Did Pochettino’s managerial immaturity cost us victory

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Now I don’t no many people who can sit here say that after two league games they can be happy with one point, but in truth didn’t we all see this coming. We have spent the whole summer waiting for signings that haven’t come and though I feel we have played well in spells, we have definitely lacked a killer touch, something Walker helped United with on the opening day.

I have spoken openly already about Spurs need for a striker, more so to take the pressure off Kane. Now we may have finally made this addition but something is still missing. Both games so far, the starting line-up has almost picked itself, other than the obvious debates over the right back slot and which central midfielders should play. But pardon my French what the f**k is going on with our F**king bench.

I have looked at this in the first two games and almost laughed. It lacks impotence, someone who can really change a game. Now without placing blame for our solitary point this season, Pochettino’s substitutions have been costly.

I laughed when Mason was bought on whilst a goal down at Old Trafford in the hope he may actually change the game, but the decision to take him off on the weekend had me gobsmacked. Probably one of our best performers on the day, he was the focal point of everything we did on Saturday, getting into the penalty area whenever possible and was very unlucky not to score, something we lacked at United.

He was replaced by a very questionable Bentelab, who at the moment can barely string a pass together, let alone help defend a two goal led. Toby (I can’t say his surname, let alone try and spell it) spoke out in the papers recently about our need for a defensive minded midfielder and to be honest he’s right. Losing players like Capoue and Stambouli may seem like obvious decisions but when leading a game these are the perfect players to bring on, not an Algerian playmaker.

This may have been in a key turning point in the game but the main game changer came in the first substitution, bringing on Lamela for Harry Kane.
Now I am still unsure why Kane was taking of, some saying injury, some saying his job was done and he was being given a rest, but this was the start to our demise. Kane led the line brilliantly against Stoke and even though he didn’t score, his persistent running and hold up play made it difficult for Stoke to gain any rhythm. The moment he left the field we lost our shape, something Chadli could not replicate, as let’s face it, he is not a striker and never will be, so why make the change.

Just because we have subs, it doesn’t mean we have to use them, something I’m sure all the football manager enthusiasts reading can agree with. Making these two subs changed the dynamic for us completely, something I believe a more experienced manager would have known. The best form of defense has always been a strong attack, which until Kane’s departure is exactly what we had.

However if the rumors of Kane being injured are true then a like for like change is needed, something which was not in place. Potch stated he is not worried about the lack of strikers, which tells me he is either blissfully unaware of what’s happening or his inexperience is creeping through. Even a youth team striker would have made the difference, someone who knows his position and can focus on playing there, not someone who is drawn out which leaves us inviting pressure. The ignorance not to have a recoginsed striker on the bench has definitely cost us which may be vital points lost come the end of the season.

Now I will finish by stating, even though it may seem different, I am in fact a massive fan of Potchettino but at 43, he still has a lot to learn. You would never see Mourinho or Sir Alex start a season with one Striker in his squad. These clubs may have more funds to play with than us, but with the recent news of a bid for Berahino just being rejected, it makes you think what have we been doing all summer. Hopefully we won’t lose any more points before the transfer window shuts and add some players to squad.

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  1. Man United (who started the season with one striker) and Liverpool both have played badly and have 6 points. Spurs have (for the most part) played well twice and have one point. That's football.

    For one second think about what you are saying. Why do you think Poch has said he's not worried about the lack of strikers?? Because if he went "we're desperate for one" that's an instant £5mil on top of every other team's asking price.

  2. This is ridiculous, for people who run a website and publish this have no idea and just expect things to be simple.

    Taking Kane of was because he was injured, he had a massive I pack on his ankle when he was on the bench and couldn’t be risked.

    As for mason, at 2-0 up and look fairly comfortable no one would complain that he got taken off. Bearing in mind, he’s been injured, not hardly played pre season. The Man Utd game was his 2nd appearance for all of 15 mins. So Saturday was his 2nd and couldn’t expect him to last the 90 fitness wise. Just doesn’t happen. At 2-0 it wasn’t poc fault.

    Bentaleb who thinks he’s a world beater can’t pass the ball, the defensive error from Toby was just stupid. Walker is irratic in displays. Can’t tackle, first touch is terrible, let’s the ball run away from him.

    What other options were there to use subs with no strikers and outlets after injured Kane went off.

  3. Alderweireld is not a difficult name to spell if you truly are trying to be a respectable blog. At least learn the names of the players you are talking about if you want to be taken seriously.

  4. Why buy and not try? Where is Yedlin / no Wimmer,/why not use Alli / Trippier !Put

    Yedlin on right wing , fast ,good crosser, and can defend if need be.Would sooner watch us playing exciting football and getting 5th/ 6th than acheiving 4th playing dire, boring stuff.

    Push and run was the way we achieved success in the late 50’s and early 60 ‘s The latest brand dished up is a million miles away !

  5. Kane going off wasn't the turning point. The game had already shifted towards Stoke applying all the pressure before Kane left the field. The goals just arrived once Kane went off.

    Right now everyone reckons Mason is brilliant and Bentaleb is rubbish at the end of the season it was the other way round. Both players are in the early stages of their careers. Both may be rubbish or both may be world beaters but they are going to be inconsistent. It isn't their fault they don't have an established enforcer next to them to help ease them in.

    @Gasmask, if you prefer to watch exciting football than boring football and finish higher in the league……..would you have prefered to be Man City or Chelsea last season?

    Spurs can't compete with Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal and Manchester United in the transfer market so lets support the players we have in whatever style of football they are asked to play, enjoy watching them develop and hopefully prosper alongside a promising manager who may equally either turn out to be brilliant or rubbish.

    Its obvious we aren't going to splash the cash so lets enjoy what the youngsters bring.

  6. We will finish in the top 5 again!! I am sure we will become very good…. Spurs has a young team and the game against stoke prove we are becoming good. last year they killed us. we played well. united had a hard time against us but we left Rooney alone and walker unfortunate touch. Rooney would have certainly score. I think we will score many against Leicester and the moral will go up. I definitely like the look of spurs this season… if we have one more striker, this will be one of the best to come!!

  7. I would like to clarify I was at the game on Saturday and like many around me we had no clue why he was kane was taken of, it’s the reason I wrote I don’t no why.

    As for the game changing, I don’t think anyone can argue this happened after kanes departure. Stoke fans who where fantastic in the first half and I should no I was next to them, were quiet in the second until kane left the pitch and they started pressing forward. This gave the players a massive lift which saw them gain a point.

    As for Jamie comment about the extra five million on the price tag. Football clubs ain’t stupid, they can see we are desperate and will already be using the price. What’s five million compared to two points, something that has left us missing out on champions league in previous years.

  8. I dont believe we cant compete with the top 4 , i think they refuse to. We spent big amounts recently. The problem is judgement of players. Ie. £6 mill 4 Ferdinand but not £7 4 Bergkamp , or Zola 2 old

    This club has the potential to be absolutely huge, Does Levy think if we r successful he wont get the credit. Ego????


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