Opinion: Why Spurs fans must use their voices now

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Writing this on the evening of Tuesday 19th of April, there is only a few emotions running through my body. Disappointment and sadness. The footballing world we love is dying before our eyes which is why us, as fans, must continue to have our say. 

Football is nothing without fans. The constant moaning and jubilation from the fans is what makes the game so special. This is why we can have a say on the fiasco currently surrounding the world. 

We’ve all seen images around the country over the last twelve hours or so. The protests at Anfield, Old Trafford and Tottenham Hotspur stadium show the combined feeling of the fans. For once, there is unity amongst rivals, which may be one of the few things that could save us. 

Hearing that one board member doesn’t care about the backlash from fans is heart-breaking (Sky Sports). These billionaires will suck the soul out of the ‘beautiful game’ if they continue like this. They may say they don’t care, but if we don’t turn up and the stadiums are empty, the owners will realise they were wrong. 

Imagine this, an Anfield, Stamford Bridge or Old Trafford empty. Not because of the pandemic, but because of a boycott from fans. It would send a message. A message that we have the final say, and that we won’t allow these people to ruin our sport.  

Fans must make sure that they continue to use social media to show their feelings whilst season ticket holders should most defiantly cancel their ticket. Some people may say, you should continue to support our club. 

However, if the owners don’t care about us, then why should we care about them. They won’t need any more money if this Super League materialises. Ironically, we should support UEFA. We may have given them stick (plenty of it), but they need to be shown that the footballing world is alongside them.  

Most importantly, the fans need to realise the impact this will have on the footballing pyramid. The whole dream within football, is a team like Cambridge, my local team, having the opportunity to get to the premier league and have a chance against the ‘Big 6’. However, if this catastrophic league commences, the gap between the ‘Big 6’ and the rest will grow.  

Season after season, the top 6 will be the ‘Big 6’. The likes of Leicester and Everton will be left behind. Also, the FA Cup, the greatest cup competition in the world, will lose even more of its magic. Will there be any more giant killings against the likes of Man Utd? No, of course, there wouldn’t. Their budgets will increase and the gap will continue to grow. 

This is why our fans must speak up. The negatives are as clear as day to see. The footballing pyramid will be destroyed entirely, and the footballing world we love, will begin to die much quicker than we all think. 

So, Spurs fans, don’t give up. Continue to speak online and outside the ground. Show the rich what we think, and eventually, we will win this battle.  

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