Patience required with the blip in form of Hugo Lloris


We’ve seen since the beginning of the season starting with the Chelsea game at Wembley that there have been more errors than normal from our number one goalkeeper.

Since joining us 5 years ago, Lloris has proved to be one of the best goalkeepers in the Premiership and has also proved his class on the International stage with Legendary goalkeepers such as Peter Shilton and our own Pat Jennings showering Lloris with praise with Shilton judging Lloris as the best Goalkeeper of Euro 2016 and Pat Jennings claiming Lloris to be one of the best goalkeepers in our club’s history.

Lloris’s strengths are his amazing agility to make outstanding saves with the save against Real Madrid’s Benzema at the Bernabeu a strong candidate for being the save of the Champions League tournament this year.

His speed in racing off his line to eliminate danger is ideal for the high defensive line we have which in the previous two seasons has contributed immensely to our superb defensive record in the Premier League.

Pat Jennings once said that Lloris has no weaknesses but I would disagree as his kicking and distribution with the ball at his feet doesn’t fill you with confidence which was highlighted against Sweden earlier this year in the World Cup Qualifier which France lost. He doesn’t command his six-yard box from set-pieces which we saw against Southampton and in our 5-1 win against Stoke with two glaring errors.

Those of you old enough to remember will recall that another one of our great goalkeepers in Ray Clemence made high-profile errors. None more so than against Scotland in 1976 when the ball went through his legs or Peter Shilton’s error against Poland which cost us a place in the 1974 World Cup. They both recovered from these errors to win League Championships and European Cups with Nottingham Forest and Liverpool.

Lloris is a proven world class goalkeeper who is simply going through a season where he hasn’t been at his best so far but we hope that the consistency will return soon as we fight to get back into the top 4 and our quest to win silverware. Lloris at his best is certainly an asset to our team and he seems to have the mental strength as all great goalkeepers need to not let an error affect him long-term.

Another concern would be if Lloris were to get injured for a lengthy period of time.

Vorm as an understudy to Lloris hasn’t been convincing overall in the manner that Brad Friedel was who even at the age of 40, delayed the eventual debut of Lloris with his high standard of performances.

Perhaps next month would be a good time to look at strengthening the goalkeeping department or to promote Gazzaniga who was outstanding in our 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace.

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  1. Do me a favour! Not so long ago we were all saying how lucky Spurs were to have such an awesome keeper. Now all of a sudden he’s rubbish, over rated and should be moved on. To all of you spouting such over rated rubbish, I say, ARE YOU SERIOUS! Get real and get a life! Loris is a superb keeper and Spurs are STILL lucky to have his services. I don’t hear anyone saying Harry Kane is over rated and rubbish because he didn’t score those two other opportunities he had against Southampton! Yes even Harry isn’t perfect every time. Well, news flash, neither is Loris! Get off his back and give him, and others that disappoint on occasion, the support and encouragement they need to want to try harder and try again, and again, and again. Rubbishing our players will not help their performance nor their confidence. We want and need happy, confident and contented players. Only then will Spurs achieve what we all desire, GLORY and SILVERWARE. – COYS

  2. Lloris is a human being. Therefore, he will make mistakes.

    So does David DeGea, Joe Hart and all other goalkeepers in the past. His excellent saves outweigh his odd mistakes here and there.

  3. Hugo Lloris is a human being, therefore he WILL make mistakes. David DeGea, Joe Hart, Petr Cech all mistakes sometimes as have all goalkeepers in the past.

    Hugo's odd mistake are heavily outweighed by his MANY excellent saves.

  4. I feel for loris. He stayed with us when he could have moved to a club for more money. And now I read fans saying “move him on”
    Pathetic. He showed us loyalty and belief but yet we, as fans, don’t do the same.
    That’s why I stopped going to the games week in week out Cause the people around me spoke such shit like this.

    Not to mention. I don’t think Loris has actually been that bad

  5. If you read the article it never mentions moving Lloris on,I think that was hinted at about Vorm.

    However there can be no doubt that Hugo’s distribution with his feet can be improved.I wonder how much of this is addressed during training.Certainly his shot stopping is as good as anyone in the Premiership.

    I’m all for bringing the ball out from the back,but you have to give it to a defender who is not already under pressure.His passes to defenders is often wayward meaning they have to retrieve the ball from behind them.This wastes time and allows the opposition to pressurise defenders into hurried mistakes.There is nothing wrong with punting the ball upfield if that is the best option.

  6. Goalkeepers have the hardest job as they are the last line of defence and as such any mistakes, major or minor, tend to lead to a goal.

    Strikers can go, literally hours, without scoring and are do not get as much scrutiny likewise defenders make many errors in a game but have the luxury of someone else to clean up their mistakes.

    Consistency is the most important part of any great goalies game, over a season and this humble reader firmly believes that you can have the best keeper in the world but he is next to worthless if the people in front of him are not up to the job.


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