Opinion: Tottenham’s three winners and three losers this week

Tottenham had a chance to get to a final this week, however, were not able to come from behind against Chelsea.

And due to a certain premier league club hiding from Spurs this week, there is only one match to reflect on.

So, who shone against Chelsea, and which players will need to pick themselves up and go again?


Harry Kane

Against Chelsea, this man looked by far the best player on the pitch in a Spurs shirt, and it was arguably his best performance this season.

He was trying to create chances where he could and had his ball to Lucas been a bit softer, he would have had an assist too.

As well as this, if Arsenal weren’t too scared to play us, Kane would have most likely had his annual goal against the Gunners this week.

Lucas Moura

Again, like Harry Kane, Lucas Moura was one of the few players on the pitch against Chelsea who looked like he cared.

He was trying to make things happen despite it not always coming off, and with some better players around him, he might have been able to make a difference against Chelsea.

Off the pitch, Moura took time out of his day to go and watch the Under 23s, showing just how much he cares for the club.

It says a lot about our week when things like this put you onto the winner’s list! Which brings me nicely onto my next point.

Eric Dier

Despite this man not playing last week, he still finds himself on the winner’s list, reinforcing just how poor the players on the pitch were against Chelsea.

Without Dier, our defence lacked leadership and therefore had a lack of confidence about it.

This goes to show just how important Dier has become for us and would have reminded Conte how vital he is to the team.


Pierluigi Gollini

A signing which makes less and less sense by the day. He has never impressed me in a Spurs shirt.

His mistake against Chelsea set the tone, and you do have to wonder had Lloris been in goal, would we have conceded that way?

I wasn’t exactly thrilled when we made this signing, and he has done little in the way of changing my mind.

Wouldn’t be too sad to see him leave.

Giovani Lo Celso 

Again, another example of our dreadful recruitment. To think we spent over £100 million on this man and Ndombele hurts my head.

At the time it seemed a great coup, however once again against Chelsea he showed just how ineffective he is. I don’t think I can remember one forward pass from the midfielder.

As for what position he was playing, I couldn’t tell you, he spent more time rolling on the floor than making an actual impact.

Matt Doherty

It is no secret I am not this player’s biggest fan. Another lacklustre performance against Chelsea has really left me at my wit’s end with Doherty.

He was played out of position against Chelsea, however, a player at this level should be flexible and adaptable across a back five.

His speciality is meant to be as a wing-back, however, I am really not seeing that.

As always, let’s hope for better this week against Leicester and *gulp* Chelsea away.


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