that a select few actually played the game well and were let down by awful teammates and a poor formation.

Let’s take a look at the three players who should escape harsh criticism from the 7-2 battering.

Harry Winks 

Absolutely bossed the game for the first 20 minutes or so and looked to be pulling the strings of a famous home win for Spurs. Unfortunately, the formation gave the youngster too much to do and he quickly became overrun and fatigued. I still see so much promise in this lad though!

Tanguy Ndombele 

Again, Ndombele looked different class at the start of the first-half. No matter what happens this season, this guy has a huge future at Tottenham. The way he carries the ball, holds off players, creates chances, and follows the ball to arrive late for shots of his own is different class. Simply ran out of energy after having to cover stupid amounts of ground.

Heung-min Son 

How this guy doesn’t run out of energy I will never know. Scored Tottenham’s opener and did not stop closing people down, pressing high, and tracking back all night. If everyone put in the effort he did, Spurs would be an infinitely better team. What a shame that he couldn’t get the service in the second half and his defensive teammates let him down.

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  1. Did we go to a different match? The culprits in my mind were

    1. Poch……..ditch this embarrassing diamond and return to 4:2:3:1 formation. We do not have the players for this system
    2. Aurier ……agreed he is a headless chicken
    3. Winks…… he is no central defensive midfielder; doesn’t stay put in front of the back four but wanders all over the place and gets caught in possession too often; carries too far; one footed; head down;
    4. Ndombele……jury may be out but did we get the decimal point in the wrong place with the price? Like a schoolboy who chases the ball all day
    5. Rose …….everyone loves his energy and determination but was so exposed yesterday and his accuracy passing forwards has just gone!

    Without defensive midfield cover and being so outflanked we exposed two ageing centre backs, who didn’t cope well!

  2. Winks !!!!hahaha.. Doesn’t create a thing, his first thought is to turn in a circle and gives no protection to back 4. But very good at passing sideways and giving ball back to where it came from, usually the opposition. My dog can do that ! Cannot for the life of me see exactly what use he is to the team bar running around a lot which most people watching get sucked in to thinking he’s doing well. Trust me, he isn’t.


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