Why reward failure & greed

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All summer Spurs fans have seen most of our players “linked” with moves away from the club. So far only Kyle Walker has jumped ship, a move I believe was more about personal reasons than football reasons. It was also known for quite a while. We’ve had Danny Rose’s ill advised outburst to a tabloid & now the media seem to be focused on Toby Alderweireld & his supposed deadlock over a new deal.

Now you may linch me for this & that is of course people’s entitlement but this article is purely my opinion.  I am firmly in the camp that clubs need to assert their power when it comes to players, the majority of our first team signed various deals & “committed” themselves to Pochettino & his “philosophy”.

The media would have you believe Toby wants to be on parity with the high earners at the club, Harry, Hugo & Sissoko. That’s all well & good, & he is a fab player, but like Alan Shearer pointed out we have won nothing. Why reward what is essentially failure to win the league, twice!!

I believe it’s important to have a happy settled squad but committed to the cause & not the cash. Hence the seeming incentive based contracts at Spurs. For our club it makes sense. Reward success & so forth.

I think people also place to much emphasis on the importance of players. Calling them vital. Toby is a great player, but he’s not doing it all on his own & Poch has certainly improved his game,but like everyone before him he can be & eventually will be replaced.Just as all the players will.

Important players have come & gone from Utd, Chelsea, City all the big clubs, the title winners, but it’s about how you cope & come back time & time again.

Sanchez arrival has added much needed competition at CB something Wimmer was unable to cement & one suspects CCV needs a couple of more studying years under his belt.I think it’s an important message to a player that “we can cope” that they aren’t as vital as they think. To me Lloris, Vertonghen, Dembele, & Kane are moreso the vital cogs in the engine that keeps us going.

The most important person at the club is Mauricio Pochettino & what he wants is key and I think in him, Daniel Levy has found a manager that is singing off the same hymn sheet. If a player isn’t committed then out they go no matter who they are.

I’m not saying sell Toby, far from it,you ideally would want to keep your best, but like all players before him he is replaceable & eventually will be & the club needs to stand firm & not be held to ransom by any player.

That’s why I believe we don’t go out & but any Tom, Dick or Harry. Ability can be nurtured but its commitment to the club & Poch’s philosophy that is the key & no one player should ever be allowed to hold his club to ransom, no matter whom he is.

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  1. I admire your idealism but Spurs have already changed contract terms for a number of our players to keep the vultures away so why should Toby not be rewarded for his performances to date

  2. ONLY in the eyes of the media were we ever competing for the title, last 2 seasons we’ve gone into last 6 games 10+ points behind the leaders, thats not a challenging position expecting the leaders to lose more games in the last 6 than they have all season. Then they say based on money we’re punching above our weight, how is that failure? BS and disrespectful to the progress they have given us. Pundits will say anything to get their minutes of aire time, it doesn’t matter if they talk shit and contradict themselves continuously so long as they give some soundbites for some click bait articles. I’m 100% happy with our business model and have little sympathy for greedy players in the current market, they’re all on sick wages and not 1 of them deserves to be earning that sort of money for kicking a ball, stick to the strategy and ignore Rose’s and the media’s comments simple as. Toby is knocking on a bit now and it is his last big contract but do we want to be stuck in a few years with a player who’s been over taken and sitting on the bench at £100k a week and hard to sell on, rather than that he gets attractive bonuses in his contract while he is a playing top level. Rather do things our way than be a billionaire’s toy thing for a few years. In years to come we will look back at how we did it and took the club back to the glory days and hold our heads a lot higher than any CIty or Chelsea fan ever could!


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