The rebuilding of Tottenham Hotspur

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As Daniel Levy devours his salmon Bagel breakfast , the view from Lilywhite House is ever changing.

The groundwork for the new Stadium had been dug long ago, the foundations laid. Now as it reaches new heights, it begins to eclipse the ‘old’ White Hart Lane.

Surely, for the Spurs purist, no better metaphor exists for the current transformation we are seeing under Mauricio Pochettino.

Tottenham vs a Middlesbrough side that have claimed impressive away draws at the Emirates and Eithad this season is a fixture that we would not have found a way to win in the past.

Whether we owe that to Daniel Levy’s penchant for signing a player with lucrative merchandising and marketing appeal, to Son himself, or to some mysterious force driving an ever improving, ever steadying spurs squad, is open to interpretation.

It is clear to me that MoPo is that (not-so) mysterious force. And he is that reason.

Perhaps the impending destruction of the existing stadium will symbolise the eradicating of the mental fragility (read: lack of sugar-daddy-esque investment that would allow us to ‘do what City have done’) that has plagued spurs for years. And once the final transparent glass pane is put in place beside the new ADVERTISE HERE stadium tunnel, perhaps, only 18 months from now, Pochettino’s team will be ready to deliver what he has said this week that we are ‘ready’ to deliver.

The Premier League Title.

Like an HD-ready TV that you only watch in standard definition. Like a £30 million argentine signing with a disposition for video game addiction induced European holiday sex changes. Like a £30 million Frenchman who is so obviously not worth £30 million that you disguise the total fee by some bizarre twisted instalment plan, but sometimes looks like he could maybe be worth £30 million or could do something only a £30 million player could do, maybe…

Spurs are waiting. For the flick of a switch. The switch of a pitch?

Son’s semi-dive which was not a dive and was clearly a pen is exactly the type of thing we have been missing from a player delivering performance after performance this year.

Blessed with trickery, balance, pace and a two-footedness that allows him to blast high and wide on either foot, Son could well become/is becoming/is that ‘special’ player that Jamie Carragher says we are lacking that we need to win the title.

Liverpool have a couple of these ‘special’ players and they’re really bad good therefore Jamie Carragher is right.

He knows more about football than Poch and football is about buying a marquee player rather than building a club from top to bottom, shaping a philosophy, instilling an ethos, with teamwork and work ethic Trumping step-overs and Brazilians. Pochettino is making Tottenham Great again.

Speaking of step-overs. Dele Alli, now Dele, (the song needs changing accordingly) proved he is the next CR20 with his septuple step-over which I hope you all noticed.

So as Daniel Levy feasts over his supper rainbow Bagel, he knows he will sleep well. Why? Because at last, he has a manager who is on the same page.

Within 3 years Winks, CCV and Onomoah will join fellow Tottenham Hotspur Foundation assets Ryan Mason (peace out and everything) and Jake Livermore among others in moving to Hull for a laughable fee which can be re-invested in foreign superstars such as Vincent-give him time just because-Janssen who will win us football.

The Spurs train is a rollin’

Next stop Anfield.

Exit here for false dawns and doom and gloom.

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  1. There is an old saying about a team close to success & at last i feel it applies to us. We just need to dot the i,s & cross the t, s


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